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06-20-18 03:45 AM
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I still haven't beaten Skyrim to be honest. I got the upgraded edition, and my graphics card started acting wonky... I honestly haven't been using my laptop much at all since then out of fear of it failing. I definitely need a new rig before TES6 comes out.
Lord Alexandor
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I'm really slow on games... I just started playing Skyrim (with mods to make it look good, of course) a few weeks ago. I'm loving it! I almost wish I had played it when it came out... But some of these environmental mods are just too good.
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Yup, been going through the new "God of War." It's a gorgeous game.

Since we were gone for three weeks, I had to do my damnedest to avoid spoilers. I even ran into a Kratos at the Georgia Renaissance Faire and we got to talking. Thankfully the worst he said was, "The twist at the end is gonna get you!" Well, what game DOESN'T have a twist at the end, these days?
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Originally posted by Rogue
Brandon got us a PS4 for Christmas, so we've been trading off playing "Star Wars: Battlefront II" (him) and "God of War 3" (me, since we never had a PS3.)

Might I recommend Horizon Zero Dawn? It is truly a beautiful game and I think you guys would enjoy it. The DLC was also worth it and more challenging.

Finished my second playthrough of Andromeda... ultimately made a lot of the same choices, but liked the changes that I made better than the original run. Liam is a bit less of a tool than I thought, but still disappointed with the lackluster romances.

In case you are wondering why it took such a long time between starting my second playthrough and finishing it... well.... I may have had a small addiction with Stardew Valley on the Switch for a bit. I never did get into Harvest Moon or any similar games but I have to say that it is surprisingly easy to get sucked in.
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Brandon got us a PS4 for Christmas, so we've been trading off playing "Star Wars: Battlefront II" (him) and "God of War 3" (me, since we never had a PS3.)
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Originally posted by Rogue
Playing "Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag" right now. Of all the games, I just really wanted to play that one. Well, it helps that my friends' band did a song for the promos.


I actually recently played AC4, because I'm trucking through my backlog, and decided to hit all the AC games I haven't played yet.

Finished Revelations, 3, Black Flag, and Freedom Cry in the past half year, and plan on hitting Rogue at some point in the next few months.

Once I finish Rogue, there's just Unity, Syndicate, and Origins...


My current game is NBA 2k18, though. I've been putting a lot of hours into MyGM (while they patch MyLeague bugs) so I can get VC (damn virtual currency) for my MyPlayer, so he stops shooting bricks every time, and make the mode playable.

I just finished the story mode for it (story mode in a franchise. What a time to be alive), and it was pretty annoying. Being given constant orders, having a key player of my would-be championship team traded for a fucking fourth-string center, just because of "stats" pissed me off and almost made me turn it off completely.

Lost in the Conference Finals 4-2. The main reason was a lack of depth at small forward (the position that the "key player" was) and abundance of centers.

Basic basketball knowledge for anybody who knows nothing of sports - it is very hard to play 4 centers at two positions over a period of 48 minutes, and even harder when that other position has 3 players at it that are just as deserving of time. At some point there's just diminishing returns, and the stamina trade off just isn't worth it.

Also, it is legitimately a bad idea to have a single player play almost all 48 minutes of a game, which is exactly what happened every single game until he got injured, because our crapass owner traded the only other small forward on the roster (generally these are the athletic wings responsible for fast break scores, meaning they run up and down the court a LOT and drain a LOT of energy - literally the worst position to only have 1 or 2 players at). Would have loved to have money to sign a player to a minimum deal, but dropping the player I would have dropped would have caused my owner to have a hissy fit, and probably get me fired. So hooray for automatically losing because of shitty rosters.

It's all good though. Because in the off-season I got promoted, my owner sold the team, and I'm given the reigns to determine how to construct a roster. With my other moves (besides the stupid trade I had no say on) panning out, I ended up being able to sign two super stars to maximum contracts (Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins), while also being able to use my draft picks creatively to get TWO top 3 picks (who, according to information I learned yesterday, have insane growth stats, and will legitimately be game breaking LeBron James/Russell Westbrook level freaks in less than two years).

Essentially, my team in two seasons is going to be

PG - Cheap, younger, better shooting version of Russell Westbrook
SG - Seth Curry (because even though he's not Steph Curry, he's hella good at shooting the ball, especially from 3 point range)
SF - Cheap, younger, 6'10" LeBron James, with a 95 3 point rating, and the most ridiculous athleticism I've ever seen in a video game character.
PF - Kevin Durant (who in my current offensive system is essentially a catch and shoot player who will snag many a corner three, while having the ability to drive for an easy bucket against much bigger and bulkier PFs)
C - DeMarcus Cousins (Who will virtually never get to shoot the ball, since I play a perimeter style of game, but will block a ton of shots and be an intense rebounder inside, which is vital).

Add in my surprising depth (I have a lot of cheap guys in the mid 70s with complementary styles who can rest my other guys), and I'm in an insane position to win championship after championship.

tl;dr - I'm out Warriorsing the Warriors, while stealing Kevin Durant from them.
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Playing "Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag" right now. Of all the games, I just really wanted to play that one. Well, it helps that my friends' band did a song for the promos.

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Yakuza 0 is absolutely amazing.
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Absolutely, DRM these days causes more issues for legitimate users than pirates.
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Yeah, I played the Steam version... no issues here but if that really is why they stalled it for two weeks that's lame. I won't be surprised if the DRM gets removed because of the backlash.

I'm also playing through Mega Man Legends 2 right now after beating the first! These are amazing.
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Originally posted by Xeoman
Sonic Mania was pure bliss!

I know why it got delayed for PC, it's because of them adding denuvo DRM.
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Sonic Mania was pure bliss!
Posts: 11450/11545
Breath of the Wild was my GOTY... until Nier Automata came around!

I've got Horizon coming in the mail tomorrow!
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So I have played and beaten...

Horizon Zero Dawn. Not a super huge fan of some of the side missions (learning to use the weapons, the hunting grounds... since the weapons you get from beating it aren't even the best in the game... so why?), and I did feel a little sad at the form of the final boss battle... but overall, I loved the game and the story! Though I totally called the secret of who Alloy's mother was fairly early. I am eagerly awaiting the DLC just to see more of the world... I absolutely love the scenery and finding little bits of the past as you explore.

Mass Effect: Andromeda. Actually on my second play-through right now. Yes, the game has some glitches and I am more than a little pissed that the main team got pulled to work on Anthem instead of Andromeda... but overall, I did still enjoy the game. A lot of the scenery was quite lovely, and they left a lot of ends open for future DLC and sequels... one glaring open end in in particular. My biggest issue was with the companion characters and romance options for female Ryders (seriously, Liam is a tool)... it just felt like they didn't go as in depth as they could have. That said, Drack is probably one of my favorite Krogran in the entire ME universe, and it takes a lot to unseat Wrex from the original ME.

Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild. While it took me a bit to get used to the Switch, I have to say that I loved this game. Nintendo really did do an amazing job... though I hated how the durability system for weapons worked. I mean, seriously... how do I break my sword on grass? I did note some comparability between BotW and Horizon Zero Dawn since I basically played them back to back and they are both open world exploration games. I will admit, however, that I would have killed to have HZD's ability to craft ammunition in BotW with how many arrows I went through.
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Finally hitting up Ratchet & Clank (PS4)... wow, this game is incredible. I'm about halfway into it and my jaw was on the floor the entire time. Literally one of the best and coolest looking games I've ever seen, even compared to my high end PC stuff. I hope Insomniac still keeps this series going. Love it.
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suffering through the worst game in the fire emblem series (fire emblem 6: fuuin no tsuragi)

the hitrates are such bullshit, it's really painful missing a 90% shot and then spending 48 turns trying to beat an early game boss because you can't hit him.
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If I ever played Lost Odyssey, I've all but forgotten it, sad to say, because I can't recall it off the top of my head. I never played a ton of the PSX originals growing up, since I didn't ever get one. It was only after I grew up that I was able to invest in other consoles.

Growing up, I played the Genesis (I beat my first game, Sonic the Hedgehog, at 2 or 3 years old. Sad to say that's about as good as I got at gaming), the N64, The Gamecube, PS2, original XBox, and PS3. I got a PS4 and Switch in my adult life, and have invested into older consoles to play very specific games without dabbling too heavily into emulation, a practice which I have pretty much stopped entirely in the past few years.
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Haha yeah that is scary how aligned our opinions are on this series here and there.

I also played pre patch Chapter 13, don't even get me started... almost rage quit.

I like how FF13-2 wasn't super long either. I could see myself replaying that one someday.

I was really hopeful about FF15 because it supposedly had a lot of the key staff who handled the PSX games. I was so excited to see the FF13 key staff weren't attached, but wow was I disappointed. It finally just hit me that Square Enix will never, ever truly be Square Soft to me. Nothing they've ever done will be quite like FF10 or FF12 again. So I hate to say I'm not very optimistic about the FF7 Remake at all, not to mention he episodic format sounds really lame. FF15 just kind of finally finished off all faith I had left in Square Enix.

Did you ever play Lost Odyssey? It feels like a lost PSX era Final Fantasy to me, even moreso than FF10. It was Mistwalker, lot of ex Square staff, Sakaguchi, and Uematsu... it literally is Final Fantasy in everything but name. I loved it, though it had a few random difficulty spikes that were super annoying.
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Yikes you weren't kidding haha.

I feel the same about a lot of the games you mentioned, and some of them I am shocked we agree on, because they are not popular opinions with my other friends at all.

FFXV - With XV, I have a love/hate relationship with it. I waited for so long for this game to come out (with the whole saga of "it's FFXIII Vs." and what not), and my hype for a Final Fantasy game has never been higher (though it's worth mentioning that FFX came out when I was about 9, so only a few games have come out since I became a JRPG gamer). But when I got to it, I had already played every game in the series. So when I finished XV I just felt... empty? It didn't really feel as satisfying as it could have been. Some story moments tugged at me, and in a respect, I think the story was both its biggest strength and its biggest downfall. I can excuse the lack of depth, because it's a trend in JRPGs today. It's very rare nowadays when a JRPG comes out and it has tons of customization options. It's a sad truth of the industry. But on the story, I was so into it, until about a third of the way through, then it got kind of crappy, then it got really weird (and I was sort of back into it) and then the ending came and I felt a mix of "I wish the story were longer" and "I wish the game were shorter", if that makes sense. It just felt like a mix of two awful things and it didn't make a great thing. Chapter 13 (because I played pre-patch), was the absolute worst thing I've ever done in a video game, and it still doesn't make sense, I still have no idea what they were going for. The game itself looks nice, and there are some good moments if you actually like the characters (I did, but I can understand why someone wouldn't, if they aren't into "bro-down" type characters). I feel as if the anime and the Kingsglaive movie are required watching to get a lot out of the game, and I feel as if that's a huge mistake. Those moments should have been condensed into the game better, but they kind of missed the mark. I still enjoyed it, of course, but this game was merely ok, when it could have been great. They certainly spent enough time on it that it should have been.

FFXI and XIV - MMO. I do not like MMOs. The only one I currently play (or have played for longer than 10 minutes in the past 10 years) is Elder Scrolls Online, and I only bought in because they brought Morrowind to the current generation of consoles. Once I finish exploring Morrowind, I'm not sure I'll continue playing.

FFXIII - I feel kind of the inverse about this game as opposed to XV. I feel both make fatal mistakes, but each one makes DIFFERENT fatal mistakes. If you were to take the good of XIII and combine it with the good of XV, you probably have an incredible game, one that everyone, universally, could like. The game is a giant hallway simulator until a late point in the game, a point most of my friends never got to. The characters are hit or miss (most of them hit with me, especially Snow and Vanille), but they tend to be too stereotypical at times, and the evolution they see feels kind of forced. All that said, I like the general outline of this game. If this game were made into a trilogy movie series, I'd watch it, because I enjoy the story it has to tell, even if it isn't the strongest story. My biggest gripe is the whole hallway simulator thing, because I like games where I'm allowed to explore.

FFXIII-2 - I'm glad you like this game, because if I counted it as a "main numerical" game, it would rank within my top 5 somewhere. Everything from the top-down about this game resonated with me, and I love the story it had to tell. The time travel and all of that takes time to get used to, but once you do, you are in for a trip. I really like seeing the effects of what one does, and how it effects the world. But I also love the multiple endings, which can range from flat out ridiculous, to insanely depressing. The actual ending you get for beating the game was really well told, even though it made me sad. It didn't smack you in the face, but left a lot of little hints, some more obvious than others, and then if you weren't expecting it, wham. I just enjoyed this game a ton. I got the platinum trophy for this game.

Lightning Returns - Much like you, I didn't actually finish it. I got about 15 hours in before I just got frustrated with the mechanic. I might go back to it later, because there is a lot to do in the game, but it's a little confusing and I don't recommend it for players who want to do everything, like me. Fun story when it wanted to be, and while I didn't care for Hope, I could at least tolerate Lightning sometimes.

XII - We've said all there is to be said. It's excellent.

X - Pretty much likewise. X was my first FF game, and it holds a special place in my heart as a result, but objectively, I believe it to just be a good game, which is why it's stayed there all these years. The remaster which added in the International stuff made it even better.

IX - I'm glad I finally found someone who identifies a bit more with my perception of the game. Almost everyone I know hails it as the best Final Fantasy. I've beat it, I've seen most of what the game has to offer, and while I love the characters, I just found the game, in general, to be lacking. It's not a game I'll likely be replaying any time soon (unless they do an HD remake, since I'm a sucker for HD remakes), but it was alright. I don't find myself thinking as fondly of it as I do other games in the series.

VIII - This one is my dark horse favorite. It might not be the best game in the series (I think it has to be between VI and X for me), but it's one I am particularly fond of. I was always afraid to play it because everyone craps on it, including a lot of my favorite youtubers, but eventually my desire to play every game over-rid that fear. And I liked it a lot. It had a ton of content, and the GF system, while confusing at first, made a lot of sense to me once I started fiddling with it. Love the world, the story, the characters, pretty much everything about it. You can go to some dark places with the final portion of the game if your imagination wills it. This is a game I really want to see remade, because I think you can make the systems more accessible, and easier to understand.

VII - This one I have to disagree on though, I never really connected with this game a lot. Maybe in part it's because it was so dated by the time I got to it (I didn't play it until around 2010 or so), but that's also part of why I'm excited for the remake, since it might give me a better answer as to why I didn't like it when I first played it. The battle system was good, but I found a lot of the characters kind of mediocre, with their stories being incredibly bare (I felt like I knew 6 and 8's characters better, despite 7 having the multimedia entries including movies and pre-quels). I've only played through it once, and until the remake, I don't think I'll be going back to it. This low key might be one of my least favorite games in the series (only 1-3 are definitely below it for me, but that is not entirely fair to the games that were made so early on). It was great for what it was, the first 3D Final Fantasy game, but it definitely shows its age. I'm really hoping the remake is excellent, because then I'll know my dislike of it is entirely because it is so dated.

VI - This is probably about as close to perfection as a pre-PS3 Final Fantasy could really get. I love just about every aspect of it. This is another game I'd love to see remade and brought to more modern gamers, because it's the type of game that showcases just what Final Fantasy can be. Plus, I liked the ability to play a game that wasn't busy looking. I like beautiful games of course, but something simple looking is obviously nice too.

I-V - I played all of these so long ago, that I barely remember them anymore. After 10, I played them from the beginning in Chronological order. So 1, 2, 3, etc etc etc. I remember bits and pieces, like I liked the one with Bartz in it. Worth noting I played each game on its original hardware. I wanted to play the games as they were originally made.


Speaking of remakes though, one game I'm really excited for, now that I remember it, is .hack//G.U. Last Recode. I only got to play the first game in that trilogy as a kid and now I can finish it!
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Even Giant Bomb made some trolling videos of Andromeda, when they normally don't do that. It's embarrassing that it's gotten numerous patches for the face animations, haha. I might pick it up someday in a bargain bin, but yeah definitely way more games I'd rather play first.

I guess I'll do a little breakdown here:

FF15 - Honestly had a blast for the first 20-30 hours or so, until I hit Chapter 8. The main characters were pretty likeable and I like how Japanese devs do simpler open worlds, less clutter. That said it doesn't excuse how boring and repetitive the side missions were. From Chapter 8 and on the story nosedived so hard it was insane. I thought Ardyn was a horrible villain too. The back half was so bad it kind of ruined the entire thing for me. I tried forcing myself to do some post game stuff, but then realized I wanted no more of this game. The combat is one button, you can only control one character, there's basically zero depth with the level up / skill system, the random summons and magic system sucked, and I hated how the RPG elements were basically boiled down to being able to equip 2-3 accessories. It's such a paper thin game underneath those pretty graphics (to which I didn't find that impressive actually, was kind of shocked. Sure it looks great, but wasn't mindblowing like the others at the time). I was also disappointed by the music, it was fine in game, but outside of it... I haven't thought about it once.

FF13 - I can defend this game a bit but it's still a strong love/hate. The bad is that the characters are horrendous and the story is so up its own ass it's crazy. There is no defending the 20-30 hour "tutorial" too. That said, it was a gorgeous looking game, the music is incredible, and once the gameplay unlocked I actually had tons of fun with it. Did a lot of post end game stuff in this one actually, unlike FF15. I hated Hope so much that I went with Vanille instead for Debuffs, I had fun with a Lightning, Vanille, and Fang party.

FF13-2 - legit amazing in my book though. Noel and Serah were very likeable, it leaned even heavier into the sci-fi which I loved, Caius was a good main villain, the time travel stuff was convoluted but fun, and the gameplay is open from the start! I had a blast, also the final boss fight was incredible.

Lightning Returns - Couldn't finish it. Time limit mechanic locking you out from world events and quests, Lightning and Hope are unbearable, and sure the combat system seemed neat but I like having a "party" and thought the gameplay in the first two was better. The OST is still stellar. I might try to go back to it someday on easy to just breeze through it, but yeah...

FF12 - Loved it but as mentioned, going hours and hours in between story was kind of a bummer. Excited to give it another shot with the HD remaster and maybe finish it this time.

FF10 - Loved it a second time through with the HD remaster liked mentioned above. One of Uematsu's best scores. Amazing atmosphere and world. ATB combat perfection. Seymour is still kind of weak, but oh well.

FF10-2 - Couldn't beat this one either because of how scripted events were. You could easily miss job classes and key items for an entire playthrough. So much backtracking and a weird mission based structure. It seemed fine gameplay wise and I didn't mind the goofier tone, but the structure of the game was not to my liking.

FF9 - I don't know, haha. I 100%'d this one back in the day, even got all the cards. But I never think much of it nowadays. Only played it once though so I want to revisit it again someday.

FF8 - Also 100%'d this back in the day and I standby with my fond memories of it, really cool world, some good characters, weird story, awesome music, etc. But I have failed to replay this game 3 times by now. Not sure if I can do it again. The Junction, drawing, GF summoning systems are not very fun going back to them. So the gameplay kind of holds me back now, but I still think of it very positively.

FF7 - Perfection, even though I can tear up the characters and some bad writing/story bits, it's definitely flawed... but the vibe is so damn amazing with its gritty mesh of sci-fi and magic. Love the Materia system too. I've beaten this one four times I think. It's so just freaking fun and simple.

FF6 - Love it, but I do feel like the more I replay it the less I like the second half with the WoR portion. The pacing seems to come to a halt and it's just odd. Maybe too depressing too, haha. Very easy game... next time I play it I want to prevent anyone who doesn't use magic from learning magic, so it might be a challenge. I've lost track of how many times I've replayed it, haha.

FF5 - Hated it for about 10 years because the PSX Anthology translation is very bad, but I gave the GBA version a shot a few years ago and suddenly the game clicked. To the point that I think ExDeath is my favorite FF villain. Sure Kefka and others wanted to rule the world and some succeeded, but ExDeath? He wanted to destroy the universe and end existence itself, taking himself along with it. That's insane. The pacing is amazing in the second half and feels like a race against ExDeath to get the ancient weapons or whatever it was. The job system will lend itself well to replays. Some really challenging bosses and fights at times too. FF5 is perfection in the gameplay department. And has one of the most emotional scenes in the series to me.

FF4 - This one is... perfection. The characters are a bit dated and one note, but I feel like the pacing is perfect and it's such a finely crafted game. Very difficult too, especially the Chronicles version. This one has my favorite boss theme in the franchise and my favorite final dungeon. I've beaten all SNES, GBA, PSX, and PSP versions. I can't get enough!

FF3 - Played an NES rom since I don't like the 3D look of the DS remake. It's a pure dungeon crawler and tough as nails. The final dungeon took me 10 hours to finish, because the final dungeon is basically 5 dungeons in one. You have to get through a dungeon to get to the final dungeon, which was made up of like 3 massive areas, then the classic crystal fortress / darkness dungeon at the end. Felt like a God beating this.

FF2 - Beat the PSP release. Not bad but nothing special.

FF1 - Beat the PSX/GBA releases, pretty fun simple stuff and only about 10 hours long. I can't really get into the NES originals of this or FF2 though.

FFT - Beat it twice, most love this one... but I'm not a huge fan. The story seems to fall apart later on. I like the Tactics Ogre games more.

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