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03-25-19 06:04 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Most posts contain viruses from NOD32
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Lord Alexandor
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I personally have windows 7 and I only have avast! antivirus and malwarebytes anti-malware. I haven't had a problem in the 8 months I've been running with this computer. Windows 7's firewall along with Windows Defender (built in to Win7) and a decent antivirus should be enough to keep out the bad stuff. Just practice safe browsing habits.

I would definitely like to get DS's opinion as well, though.

PS: the image in question never gave a peep from avast!, so it may have been a false positive.
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I put it up on imageshack, let us know if the issue continues.

Sorry about that.

I know it's no excuse to recommend anything, but anyways if you guys are in need for a good firewall or something Comodo is the BEST one I have ever encountered. My laptop with XP was hit with some of the worst shit out there over the last few years, but after I got Comodo's internet security thing... I never had any major problems ever again.

Win7 seem safe enough for me so far. Not sure if I should replace it's firewall with Comodo's. Would you recommend that DS? Or anyone else.

I think Comodo Firewall is it. I know the free version is in there somewhere, was a little bit of a pain to find. But I had this baby in use for almost a year on my laptop and it rocked.
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Please tell him to change his avatar.

Kard Ayals
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That's Cairoi's custom title picture.

Most likely (considering what it looks like), is the kind of site that just has stuff bloated with spyware.

Anyhow, hotlinking from ANY is bad anyway.
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I dunno if this is just me. But I have been getting a lot of notifications from the Entertainment forum. Thankfully NOD32 blocks off the IP causing this. But don't just take my word for it. Let me go ahead and take some screenshots of the culprit.

It appears that it's coming from an IP: etc

If I get more data I will update
Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Most posts contain viruses from NOD32

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