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05-20-19 04:44 AM
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Posts: 11783/11785
I swear when it rains, it pours. Working two jobs, still on my first three months probation with one, and I get hit with a jury summons.

Was sick all this week and when I finally remembered the summons, I had just enough time to postpone it 'til July.

I'm so exhausted, mentally and physically.
Posts: 11660/11660
Congrats! I want a cat someday. Just not sure I want to bother with animals in apartments. But I don't know if a house will be in the cards for a long time...
Posts: 3402/3403
Fiancee and I recently got a Newfoundland puppy, and my free time is now devoted to pupper training.
Posts: 11781/11785
Yup, this working every day is kicking my ass.
Posts: 11659/11660
Somehow mixed them up and forgot which was which.

Last week was a slower more normal 40 hour week... still had the usual 10 hour day today though (Tuesday's are the busiest), but hopefully with a few temps now maybe things will slow down again at my job. We definitely need the break...

Weather warming up and I'm already turning the AC on. Can't sleep in humid hot junk.
Posts: 11779/11785
I am. We have Disneyland. Florida has Walt Disney World.
Posts: 11658/11660
Wait you're not in Cali?
Posts: 11778/11785
It's going all right. I was scheduled for just weekends, but they started asking me to do nights too as part of my availability.

So ... work at the center Monday through Friday 8 'til 4.

Work at Disneyland the rest of my waking hours.
Posts: 11657/11660
Yep, sorry all I haven't been around much... still getting worked a lot with overtime. Apparently the unemployment rate is SO low right now they're having trouble getting us temps to help with the influx of work. We've only had one or two people hired on when they could usually get a dozen to us in a few weeks. Hope it slows down soon...

How's the new job going Rogue?
Posts: 11777/11785
Started my new job this past weekend. Heh, what's a weekend?

I feel like I'm going to fuck it up somehow.
Posts: 11774/11785
Sorry you're overworked, Xeo. I imagine I'll be in that same boat soon.

I'm on my last two weekends and people are flaking on our plans together. You'd think I'd learn.
Posts: 11653/11660
Been MIA since work is killing me lately. Lots of overtime lately.
Posts: 11772/11785
Definitely need to get out of the first job. I made a mistake and scuffed a parked car. Left a note on the car and told my boss, against the urging of my co-worker to just drive away. I'm facing the possibility (again) of getting fired.

Tired as fuck of everything else there AND my boss is talking about pursuing a possible job in Texas.

Two weeks from my last hurrah before I lose all my weekends.
Posts: 11637/11660
Hope it works out well! Could maybe lead to better full time ventures too or some business networking.

Been busy lately with the damn crazy weather. It was literally like 60 degrees on Sunday, when it was below freezing earlier last week, and then we had an ice storm last night. This was the third time this winter my job has had us call the hotline in first to see if the specimens/work was delivered and of course... yes. The day a production based corporation shuts down for weather in Kansas will truly blow my world away, I just laugh when supervisors tease us with this crap.

Super glad I got new tires in November since they've been put to work a lot this winter. It hasn't been a seriously bad winter, compared to one a few years ago back at my other apartment with my old roommate... we basically got snowed in. But yeah this winter has been pretty annoying and I'm ready for it to be done.
Posts: 11753/11785
Got a new job. It's a part-time, second job, but I'm way more enthused about it than the current full time position of which I've held for four years now. Plus, helps bang out my credit card debt.

Since I'm currently only scheduled for weekends at new job until I work out how to get from one job to the other in a reasonable amount of time, I don't expect to have any weekends for a while. It's fine.
Posts: 11747/11785
I wish I could say I had more irons in the fire, but I'm pretty much a dumpster fire these days.
Posts: 11715/11785
Thanks for the concern. It's appreciated.

We're far enough from the Woolsey fire that our (Elara's and my) homes aren't in danger, but we're getting the smoke occasionally.

The Camp fire is on the other end of the state, but it's pretty much taken out an entire town of Paradise and killed 29 people. 48 people.

UPDATE: Changed the number to match with the most recent reportings since firefighters were finally able to enter some of the burned homes and take a tally of the bodies.
Posts: 11604/11660
Hope you guys and everyone else are doing okay and away from the fires over there.
Posts: 11603/11660
I thought you got out of retail?
Posts: 9632/9652
Holiday season in retail. At my old club, it meant lots of prep and work your ass off. At the new club, it means you are basically a slave and your entire life outside of work doesn't matter.
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