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08-17-18 09:37 PM
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Yup, lol. I'll consider that... so far so good with this little blanket folded up under the bad spot though. Hopefully it lasts for awhile.

What pisses me off is this bed is just barely a few years old. Think I got it from Mattress Firm... I'll probably look into other options next time. Of course I can't find my damn receipt now either.
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Thanks Rogue. Sorry to hear about the debt thing, it all comes back around eventually though.


as far as the bed goes, does it live on a box spring because there are some ghetto solutions to fixing that kind of thing with plywood.
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No other scans since I kind of gave up on that doctor. She seemed like she wanted to do everything to avoid simple X-Rays for whatever reason.

I went through three physical therapists too which was annoying. I'm not sure if that's normal or not? The first woman I saw I liked the most and she seemed to have some good ideas about my C5 area being messed up. But then she had to leave to take cake care of a child or something like that. The other woman I saw was okay but didn't seem nearly as good or thoughtful. Then they gave me this old dude I didn't like much at all and he even called in sick during one of my appointments, they called me ahead of time which was nice at least... but I've never had something like that happen before. The whole experience was kind of weird. I just gave up on them.

Great timing for my bed to have some dip in it too and it's only a few years old! My back was killing me these last few weeks/months. So that's really annoying. I tried rotating it which gave me a few good days again but the dip in the middle appeared again. Even though the box spring seems to be in good shape. For now I put a folded up thin blanket under the dipping spot and that seems to help.

And my apartment is having some carpet beetles again... this happened last year and I don't want to deal with that crap again. More spiders popping up too.

Might give this a shot:
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Looking great, Spartan. Hopefully all that packing/moving/driving has gotten squared away.

Xeo, sorry your health has been insane. So the ultrasound didn't turn up negative, but they haven't done any other scans? I completely hear you on our medical system being fucked up.

*Looks at ridiculously high deductible she has to pay off for basic insurance through work*


I hope whatever's wrong is fixable. Stem cells sounds promising.

Don't have much to report on my end other than that my paychecks that I'm finally collecting again are just straight-up credit card payments since that is just overflowing.

Well, it was fun driving myself into debt.

I should start looking for another job. Mine is hell, but I've still gotten too comfortable.
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Sorry I haven't been on much lately guys, still not having that great of a year. Got those physical therapy bills now to pay and hopefully I can figure out some other options for my neck. Still going to consider looking into stem cells.

The damn spambots are still getting through it seems.
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The past two weeks have been nuts.

The previous week we've been hosting a week long event for all of the Ravenwood guys and girls in that community I run. We rented a lakehouse in South Eastern Iowa, picked up some kegs, had a full bar and cooked every day and had an amazing time.

it has been nuts. Only hiccups had to do with getting back from Texas...

Why was I in Texas? My dad and his wife and my sister moved from Northern California to the DFW area. I was supposed to show up and help pack and then fly back to Iowa for my event. This didn't work out. I had to help pack and then we picked up a second truck that I ended up driving. Nail in the tire, blown trailer tire all contributed to what should have been two days of driving into three days of fucking nightmare. I was stressed, grumpy and angry that I wasn't going to be back in time for the start of an event that I planned while my buddies were flying into town.

Here is a shot from day 2. I'm sure you can tell which one is me and what my state of mind was when we stopped for gas at like 3 am.

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Unfortunately, yes. And I take back every bad thing I said about my old managers in Pennsylvania. Well... almost all of it. But this place is a nightmare.

Stem cells... that might be interesting.
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Thanks, waiting to see what these physical therapy bills are going to be like and get those knocked out... then start the search again.

Turns out there's a stem cells place here and I'm all for checking it out, so I might look into that direction.

You still working retail?
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Hope you get a doctor that works for you, Xeo. Pain sucks.

Meanwhile... I hate working only night shifts. It seems like the only time that I get daytime hours is when it is the most inconvenient. The applications elsewhere continue.
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We're two-thirds of the way through the trip. Right now we're in Edison, NJ. We were visiting New York City yesterday. Heading to Boston soon.
Posts: 11637/11671
Leaving for our roadtrip today. Brandon put together the itinerary, so not entirely sure wherever we'll be whenever.
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Just a month left of school, exams are literally just around the corner.
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Yeah I'm about a month and a half into the physical therapy and sure I feel better than I did a month ago, but I can tell this is only putting a bandaid over things. I personally don't like chiropractors, I spent four years with two doctors many years ago and it never gave me long lasting relief and just drained me of hundreds of dollars. DDP Yoga helped me far more than that ever did. I saw that there's actually a decent looking stem cells place around here locally, I might look into that. Already checked with my insurance and of course they don't cover that, but oh well. I've heard a bunch about it on some podcasts and it seems fascinating.

But yeah probably going to drop this doctor, not a fan so far. It's just a pain in the ass... literally took me like a few hours to get the first appointment with her when I was looking into that one weekend. Have to cross reference reviews with doctors on the net, then check with my insurance if they're in network, and then see if they're even taking new patients and most of the good ones I tried of course weren't... or were not free until months out. WTF our medical system sucks.
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It was a badass ceremony, Rogue. Money well spent.

Xeo he said everything that he felt was in the back, so nothing under the collarbone. Honestly, go to a chiropractor, they do an X-Ray before they even touch you to see what is up. If it is something like a popped rib, they will fix it, if it is more serious, they will tell you flat out. Your doctor sounds like she is just gouging your insurance.
Posts: 11636/11671
I'm pretty much hemorrhaging money for this wedding.

$450 for beer kegs.

$360 for mead.

$200 for shit at IKEA.

$900 for faire garb.

$1900 to be paid to the band the day of.

$1200 for the photographer.

Soooooo much shit to arrange.
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Good call Elara, I've been stumbling into information on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which sounds like what you're saying with the rib. Was he feeling tension/tightness and discomfort like right under the collar bone? I've noticed it lately myself. Then the pain is a bit on the top of my shoulders, down the shoulder blade a bit, and weird sharp pain and tingles go down my arm, even down to my hand at times.

I saw the doctor today and was a bit annoyed, she wants to put me on some muscle relaxant to sleep with and then do physical therapy for about a month or something. I tried to insist on just getting x-rays and or an MRI right away, but I guess I have to go through these hoops. Try this crap out and if it does nothing then we can go that route...

I mean god forbid I've only been doing yoga and other things for years now, I don't think physical therapy is going to fix crap for long term...
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Also have them check to see if you popped a rib. That happened to Kaleb, and the muscles tensing up around the ribs started pulling on his neck and causing a lot of pain... chiropractor said sitting in a computer chair all day doesn't exactly help that either.

Just over two weeks until moving day. Packing still isn't done thanks to shit weather and work schedules but in the home stretch.
Posts: 11537/11562
Put yourself first Rogue, these people have never sounded worth it. I had trouble leaving some jobs in the past because of holding on too hard but things turned around once I finally went out of my comfort zones again. This month marks my two year anniversary at Quest and it's the best job I've ever had.

I had an ultrasound done on my neck a few weeks back and nothing came up, which is good... but I still don't know what the hell is going on. I finally started taking some Tylenol and it's helped a lot with my neck and face tension, blurred vision, etc, now I'm noticing all the pain seems to stem from my left shoulder and arm. I'm seeing my doctor again this Monday and hoping for X-Rays and maybe an MRI. I've been hiding this chronic pain too well for years now but this is the worst it's been in ages, it doesn't matter what I eat, if and when I workout or do yoga, or how well I sleep, the symptoms are so random and happen pretty much everyday. Really hope I can figure something out. There's no way this is some mental BS and my imagination... I've dealt with a lot of anxiety or depression off and on throughout my 20's but mentally have learned so much and gotten strong, yet you can only do so much when there's real chronic physical pain. I think all these years I focused too much on my neck and maybe it's been my shoulder. Hope I get some answers.
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I told my boss that I'm pretty much done and will be looking for other employment after the wedding.

I'm so sick of the people with whom I work. Everything's an exclusion game. You plan something and everyone flakes. They plan something and it's a game of who ISN'T invited.

What's more, people just don't seem to care about the clients like they're supposed to and they're shitty to ones that I favor in any way. I bought a client a pair of industrial earmuffs because he's super sensitive to sound. Apparently, some of the staff purposely don't get them for him and some take them away from him as a punishment. That's like taking away someone's kneebrace or something. You know, he's not going to die, but he's in fucking agony because they took him to a loud bowling alley and thought taking the earmuffs away was suitable due to him not wanting to change his shoes. I fucking hate these people.
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I need to find a place to get Kaleb something, unless I can find a kind soul who wears the same size and has extra.

Packing, packing, cleaning, and packing. And work is having me do mostly closing shifts and working weekends, because I clearly don't need any time to get shit done, right? Plus my supervisor is on leave right now so guess who gets to do her job? Yup... this month has been hell.
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