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11-19-18 05:07 AM
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Same position I have been working since I got there, so same stress level for less money.

So, it has devolved into high school drama at the Photo lab. Either the manager or main photo specialist started it, we aren't sure which at this point... but basically everyone is attacking the one other associate that actually does things in the lab besides me. I don't think she did anything and given that both potential shit stirrers have a history, I don't know why anyone believes them. But yeah, violation of open door policy, retaliatory behavior, so much shit. Fuck all of it.
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That doesn't sound good... is your new position less stressful?

But yeah if you guys can get a group together, I think managers would have a hard time ignoring that.
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Didn't you nearly get fired for not having a spotter?

So, they officially gave me a new job code at work... and a pay cut. Wireless was a higher tier, I get it... but then I find out that two of the other floor associates make what I was making, and I have 3+ years of seniority on them. It isn't as bad as the other associates that just got the bump to the new minimum wage, despite previously making just under it... so a new hire at the door now makes as much as a floor worker (which is a higher job tier) that has been there for 5 years. There is much agitation at my work... even people from corporate said that we should go as a group to the store manager... and when Walmart corporate is basically advising you act like you are about to unionize... shit is bad.
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Originally posted by Elara
And when I report a member for printing pictures of their preteen son fully nude at what appears to be a hotel party, you don't handle it by calling Home Office, you call the fucking cops!

The fuck?

Jesus Christ, what a pain in the ass our jobs are.

Really, if my job paid more, I'd be willing to look the other way on most of the drama. My coworkers are back to playing mindgames.

STILL ... I get to say things like, "Today I got paid to take the clients to the aquarium and then to the beach." It's a sweet gig, but there's loads of bullshit, for sure.

Today, our new Transportation Coordinator came to pick up a van to take it to a mechanic way too fucking far away and nearly ran over one of our clients. I had been standing out front, waiting for Brandon to come back with my breakfast. I noticed one of our clients got out of a taxi down the block (WHAT THE FUCK, DRIVER?! Why the fuck the cab dropped him 7 doors down, who the fuck knows?) He's coming down the street just as out new TC comes barreling down our tight alley/driveway. I jumped in front of the van to stop her so he could walk across the driveway safely. She didn't have a spotter like we've all been told to have. I told my boss and he's pissed. I mean, we get chewed out for so much shit and here comes the newest corporate person nearly running down a client. What's more, we've come to discover she was previously a DSP (an aide.) Going from DSP to TC is quite a leap considering our last TC, whom we've known for YEARS (he's been with the company for more than 15 years), was previously a Program Director.

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Well... it is kinda shitty on him to have a mistress... unless it's an open marriage and both women are cool with it. But seriously, who the fuck are they to judge. Bitter assholes.

We both need to escape our professional hells, Rogue.

And in other news....

Fuck you work. Block shifts don't work in retail. People don't like working at 4am or until midnight for this kind of job. People don't like having to do the work of 3 people because you won't give out hours or hire more people. We like having out schedule 3 weeks in advance, as per company policy... not finding out the day before it starts.

And when I report a member for printing pictures of their preteen son fully nude at what appears to be a hotel party, you don't handle it by calling Home Office, you call the fucking cops!
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Since the wedding, and now honeymoon, there are some staff who just don't talk to me at all. Not sure if it's the butt-hurt that they weren't invited or what. Ah well.

Of course, in the case of two of those, they're the ones who started that character assassinating rumor about me. Why the fuck would I even want to pretend to have a pleasant conversation with them, anyway?

Another fuck you to flakes. People complain that I don't invite them to shit, but when I try to arrange something (even checking in, going, "We're still on for Sunday, right?" and them enthusiastically going, "Yeah!"), it all fucking falls apart.

I don't bother inviting anyone from work for anything any more. Hell, the ones who did show for the wedding, only came to the reception.

Oh, hey! And rumor went around that my boss brought BOTH this wife and his mistress to my wedding (he really only brought the mistress.) People who weren't even fucking there started that rumor and were shitting on the boss the entire time I was gone for the wedding and after. Ugh...

You'd think I work with a bunch of middleschoolers, but no, I'm among the younger people there.
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I get the stability thing. Hopefully, you get something amazing when you get out of that place.

A continuation of Fuck You new club... specifically management. Everyone else is actually good.
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Originally posted by Elara
The little dark voice in the back of my mind is really starting to get to me with the whispers that moving was a mistake and I've doomed us both. Fuck that voice.

You will find your footing, eventually. You've done it before. You will succeed again.

I'd already told my boss about the rumor, and he already knows that I'm planning on leaving the center after the honeymoon. I'm only sticking around for the sake of stability.
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Confront her with the management present and tell her you are looking into taking action for defamation of character. Seriously, these people need to learn that high school bullshit doesn't fly in the real world.

Fuck you new club... I don't even know where to begin on it.

Fuck that I lost my hard drive with ALL my stuff on it. Now I have to scrounge to find important documents.

Fuck that Kaleb still hasn't been able to find work, despite applying to multiple places every day since we got here.

The little dark voice in the back of my mind is really starting to get to me with the whispers that moving was a mistake and I've doomed us both. Fuck that voice.
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A co-worker that was NOT invited to the wedding started a rumor at work that I was trying to initiate an affair with another co-worker, but he wasn't comfortable with it.

Uh... yeah...

Fuck you, Jean.
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Just vet your therapist, since Xeo is right... they are not all good. But, they can provide help. Do what is best for you in the long run, be that therapy or no.

Fuck holiday retail season. I can't wait for January when it is all over.
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I've been pretty lonely myself lately.

I think for the therapist thing, it can certainly be good. But not all therapists are good. It's good to get a fresh take on you from another perspective. That doesn't mean you have to accept everything others might say and bring up, or suggest, but the positive way to see it is that their perception of you can give you some wisdom. Take in the ideas and apply them your way, increasing your knowledge. They might point things out you had never even considered or had hidden away without even realizing it.
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*many hugs*

Just know we are always here for you, Rogue. I have only had periodic bouts of depression, not clinical... but I know from others what a bitch it is to deal with. You honestly handle it very well. compared to others.

Fuck sexist management. I was asked to scrub the steel in the tire department by our temporary manager (female) because they needed, "A woman, or a guy that likes to clean, since those do exist, to clean up after a bunch of sloppy men." The part about the guy that likes to clean was because the closer for my department that night was male and I was done in an hour at the time. So I start cleaning, I see my closer and pull him to help... and our direct manager (also female) comes over and checks on us... then thanks my male coworker... and ONLY him. At least the club manager (male) thanked me.

But yeah... fuck this. What part of "wireless sales" covers "clean up after sloppy men"? What part says I have to empty the trash can in electronics because maintenance is lazy? What part says I have to work in other areas when the corporate guidelines say that wireless should never be unmanned from 9am to closing? I'm feeling a bit disgruntled. Hopefully it is not as bad at the club I transfer to, even if that will only be temporary until I can find something better.

Fuck that rent on places in southern California is as much as a mortgage... though, at the same time, kinda surprised that some mortgages are that low.

Oh... and fuck the constant, giant jumps in temperature. I have friends out west that are envious about us getting some nice, cold, fall weather... but it goes from 40 to 70, to 30 then back up to 65... and yeah, it is all much lower than 90-110, but my sinuses are NOT happy. I would rather be hot than sick.

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Originally posted by legacyme3
I'm just going to keep my heart rock solid and tell anyone who tries to get near it to fuck off.

Don't deny yourself the genuine emotions that come with love, trust, and confidence because a few bad apples fucked with you. Allow your heart to expand.

Sorry to hear about your relationship. Communication is key. If something's going on, you should speak with your partner about what's making you unhappy.

I'm getting to this post pretty late, so I hope things have worked out since.

Anyway, fuck that I finally came out of denial and acknowledged that I think I have clinical depression and people I've told, particularly my parents, think I'm just being dramatic.

I went over all the symptoms and EVERYTHING has fit right down to constantly feeling sick and never seeming to get better even with treatment, not taking pleasure in things I used to enjoy, and the insomnia/early-morning-wakefulness. I'm waking up at 3 and 4 every single morning, no matter how late I go to bed, and not able to fall back asleep. I haven't really dreamed in a long time.

It's just that I'm surrounded by people who mention going through depression on their Facebooks. Most of the time it seems like they're meaning that they're sad and eventually move on. I don't mean to mock another person's mental illness, but that's pretty much how I'd come to view depression. You announce publicly that you're sad, accept all the attention in the form of praise and love from your friends, and then just come out of it. I kept going, "Heh, not me."

I'm constantly overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, unworthiness, guilt, indecisiveness, irritability, and high anxiety. I didn't really acknowledge these things within myself until recently when I finally admitted the anxiety out loud.

Several doctors I've seen for physical reasons, over the years, have told me I should look into psychological help and I just shined them on, saying, "Oh, no, I'm FINE!" and in my head going, "Hahahaha, I'M not CRAZY, stupid!"

I've also finally admitted to myself that I've been VERY good at putting on the mask, specifically for clients. I go all out on Spirit Days and on every single one of their birthdays, getting super excited for them, and helping them deal with things, but acting like I've got it all together. We pretty much have to act like it's Disneyland and not let on what's going on with us, personally. Of course, this doesn't stop many of my co-workers from spilling every single detail of their lives and their family bullshit whether you want to hear it or not.
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Feel kind of led on. Like someone took advantage of my insecurities and unhappiness in my relationship.

I wasn't terribly unhappy, but now I am because they sort of opened my eyes.

Then they sort of left me high and dry.

So now I'm depressed, trying to figure out if I can just power through this and hope things will be ok in the future.

This is what I get for trusting legit anyone. It never ends well. I'm just going to keep my heart rock solid and tell anyone who tries to get near it to fuck off.
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Well, it worked out. I'm on REALLLLLLY thin ice for at least a year, but I have my boss to thank for keeping me off the radar for a while before telling the vanpool guys.

Seconded on the racist pricks.

Fuck that it's gotten to the point that George W. Bush has come out of his happy retirement of painting portraits of veterans and swearing to not get involved in politics to come out against all the bullshit going on in Washington.

Fuck that there's so goddamn much misinformation and people fucking believe it.
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That really sucks... hoping they don't do it, though. I mean, a scratch is a scratch... not like you did real damage.

Fuck people that try to justify racism. Seriously, fuck them.
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Originally posted by Elara
Which station? And WTF?

100.3 The Sound. Story about it.

Originally posted by Elara
Hopefully they won't go after you for scratching the van... you put so much effort into your clients, it would be a loss for them more than anything.

Were it up to my boss himself, I'd be fine, but this had to be reported to corporate and it's out of his hands. Our vanpool guys who have to analyze it were on vacation this week and get back Monday. When one came to do a safety meeting at our center, he mentioned that if you do damage backing up a van and didn't use a spotter when one was available, both the driver and spotter are fired.

So when I went ahead and did just that, I called my boss right after it happened and told him not to take it out on my spotter, it's all my fault. I've been apologizing profusely to her since.

For now I'm suspended from driving, which sucks in its own way because my two favorite aides are non-drivers and I had an all-day trip planned for a week and a half from now.

I entirely did this to myself.

Posts: 9568/9633
*hug hug hug hug hug hug*

Which station? And WTF?

Hopefully they won't go after you for scratching the van... you put so much effort into your clients, it would be a loss for them more than anything.

And yeah... fuck the violence. Fuck the shootings, the fighting, the crazy idea that somehow two groups with different opinions cannot work together to end this madness. I am tired of waking up to tragedy. I am tired of the hatred. What the hell is wrong with people?

Fuck Congress and Trump for the continued assault on women and the LBGTQ community as well. Fuck them all!
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Fuck whoever stole my goddamn pumpkin from our center's community garden plot.

I've had a week in hell, I'm not sure if I'll still have a job next week (I fucked up and scratched a van by backing into a lamp and didn't use my spotter when I was supposed to -- it's a technicality, but a fire-able offense), and losing our last viable pumpkin was just the last motherfucking straw. The pumpkins were my babies and the clients really enjoyed growing them and seeing them get bigger.

Otherwise, fuck all these mass shootings.

Fuck that Tom Petty died.

Fuck that the best radio station in L.A. is going from classic rock to Christian music next month.

Fuck that another clique has started up at work and they seem to hate me for some reason.

Fuck that I can't seem to do anything right.
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