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06-24-19 11:32 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Role Play - A Great and Terrible Storm
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Chris sighed softly and trudged over to the pool everyone was drinking from, a bit away from the rest. His hands cupped into the calm surface, ripples showering outwards as though to mark his entrance into the depths of the water.

Thirstier than he realized, Chris drank several handfuls of water. The front of his shirt was sodden, but it felt soothing.

Victoria began speaking, but the words resounded meaninglessly in his head.

Martial arts. His mother. Sister.

The smack of a bamboo sword against his ribs, and the tears that were repressed afterwards. He was never good at martial arts.

But there had to be something he could do to get off of the island.
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Wright looked at Daniel. "I'll be fine," she said. Hunger was the last thing on her mind. Screams, that's all she heard, curling screams. She was very tired and sat down beside Victoria. "What do you mean we are the first humans...." she faded out. She felt dizzy. Wright shook her head so that she could ignore her sleepiness.

Her mind stayed in two places it seemed. She couldn't smell the freshness of the lush green plants around her, instead she smelled burning flesh and blood. She put a hand on her head. "Wright! Wright! You're going to be okay Wright!" Flashed in her mind.

She looked up and found herself surrounded by mountains. Wright sharply turned her face and looked towards Victoria's direction. She was back in the forest. Sweat began to drip from down her tanned face. She put a through her black hair and looked at Ace with her brown eyes. He might know about my unit and what I did... She thought. It could put an end to this crap I'm imagining...
Squire Vince
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Seeing Daniel return sparked a small glimpse of hope in Frankie. "Thank God! Food!" As he approached though he noticed the small piece of fruit in Daniel's hand. "Are you kidding me?! Useless piece of-" Frankie returned to his spot by the lake and continued sipping water hoping to drown his hunger.
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"I appreciate the offer, kid, but I'll go alone. If I find something, I'll come get you," Daniel said, making his way into the brush. There was something so entrancing about the trees here. They seemed to almost shine with a subtle blue hue like some mirror of night.

Victoria sat against a stone and turned to the handsome priest who had fearfully asked for her opinion. Once more, she felt the strange muse of certainty float through her, and push the words "We are the first humans to walk these woods," through her aged vocal cords. As they passed through her lips, she marveled at their utter truth. There was a well of information inside her that was tapped without her consent when the others sought answers.

"I wish I knew how I knew all this, father."

Meanwhile, Daniel, also compelled by a strange gust of feeling, was shredding what remained of his white dress shirt off of his chest. He was averagely built, though lightly scarred from years of his construction with his uncle.

As he remembered this small glimpse of his life, he realized the weight of it, and fought inside himself to learn more. Only glimpses came: the smell of wood chips, the taste of blood. Nothing substantial.

When his thoughts returned to the forest, he realized he was not alone.

A woman with green skin stood before him, holding out a yellow fruit and staring at his bare chest with a playful curiousness. Daniel was too shocked by her sudden appearance to move, but he fumbled to speak.


She giggled, and he felt himself blush under her gaze. Her laughter was like a light breeze in the autumn, blowing about the falling leaves with a muted static.

"Here," the strange woman said, placing the singular fruit in his hand. "This is to share."

And with that, she turned and leaped, disappearing into the overhanging branches of the trees.

Daniel returned to the group slowly. When he did, he spoke in a daze. "I found this. There isn't any more. We should share."
Squire Vince
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Frankie heard a small rustle come from the brush. "What is that!" He yelled pointing into the forest. Why the hell couldn't they be in...Boston? Yeah, Boston that's where he's from, maybe. Frankie walked over to the lake and splashed water on his face. "Fucking pumas." He groaned. "So where are the two guys? I'm starving." Frankie heard more rustling. "What is that? Is anyone else hearing that?"
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Ace looked at Wright, she said that word again. What was wrong with her?

"I pilot a Viper, usually, and I usually hit-and-run ground targets before other forces move in."
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Wright sighed and nodded. She felt Frankie's hate towards everyone a lot. "mawlud..." She said to him. Wright's thoughts began to drift away to why she knew that word in fact. There were a lot of words she knew. She looked at Victoria. Why do I get the feeling that we're actually dead and she's showing out way to Hell? She thought. Wright remembered many stories she read about places like these. They were paradises on the outside then again... They were dead and all had gone to hell.

Wright looked towards Frankie. He disgusted her sometimes. However, she never gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Wright looked at Ace. "So Ace... What type of helicopters did you fly? Chanooks? Blackhawks?"
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Ace looked up at Frankie, he smiled lightly.

"The water seems fine, and we don't really have much of anything to purify it with. Tastes great, actually."

Ace was almost surprised at how good the water tasted, almost as if this freshwater spring was without any chemicals altogether. He shrugged it off, however, and turned to Wright.

"I don't think we'll be here that long, I'd like to get to that tree soon, if at all possible."
Squire Vince
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Frankie scoffed as he moved away from the girlscouts. He hated this place and he thought that he had heard a growl while they were walking. He didn't want to admit it but, he was scared. "Hey you two," He pointed to Wright and Ace, "is the water safe to drink? I mean it's not salt water, and there isn't bacteria?" He looked down at the water, something had made these two army buffs reckless as they should've purified it or something. "Shouldn't we like burn the bugs and shit out? I mean if that please the almighty." Frankie ran his hands through his hair, he didn't like anyone here. Especially Ace.
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Wright looked at Ace. He would know something about what she was talking about. "Do you want to take watch shifts sir?" Wright asked. Wright felt like she knew what dangers would be lurking around the corner if they stayed awake. "That way we can have a good system going. I say... five hour long shifts."
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Ace looked around, he didn't like the idea of stopping in such a location. Not that he was paranoid of being attacked, they'd already been walking for a while and they had seen nor heard anything. This forest was exotic, the type of exotic that would consume a man if he were to let himself wander here. They must stay vigilant. He walked slowly to the stream, and dipped his hand in to drink some water.

The priest rushed to Victoria's side, she was an older woman, but had her strength still. He wanted to help her down, and was drawn to her magnetically it seemed. He sat beside her, and spoke with a hushed tone.

"Is there anything else that would be good to know about this place? I feel as though this were paradise, it feels quite unnatural in it's beauty."

He half wanted an answer, and half wanted to bask in the glory of this truly wondrous creation.
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Christopher had been walking in the middle of the group, not really caring who was in front of or behind him. All he cared about was finding a way off of the island.

A few sounds were heard in the trees around, but Chris thought nothing of it until Victoria spoke. The voice was so sudden that the boy jumped a bit before looking around. The view was breathtaking. Rarely does one get this close to something unless it's in a picture.

Feeling parched, Chris was about to walk over to the water and get a drink before Daniel spoke. The man seemed nice enough. Chris cast a disgusted look in Frankie's direction, thinking that Daniel was definitely saner than some.

"I'll help," Chris said a, bit too loud in the quiet group.
Squire Vince
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Frankie had remained quiet most of the trip keeping his eyes on their leader. Along the way he had picked up a small log to use as a weapon. He had noticed the tree was their main focus, which Frankie accepted because it was the highest point of the island. "Grab me something good, don't get eaten." Frankie smirked as he turned his back to Daniel. He looked at the group. Christopher, the little spit fuck, Ace probably some army lackey, Wright was next to Maddie, they'd clung together. The good reverend was doing something, Frankie hated organized religion, he just couldn't remember why, and that left the brute with his sharp stick. Frankie walked to the lake and splashed water on his face, the cold water met his warm skin and in a moment of estacy Frankie sighed. He wanted to go home.
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OOC: Skipping ahead.

BIC: The group, led by Victoria, made their way into the woods. Daniel often stopped and remarked upon the beautiful sights that surrounded their path. This island, he felt, was far too beautiful to be true. How had no one noticed this paradise before, especially with the tree that stretched out into the sky from all points of the island. For the group, the tree became less of a wonder, and more of a silent guide, never out of sight long enough for them to become lost. However, the winding journey soon sucked up the daylight, and the group stopped besides a grand waterfall that crashed into a clear pool of water.

"Here will do," Victoria said, and sat beside a fallen tree. Daniel eyed their surroundings, rubbing his stomach.

"I'll go look for some."
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Madelene's eyes widened in shock at Frankie's outburst. For a moment, her eyes narrowed, an attempt to express displeasure, but it was quickly washed away by the shock that replaced it. The other person in the military garments, Ace, had taken the time to thoroughly abuse the boy with his words and she was thankful when Father Donahue stepped in.

At that, she reached behind her, searching for Wright's hand with her own and grasping it gently when she found it. "Let's just tag along for a little while." She whispered back to Wright, hardly taking her attention from Victoria. "Whatever it is, it's a lot safer than being separated from such a large group." She spoke those last words a little more loudly, stealing a glance in Frankie's direction, and with a wink, her gentle voice added "At least this way there are more people to trip in case we face those pumas."
Squire Vince
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"Whatever," Frankie scoffed. "But when we get attacked by fucking pumas and shit, I'll take time to say told'ya so." He was out-voted and they were following the hag. He would go with them but his eyes would be open, Franklin Thayer doesn't follow blindly. "And what the hell is a mawlud?"
True Flight
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Military... Wright thought. She looked at Ace. His composure sure was different from her. I was in the Military right? Wright looked at Frankie. A word came out of her mouth. "You're crying like a mawlud..." Wright blinked a minute then looked towards Ace wondering if he knew what he said. She regained her self composure and then cleared her throat. Weird I meant to say baby... She thought.
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Ace's eyes widened at Frankie's outburst.

"Shut your scum-filled mouth, civilian! You want the people with military experience to lead? She clearly knows something more than we do, and our extensive military experience means nothing without context. We're flying blind here, we'd serve better as protection than leadership. So keep quiet and listen to what Victoria has to say, or so help me I'll put you in the ground!"

Ace spoke with distinction and precision. He planned every word he spoke, and chose them knowing full well their effectiveness. His eyes pierced Frankie's, giving him an intense look to show he was serious.

As Ace spoke forcibly to Frankie, Father Donahue rushed between the two men, pressing a firm hand onto Ace's chest.

"Now there, brother, we're all in this together. Let's settle down, and try not to tear each other's throats out. But Frankie, this woman will most assuredly lead us to greener pastures, I feel our trust in her would be well placed."

Father Donahue spoke kindly, a tone totally opposite of Ace's. The Priest lowered his hand slowly, keeping his eyes on Ace at all times.
Squire Vince
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Frankie picked his head up as Wright dropped the leaves at Daniel's feet. "Um, two things. Why the hell is everyone getting these GREAT souvenirs?" He spoke mockingly. "And what the fuck do you mean no help is coming? Lady, if you know something we don't I think you should share it. I mean I love to go prancing through the untamed, animal infested jungle as much as the next gut but what the hell?" His attention then turned from Victoria to the rest of the group. "There are at least two people here with military experience, there's the ballerina, then that kid." he pointed to Chris. "The hag, the padre, and-" his gaze falling upon the large man with the tattoos, "who the fuck are you! Why should we trust the hag?" He dragged his hands through his hair. He didn't like it here.
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Wright looked at Victoria. "Okay, we can find fresh water then." Wright knew the rules of survival. She also knew about survival of the fittest. She remembered from many books she read that the weakest would fall. However, Wright always hated the idea of the weakest falling. She was worried for Victoria. Madelene was fine she wouldn't need the umbrella like fan she made. She dropped it down to the Daniel's feet. "Here," she said. "She will get heat stroke more likely than her."

Wright looked at her feet. There's no sense in these shoes, She thought. She unlaced her other boo and took them both off. I guess I'll fashion some sandals later.
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