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05-21-19 11:34 AM
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**is in** I don't have easy access to internet at the moment though.
True Flight
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It's okay I had a back up

Name: Marina Illisaw
Race: D'nogmar

Age: 22

Appearance: Marina has a toned body. She is tan and has tribal markings all over her arms and legs. She wears a dolphin ear ring in her left ear. However her long sea green hair covers it up. She covers up her arms and legs so that no one can see what she truly is. She wears soft leather boots and a pair of brown cloth pants. She wears a tunic over her chest. Around her neck is a necklace with a large quartz on it in the shape of a man eating fish tooth. When she is away from humans and elves she has her hair up in a red bow revealing a tribal mark on the side of her neck. Her eyes are blue and they are very thin, they rarely ever open.

History: Marina has been known to be a pirate over the seas. She loves raiding air ships and sailing ships. Marina mastered bleaching and dying her hair. She wanted to make herself known by her tribe that she was not a part of their traditions. Marina left her parents after she was about to be forced to be married. She wanted freedom, with the magic that she knows she was bound to know what she was going to get. Marina wants to know why humans fear her tribe so. She gave leadership of her ship over to her closest friend who left with her. Marina had one thing on her mind. She was going to help bring peace to this world. To the sea she loved so much.

Personality: very outgoing, she has a contagious smile when she is out to sea. She can tend to be serious when the time is serious. Marina still considers her outgoing personality a mask so that she can get what she wants. She will not trust everyone.

Abilities: Marina knows the smell of the sea very well and she can find herself there almost all the time. Her mother helped train her in her spirit magic. The most she can do is have an extra sense. She is still developing on the rest of the magic. Marina practices every now and then by trying to read someone's thoughts or making them do "favors" for her.
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Name: Arion Caranu

Race: Ravine Elf

Age: 23

Appearance: Arion stands approximately five foot two, but has an athletic frame. His skin is a deep brown, darker than most of his race because of the amount of time he spends outside in the sun. He wears his black hair tied back, the shorter bits in the front hanging to either side of his face. His eyes are s simple brown. All in all, Arion is very average looking.

History: Arion was born into a family of ravine workers. When he was but six years of age, there was a pirate raid on the island, the attackers hoping to get their hands on fresh treasures. They tore through the village until stopped by the guards 'protecting' the slave. Before they were stopped, however, Arion's parents were murdered and he was taken to be raised as one of them. During these years, Arion was used to map out what he knew of the ravine to make the raids easier. He never participated in the actual slaughter against his own kind, nor did he let the ways of the pirates persuade him. Instead, the boy learnt spirit magic from the cruel crew members, participating in betted fights. The crew members, looking to earn some money off of him, taught him the ways of spirit and small amounts of ethereal (the crew being to dim-witted to know a lot). They taught him until he knew everything there was to know. Arion sat and practiced in secret for many years until he had mastered the dark arts of the D'nogmar.

Arion then took over the mind of a crew member and had him kill men until beat himself. He repeated this process until the crew suspected him, and he slew the last of them without hesitation. Arion then left the ravine and went to Pyria, tired of tyranny. He decided then that he would use the dark arts to better the world, and protect his doomed race. But he soon realized that using spirit magic was looked down upon in the world, so he hides his talents and pretends to be a normal warrior.

Personality: Arion is very shy, but extremely intelligent. He is sneaky when need be, and analyzes most everything.
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Character sheet-a-ma-bob.

Name: Vlados Tyrani

Race: Baneblood

Age: 19

Appearance: Vlados is a tall, slender Baneblood. His skin a light tone, similar to a human's skin, his eyes are the standard purple all of the Banebloods bear. His hair is dark and pulled away from his face. His teeth have a fanglike nature, a side effect of the blight the demon-blood has wretched upon his family.

Biography: Vlados is the Seventh son of the Emperor of Bannord, his strong abilities with technology, particularly creating mechanical objects, led the nation to put massive amounts of funding into his education. Vlados' brothers and sisters did not like the favoritism he received, fearing he would be considered for the throne before the rightful heirs. They devised a plan to get him out of the picture, to eliminate him. The murder plot did not succeed, but their result was accomplished anyway, as Vlados fled the nation to where he could be safe: Pyria, a neutral nation of great wealth and power. To attack a Pyrian soldier, let alone a Peregrine, would cause a catastrophic event for the whole Bannordial nation. Vlados joined for more noble reasons than self-preservation; he wanted to serve the greater good and further his craft where he could be appreciated. He also wanted to build a name for himself, and prove that the world should not look upon Banebloods in a negative light.

Personality: Quirky, Charismatic, Intelligent, Sometimes Mischievous, and an excellent Strategist.
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I am definitely in. I have sent you a PM, to see if my character is okay with you.
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Banebloods can use magic but there's already been a lot of people who've mentioned wanting to be it and I don't feel like running an ALL Baneblood RP.
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I have an interest in this but do the Baneblood use the three schools of magic or are they just more strength than that.
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Human: Traditional humans. Make their homes everywhere, but most hail from Red Island, Pyria, or Bannord.

Elves- Elves claim to have existed long before the other races, though they cannot find any substantial evidence to prove this. They are sleeker and slightly taller than humans, and are almost always fairer to look upon. Most elves hail from Dela Guire and Dela Ravine, though some travel the world.
-Ravine Elves- Ravine Elves are noteworthy for their vastly different appearance and history. The Ravine elves have much darker skin than normal elves, and are smaller and frailer. These elves are the vast slaves who work the great canyon of Dela Ravine. Few leave the country, as their masters are rarely the benevolent sort.

-Plateau Gnomes
Plateau Gnomes are the quiet people of the Western Plateus who refuse to leave their homelands. They have a deep respect for the planet, and have little affection for outsiders. Recently, they have become even more private, as hordes of foreigners come searching for them.

-Free Gnomes
Free Gnomes are the gnomes who live in other nations. These gnomes revel in the fame their people have accumulated. Many live in Pyria, working in the legendary docks, though they can be found in any advanced nation, especially Bannord.

The D'nogmar define themselves by the tribe they were born into. Tribes are normally the size of an extended family, and they treat each other as far more important than most families do. D'nogmars live and die solely for the advancement of their tribe and its bloodline. They frequently wage war with other tribes and nations to show the worth of their tribe. Many tribes leave the homelands to become bandits and pirates, making a name for themselves in that way. They are loyal to little besides their tribe, and any D'nogmar who has left their tribe is shamed by all. That said, there are a small number of shamed D'nogmar who attempt to integrate into modern society, leaving their old ways.

Physically, they are large, tan humans with tribal tattoos denoting their tribe and personal identity.

Dwarves are known by the mountains they hail from, and most take issue leaving the safety and comfort of their underground homes. However, they are somewhat greedy people and will never turn down a good deal. Those that do leave Cirrus do so in search of fame and fortune.

Only a few Banebloods still exist, though their existence has been a constant in history. Occasionally, demons from the Deep Worlds come and attack settlements, raping and pillaging before completely disappearing. Those born from the unholy congress are marked by their evil ancestors. With time, the demon blood thins from the family line, but any Baneblood has purple pupils and an abnormal tolerance for pain.

Additional Information:

The Three Schools of Magic:

-Arcane Magic

Arcane magic is the utilization of the power of the planet. Users have an intrinsic connection to nature, and are often deeply affected by its changes. They can control the elements and even tap into basic amounts of the earth's magical energy. This magic cannot be learned. Its users are born with the aptitude.

-Ethereal Magic

Ethereal magic is the utilization of the power of heaven, or so most of its practitioners believe. Its users who do are not religiously inclined claim the energy hails from the Ethereal. These users are adept at healing wounds, crafting magical barriers, enchanting weapons, and releasing blasts of pure energy at enemies. Ethreal can be learned by anyone, though mastery takes time and dedication. Many warriors know a fraction of ethreal magic.

-Spirit Magic
The school of magic invented by D'nogmar, Spirit magic is the utilization of the life force of the caster and other living beings. It is looked down upon by most other cultures, seen as sinister and underhanded, though there are practitioners of all creeds. Users can sap strength from enemies, possess weaker minds, vastly increase their own strength and abilities, and other related abilities. Spirit mages are the creators of soul gems, which are used in the creation of airships.
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A new fantasy world in which I will be having an RP. All are welcome. I want everyone to think hard on what kind of characters they want to play. Try to feel out a character from the lands, let them be born from it instead of just slapping a character into the setting.

Shown above is a map I\'ve drawn of the world. (picture taken with camera phone, excuse my thumb in the corner there).

Esai is a world known to its inhabitants for its seas. The majority of the planet is covered in water, and its nations have struggled to make sense of its seas since the dawn of civilization. As even the most inexperienced sailor knows, the sea is a power beyond human reckoning, and can claim any should her wrath grow. So, the fledging nation known as Pyria, founded by mages and innovators, invented airships, and revolutionized the world. A century later, Esai knew a golden age. Pyria used its vast wealth and influence to create the Peregrines.

The Peregrines are an organization of men and women from all walks of life who are dedicated to the idea of world peace. Known for their skills in combat as well as their diplomacy, they sail the skies. In keeping with their internal code, they do not answer to any country, any king, or any authority aside from themselves. Many fear the Peregrine will turn and conquer for themselves, but their strict training and elections have kept it pure.

You will play as a new recruit of the Peregrines, being trained on board the Nantes.
The Peregrines believe you will be a productive and skillful new addition, and they believe you to be just. However, time will soon show that you are more important than they could have ever predicted.


The legendary city state that stands as the trading capital of the world and the iconic headquarters of the famous Peregrines.

One hundred and sixty five years ago, the noble house of Criterion was exiled from the Red Island after the patriarch, Ser Inon, unsuccessfully tried to unite the country under one banner. Inon\'s head was seperated and his family disgraced. Inon\'s wife, Lady Anella, swore to find her clan a new home, one grand enough to redeem the taint her warmonger husband had left them. Sailing south from the White Shores, the family came across Mt. Pyria, the massive volcano rising in the Southern Sea. Awestruck upon first glance, she swore to her followers that she would tame the fiery soul of the mountain and make it their home. For fourty years, members of House Criterion sailed the world, seeking a method to tame the volcano. In the Western Plateus, they found the gentle gnome-folk, who navigated their lands with marvelous contraptions. Anella promised them fame and fortune to assist her clan, and several clans agreed, coming back with her. With an army of mages and gnomes, Lady Anella quelled the volcano by sealing its \'heart\' in a massive soul gem. In the excitement, Anella\'s now old heart grew weak, and she died moments after seeing her oath come true, but her people had new allies, new purpose, and a new home to lead them into the new world.

Since its inception as an independant nation, Pyria has been run by The Assembly. The five original members of the Assembly were Lady Anella\'s daughter, Lady Janau, the mage Amon Gar, the two gnome lords Bar-Yu and Shin-Pe, and the elf warrior Benn Heral. Upon their deaths, their firstborns have taken their seats. The royal families raise their firstborns to think and act like their ancestors in order to maintain the balance of power and the integrity of their assembly, though mortal nature makes this more of a challenge to aspire to than a fact of life.

People who live in Pyria either reside in the massive Circles carved in descending order into the inside of the volcano, or on the Barges, massive sectors of buildings floating on the water just outside the volcano. Poorer characters reside in the Barges, while more aristocratic members of Pyrian society would dwell in the volcano. Inside the volcano, airships are constructed in the Docks at the lower levels of the volcano, where fire elementals are trapped in soul gems and used to power the impossible crafts.

Red Island: Red Island is the Garden of Eden of Esai. The lands are tranquil and bountiful, providing its denizens and all they mark as friends with plenty of food and fabrics. However, this beautiful land, named for the red leaves that all of its trees bear, has been marred by constant fueding from the lords and dukes of the land. There has been no Red King in five hundred years, and every attempt to crown one has ended in bloodshed. As it stands, the Lords scheme amongst each other, making foriegn allies and countrymen enemies. Visitors to the land call it a remarkable and tense environment to experience.

Western Plateaus: This land is most remarkable for its unique geography and its native people. The continent is known for being a vast series of plateaus huddled together above an unforgiving sea. It is the native lands of the gnome people, who have learned to survive by connecting the plateaus with innovate bridges and tunnels. Visitors to the nation were rare until airships were invented and word of gnome ingenuity became global news. It is often said by the gnomes that the Plateaus were once one land, separated by a vengeful god. No one has yet to prove this statement true, but it remains prevalent.

Cirrus: Home of the dwarves, Cirrus is the series of islands that comprise the South Pole. Long ago, these islands became connected by what the Dwarves call the Ice Roads, allowing them to flourish amongst themselves. Their cities lie within the grand mountain range running through the nation, deep within the thick walls nature has provided. Dwarves define themselves by the city they hail from, owing culture and customs to their lands beneath land. Dwarves are wary of ships of sea and air, but they allow foreigners to make port in their land, willingly trading their exotic metals and crystals for food and luxuries.

Dela Guire & Dela Ravine: The two sister nations of the Southeast, the Dela countries are known for their culture almost as much as their crime. Dela Guire is the northernmost sister, and she is fair to look upon. Guire is full of vibrant cities marked by high fashion and customs, celebrated for what the rest of the world is forced to endure as \"high class\". The scenery is equally as beautiful, and it is said that even the dew is as sweet as honey in the rolling hills of the Middlemarch. However, this perfect land is fueled by its sister nation, Dela Ravine. Home to a massive canyon, many astounding magical and mundane things are found within its depths. As such, a huge population of slaves toil in the canyon day and night to fill the coffers of their wealthy owners who trade and live for Dela Guire. In between these two nations is the Dela Straight, a series of tiny islands populated by pirates who wish to intrude upon the bloody trade of the countries and make a tidy profit for themselves.

Bannord: Just beneath Dela Ravine is the nation of Bannord. Once, many years ago, the land of Bannord was not unlike Red Island. Known for their lush fields and unassuming populace, the old Bannord (called Southland) was far from anyone\'s attention. However, that changed the day Emperor Bannord I declared sovereignty. A baneblood, he had grown up under intense scrutiny from peers, pushing him to exceed beyond his blood. After conquering the continent in a few short years, he established the regime that is in place to this day. Bannord was disdainful of magic, unconsciously blaming his demonic heritage upon it, and so ruled that his nation would rise above its widespread use. Mages soon disappeared from the land, and in their place came gnomes and geniuses that led Bannord to an industrial revolution. Now, the lands of Bannord are known for their vast mechanical cities, powered by steam and the will for dominance that marks all of Bannord\'s clan.

D\'nogmar: The D\'nogmar is both the name of the vast series of islands between Dela Guire and Cirrus and the people who live there. For countless years, the disconnected tribes of the islands warred amongst each other, fighting for the thick jungles marked on their shores. Twenty years ago, Clan Stormwind united the people of D\'nogmar into a vast democratic empire that stands among the most populous and flimsy in all of Esai. How Stormwind maintains order and for what reason is unknown to all but the D\\\'nogmar themselves, and they are loath to speak of it. As the D\'nogmar are their own race, it\'ll be worth reading more about their race to gain a deeper understanding of their culture.

Cinderfel: The ever mysterious continent of Esai. Larger by far than any other land, it has been deemed uninhabitatable besides the few coastal cities explorers and traders have founded. Many expeditions have been made into the land but no trace of them ever returns. Even the presence of airships has done nothing to crack the mystery that is the land of Cinderfel.

(more information to come later)


-Ravine Elves

-Plateau Gnomes
-Free Gnomes



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