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06-16-19 11:24 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Role Play - World of Warcraft: The Flight of Deathwing
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(ooc I find it ironic that I return to RPing after stopping because all RPs that are somewhat interesting fail miserably, and an RP that is somewhat interesting that I started posting in failed miserably.)
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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OOC: I find it ironic how Raoh bugs me to post, and then when I do, he doesn't post at all.
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(OOC: Sorry, I just can't get into this. It probably doesn't help that I mainly joined to get you to quit bugging me about it.

So I suppose you're now short a rogue, hunter, and warlock. Just call it a portal malfunction or something.)
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Dveris frowned. "Stouthammer? Let's be honest here, is there a more obvious name for a dwarf?"

He walked forward, hoping that she'd smiled at his joke. He knew all too well the feelings that went through someone who died. They first spent time being depressed about their death, and then started resenting the living. A few moved past it, started to accept their condition, but most didn't.

All he knew was that kindness fought bitterness, and that the more she was shown kindness, the more likely she was to move past he anger at being undead.

"Let's go," he said, and walked towards the tavern, seeking to hide the uncomfort inside him. He was on horseback last time he came here, though he entered the same way.

He looked at the side of the road. That was where he saw Alarath...that was the last place that they had shared a joke, much like the one Dveris had shared with Analyne.

Alarath was the one who led the Death Knights to Arthas, and he was one of the very few who Dveris hadn't yet killed. It burned inside Dveris to know that this murderer was still alive. He still walked the paths of this world.
The Accidental Protege
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Analyne paused for a moment before averting her stare from the stormy waters of the harbor to the stalwart paladin before her. The soft glow of her eyes illuminated his face as she turned towards him, observing the tone of his skin, the warmth he undoubtedly felt inside him fueled by the fire of life, and she grew depressed knowing how she'd never feel that way ever again.

"Oh; they... They all went into the tavern... Over there. I'll, uh... I'll take you." She was apprehensive, and rightfully so. The last time she spoke with a human (disregarding Rhonin) was before her death. She scooted herself off the crates on the harbor and motioned for Dveris to follow her.

"There was a Dwarven scout from Theramore here who's going to give us supplies and stuff for the trip. His name was Stouthammer. Thargas Stouthammer," she explained as she lead the human through the rain, holding her hood over her face.

OOC: I'll get to the tavern scene once everyone else arrives, or when Thex decides to post, rofl
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Dveris paused before walking through the gate. Menthil Harbor. He had been there once, a long time ago. Many paladins, his friends, met there in secret to discuss joining with Arthas. They had defected, and become Death Knights...

When he refused to join, he barely escaped with his life, as their first act of defection was to try and kill him.

This was a place of betrayal for him, a place where he lost some of his closest friends. The only question he asked himself was how he never saw them turning, how he never guessed that they would switch sides.

He was forced to kill most of them, eventually, but it was still a horrible place for him.

He stepped through the portal, and saw Analyn waiting for him, alone. "Sorry," he said. "It was harder for me to come here than I hope you ever need to know."

He paused, realizing that he had forgotten he was speaking to an undead...she'd undoubtedly been through almost as many horrors as he.

"Where are we going?"

True Flight
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Alicia looked around the tavern. Something wasn't right, she could feel it in her bones. Alicia turned around. "Hm..." She said to herself. Alicia couldn't shake this feeling that someone was watching her. Her spider started to get into a protective mode and pushed Alicia in the tavern. "You sense it too Dutchie." She said to her.

In fact Alicia's gut feelings were right. From a far she was being watched. "Let's see how it feels to lose those close around you." a voice sounded like a whisper. The only thing that could've been was the blood dripping from the voices katana. This was Alicia's assassin. The blood dripping off was a bit fresh. There was a snap of a twig and the body to the voice was gone.

"You know, I have really close family member near by.... I was wondering if I could visit her for a minute and tell her about our reunion," Alicia said asking anyone who was interested. Though more than likely they were not.
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The tavern, a brilliant place to start an adventure.

"Well, what are we waiting for?"

Julius entered the tavern, happy to be out of the rain, though not shaken by the rain itself. The warmth of a fireplace was enough for him. Heh, by the end of this Julius may have had enough of warmth, and fire. Though he reckons that a contained fire would be much more appealing than the blazing flame of a dragon's breath. He sat upon a particularly creaky wooden chair, much to his dismay.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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ooc: Sorry for contributing so little recently, I've been working pretty much nonstop on finishing up a project I've been doing for the last six years. It's mostly over now, though, so all should be good. I'll post my reply in the morning.

Edit by Raoh: No worries, bro. Just wanted a heads up, that's all. Good luck with your projects, man.
True Flight
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Alicia sighed as she continued with the group. Her spider squeaked. Alicia looked at the spider and smiled. She pat it then continued walking. Who's murdering my family.... She thought. She put a hand on her goggles. Elric... You would know.... Pictures flew through her mind of Elric holding her while they watched the sunset and sit there all day talking about nothing then they would watch the sunrise. Then her mind flashed back to the other blood elves ripping his skin off and rounding his ears. Taunting him. Alicia's smile sloooooowly faded away.
The Accidental Protege
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The orc averted his stare from the priest in front of him.
"I'll keep that in mind, young man."

Lightning flashed beneath the massive storm clouds, and the sun was nearly set, though no one was able to to tell where the sun was to begin with. The wood of the docks were soggy and even though they looked ready to collapse at any second, it was still covered with stacks of crates filled with weapons, armor, provisions, or anything else that needed transportation. A few drops of rain fell upon Agalo's muzzle, and he looked up to the sky. In no time at all, the heavens opened up, and a torrential downpour began, the Tauren merely scowling at the bad luck, while Rokhar didn't seem affected one way or the other. Analyne pulled her hood up over her head and didn't say a word.
What's taking that paladin so long? Is he flying here himself? Rokhar thought, as he glanced about the harbor. His musings were interrupted by the gruff, heavy accent of a Dwarf.

"Miserable night fer a stroll, eh?" The trio looked about, then finally a bit down in front of them. A short, stocky figure, whose hood obscured most of his face stood in front of the group, his clothing a motley combination of dark blues, grays, and blacks, his leather boots creaking the planks beneath his feet.

"Thargas Stouthammer's the name. Don't ye worry, lads n' lasses. I've been sent from Theramore on orders o' Lady Proudmoore. Can't send ye out with nothin' but yehselves." The Dwarf looked about. Seven... There should be one more.
"Yeh be missin' someone, already? By Bronzebeards, er... beard! Just a wee bit careless. Guess a crocolisk got 'im?"

Analyne raised her head, the soft glow of her eyes illuminating the surroundings slightly more as the sun continued to set, until it was gone altogether.
"No, he still has yet to come through. I shall wait for him here, if you like."

The Dwarf seemed to motion toward her.
"Yeh sure yeh don't mind, lassie?" She simply nodded.
"Right-o. Follow me into the tavern, and I'll be gettin' yeh some supplies." Thargas set off towards the little collection of shabby looking buildings, the rain starting to pound even harder. Analyne propped herself on one of the crates cross legged as she watched everyone head off towards the tavern, noting which building it was. During the walk there, Agalo motioned towards Rokhar, silently.

"She seems unusually depressed. Perhaps it's the fact that she's partially surrounded by hu-" Rokhar cut him off.
"Just let her be. She gets like this, you know that. Give her some space." Agalo nodded. The rain punished Analyne's hood as if to reprimand her for choosing who her long-term allies were, and she brought her knees up to her chest and folded her arms across them, resting her face upon her forearms, watching the turbulent sea, lamenting the turbulent times.
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Alicia blinked now noticing his goggles. She never really thought about it, but maybe he might know something about her history. Alicia shook her head. I need to be careful... She thought. If something gets out, it's my family's head... then again..... My sister was assassinated.
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Julius smiled lightly, good someone stood up to him. He brushed his hair out of his face again, and lifted the goggles to his forehead to reveal his white glowing eyes, he stared at the beautiful Sylvanas for a moment, and then walked through the portal. Upon arrival in the harbor, he lowered his goggles once more. These hid his true race from everyone, but he wanted Sylvanas to see him for who he was. He stood beside the large and powerful orc, speaking in his usual tone he said.

"Now now, don't be hasty. I never said I didn't want to come along. Besides, you don't want to make enemies with your healer."

Julius smiled, he knew there were others in the group who could heal, but actually healing is a full time job.
True Flight
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Alicia shrugged as she walked through the portal. Duchess followed behind her and swiftly moved to the left and right behind Alicia.
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"You know, we could just kill him," Athyn whispered to Arilene after the newcomer's whining ceased.

"Not now, Athyn, we have work to do," the hunter replied auidbly. "Rhonin, I need to retrieve my pet before I go, he's right outside. Athyn, deal with Nilanos." The warlock smirked and pushed Nilanos in front of the portal. He moved around for a little, as though lining up a golf swing, then moved directly behind Nilanos and kicked him through.

"The shock oughta snap him out of it. Right, then, back to a city built where cities should be... who the hell thought this one was a good idea, anyway?" Before getting an answer, Athyn stepped through the portal, Arilene re-entering the room just afterward with her Nightsaber. Mephior snarled at Julius, but the hunter grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him through the portal.
The Accidental Protege
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Rokhar scowled, as Agalo shook his head despondently at the little creatures' antics. "Hey! Undead! Pinkskin! Shut your traps, or by Hellscream's Axe, I'll shut them for you! There's work to be done!" the Orc barked at the bickering newcomers. Rhonin closed his eyes in exasperation, and silently thanked the green-skinned warrior for attempting to break up the ruckus.

Rhonin noted Julius' observation. "The Lich King had an army, and a following. In order to match wits, many more people had to assemble to bring he and his legion down. Deathwing, as powerful as he is, shouldn't have much of an 'army', save for his brood of Black Dragons." He scowled at the sparks flying between the new people.

"Settle down, all of you. It's time for us to begin our work. If you cannot learn to work together, I suggest you leave. If you do, then you alone can feel the guilt for not helping your comrades, save all of Azeroth from becoming nothing more than ash." Clearing his throat, Rhonin motioned to Jaina Proudmoore. "Lady Proudmoore, you may give the orders."

The youthful blonde mage took a bow, and brushed her hair behind her ears.
"Very well. I believe the first course of action is to investigate the Grim Batol itself, find any survivors of Alexstrasza's brood of Red Dragons, and see if you can't get any information. There's a good chance that Deathwing may have left some of his brood in his little cave, so be prepared." She glanced around the room now that things were settled, for the most part.

"I will open a portal to Menethil Harbor. From there, head east, through the marshes, until you come to a small collection of mountains. That is the Grim Batol. Report to Rhonin via his orb of any information you might find. Good luck, adventurers. May Light bless you, and come back in one piece."

Her hands began to glow as she raised them over her head, arcane magic channeling through her, and a large, soft sphere of light began to grow in front of her, and soon stabilize. Within it, one could see an exceedingly cloudy sky overlooking a shabby dock, salt marshes, and several buildings of a nondescript nature. Most mages can only open portals to major cities, but Jaina, the talented mage she is, could open a portal anywhere.

Agalo slung his mace upon his shoulder with a grunt, and bowed in the presence of the mage before stepping through the portal, before waving everyone else on. Rokhar followed, determined and steadfast, and Analyne brought up their rear, keeping her head down as she nodded at Jaina before disappearing into the soft glow of the portal to Menthil Harbor. To the Grim Batol.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Dveris raised his eyebrows at the spider. He wasn't one for pets, but it could be useful.

He looked at Julius as he walked inside. "Dozens would ruin the chance of a surprise attack. He'll spot an army moving, but I'd guess that he won't see five travellers. If we can attack him when he's not ready, we can kill him."

Dveris grabbed the glowing orb from Rhonin. "I'll let you know if anything important happens."

It was time for fun.
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Duchess hissed at Julius. Alicia cracked her knuckles. "Don't insult my friend..." She said with a frown. Duchess ran around to Alicia purposely shuffling on to Julius's leg and then over to Alicia. Alicia put a hand on Duchess and pat the mad spider. "It's okay Dutchie." Alicia nodded to Duchess then looked at Julius. "Duchess said that you need to stop being so negative about the group we're placed in. We're not in control over what the future brings us. After all, if I have to, I'll kill someone for my master Alicia." Alicia looked at Julius. "She also said, fuck you."
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A figure walked out from the balcony of the Purple Parlor, a rather stiff seeming human walked into the room of gathered misfits. His low, raspy voice rung out.

"Put that damned spider on a leash before I mount it as a trophy."

Gazing from beneath the dark goggles, Julius was ashamed of this group of total misfits. Half of these people seemed as though they would kill you for the hell of it. The other half were no-good fucking hippies, how could I be thrust into a group with people who would only kill if they were attacked. Initiative accounts for a lot in this world. A little bit of preparation and planning can make all the difference.

"I caught the drift of what was going on from out there. It reeks. Surely theres a plan for destroying this thing, I mean from what I hear taking down Arthas took dozens of warriors."

Julius looked around the room again.

"I don't see dozens."

He noted the leaders of the Horde and Alliance were here. He was most interested in Sylvanas, she was perfect in every way. He brushed his hair out of the way of his goggles. His red gloves covering his claws, and his boots covering the claws on his feet as well. He did seem perfectly human, albeit a grumpy human.
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Alicia looked at Nilanos. Her face was confused. "Did he have a bad experience with spiders? I thought my spider would actually be a bit useful since scaling walls are Duchess's specialty."

Duchess swiftly moved over to Nilanos and rubbed against his leg. The spider made a high pitched squeak and then scurried to and fro.

Alicia smirked. "Looks like she likes you."
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