New link in the top of page "IRC Chat".
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06-24-19 11:30 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Favorites?
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Yep, it's all appreciated Mega-Mario.
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Thanks man

Not that I'd use favorites much, but well, any bug is worth reporting
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Missing $tblstart


Oh well, fixed.
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Hm yeah, but it looks fucking broken for me.

What happened to the table? Seems like it gets closed before its content is declared.
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Oh, I found it.
I've never seen that before. Now I can stock up!
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It's just a page where you can collect threads you love and would like to easily access.

Like Demi said, at the top right corner above a thread, there's a link that says "Add to Favorites" that's next to "Next older thread."

Personally I don't really use the Favorites, but somehow there are a few threads in there.
Kard Ayals
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At the top of each thread, there's an "Add to Favorites" link.

That's how you add things to it
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Might I ask what the Favorites link is for? It doesn't seem like you can add anything to it.
Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - Favorites?

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