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12-16-18 03:10 PM
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It's really sad that the last time I posted in this thread was two years ago.

My biggest thank you is to everyone who helped make Brandon's and my wedding such a success. The village really came together on this one.

Posts: 9637/9638
Thank you, random member, for telling me about the wallet that a teenager forgot in a cart after failing to find her yourself. You are a good person. A few minutes later she came back, looking worried, and she was so happy that we had found it.
Posts: 9397/9638
Thank you, Wes, for taking one of my shifts so I can go to a family party. Thank you, Nate, for grabbing me a water when I couldn't walk away from the kiosk to get it myself. Thank you, again, Kaleb, for the lifegiving caffeine. And thank you Coach JJ for knowing that members are full of shit when they say we are yelling at them just because they didn't get their way (see the Fuck You thread).
Posts: 11309/11723
Originally posted by Rogue
Thanks, Kat (my boss), for being super flexible with the time off I requested in September. Goddamn you're awesome when it counts.

Originally posted by Rogue
Thank you, old boss, for brokering my early release from the shitty job.

Her last day with us was Tuesday. I'm REALLY going to miss her.

Thanks, Kat, for being such a great boss. You were the first one to take a chance on me, ending my long bout of unemployment following taking care of my grandmother after and during college. You've been a mentor and practically a surrogate mother.

(These are all things that I've said to her in the final days, and in the goodbye video we each recorded. Well, I left out the surrogate thing. Didn't want her to feel too old.)

Thank you, Katie, for letting us crash at your place while we were in the Bay Area for Patrick's wedding. Thanks for also spending a day with us, visiting San Francisco.

Posts: 9389/9638
Thank you to Margaret and James for being so patient over the last three days as we fought to port your numbers from Tracfone to AT&T. This whole ordeal has been a nightmare, and your calmness and understanding have made the whole thing bearable.

Thank you to Alissa and Ann for working wireless shifts even though it has been a long time since either of you have been over there and you had no refresher training.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Kaleb for bringing me coffee almost every day this week when I wasn't able to stop on the way to work and for keeping me sane. There are no words to describe how lucky I feel to have you in my life.

Thank you Tabby and Ann for echoing my frustrations in dealing with the idiot at work.
Posts: 11200/11607
Thank you Eidos Montreal for a new Deus Ex.

Posts: 187/199
Rogue all I can say is ()

Anyway thank you family for this day to Deal. Hope you understand I enjoyed it a lot and especially on the beach too.
Posts: 11187/11723
Thank you, old boss, for brokering my early release from the shitty job.

Posts: 9226/9638
Thank you to all my friends and family for being so supportive about my choice to leave. I had killed myself with What Ifs and worries about what people would say or think about me that it was amazing to have so many people making sure I am okay. I have never felt more cared for in my life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Kaleb, for giving me a place to live and being the best possible friend that I could ever ask for. I know this cannot be easy for you either, but you have done everything possible to make me comfortable and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you, Bret, for helping me on moving day. I don't think we could have gotten the heavier stuff up the stairs without you. I owe you pizza or something.

Thank you, Ginene in HR, for letting me use personal time on short notice so that I could move out. I was scheduled to work M-F and I knew by the time I woke up on Monday that I needed out of that house. You are so amazing. Thank you!
Posts: 9197/9638
Thank you, member at Sam's Club who bought all three of us working at the wireless kiosk our own bag of Lindt truffles as a thank you for being helpful. You didn't have to do that, but you made our day.

Thank you, members in general, for being very kind this year when dealing with cell phones. You are much nicer than the Black Friday people.

Thank you, Coach Rob and Emily, for helping me in photo the other day when I was by myself and swamped.
Posts: 9138/9638
Very nice cruise consultant. Very nice indeed.

Thank you, Gabe, for talking to me about a difficult subject to help me be a more understanding friend.

Thank you Debi, for picking out such a nice replacement for our broken washing machine. It is so much nicer.

Thank you, Kaleb, for bringing me a macchiato and amusing videos on Saturday to help cheer me up and calm me down.
Posts: 10802/11723
Thanks, Bran, for editing together a 3-minute cut of "Thriller" for my co-workers to perform to for the Halloween carnival we're throwing at the center. Holy shit you put that together fast.

Thank you, Holland America cruise consultant, for letting me know the Adriatic Dream itinerary featuring three stops in Croatia and stops in Malta and Montenegro was going to be discontinued and booking us on the last run, upgrading us for free and getting us $500 ship-board credit and a free dinner at the "expensive" restaurant on the ship.

Posts: 9105/9638
Thank you again, Kaleb... this time for bringing me coffee at work today.

Thank you, John Oliver... I think you've officially become my favorite celebrity.

Thank you, Mike, for agreeing to craft me and my friend some wands. I can't wait to see them.
Posts: 10667/11723
Thanks, Mom, for covering the cost of high tea and admission to the Huntington. Quite a great day.

Thank you, Irma, for being the greatest co-worker and practically a surrogate mom to me.

Posts: 9033/9638
Thank you, Kaleb, for being one of the best friends I can ever ask for. Seriously, it's just too numerous to list everything I am thankful for... but you deserve some kind of award statue.

Thank you random marine biologist on Twitter for live tweeting during Shark Week and correcting all of their bullshit. You make it worth watching.

Thank you dad, for making me smoked ribs when you guys were out for a visit last month. I at least appreciated it.

Thank you coworkers at Sam's, for helping me to stay sane while dealing with members and supervisors that make me want to ragequit and punch someone.
Posts: 10658/11723
Thanks, Kat (my boss), for being super flexible with the time off I requested in September. Goddamn you're awesome when it counts.

Posts: 8940/9638
Yes, thank you Lee. Now I can say I belong to a book club.

Thank you, Lexy, for getting me the cool little green wallet thing. I will find a way to use it at some point because it is just so cool. Also, thank you for volunteering to drive to the wireless meeting at Robinson since I did not want to go by myself for that (hour long drive at dawn into Pittsburgh at rush hour).

Thank you, Kaleb, for bringing the booze for Ben's birthday yesterday. Though my head isn't as happy with you at the moment.

Thank you Paizo Fans United for your fiction contests and actually thinking my work is good enough to win a prize.

Posts: 10497/11723
Thank you, Carrie and family, for letting us stay at your house in Sacramento on our way up to and down from Washington last month.

Thanks, Damian, for letting us crash in your 100-year-old farmhouse in Long Beach, WA. Granted the shower was crazy, but still, nice to have a place to stay.

Thank you, Melinda and Louis, for having us at your wedding. Never would have thought getting married in a vintage trailer park by the beach with a stack of wheels of cheese instead of a wedding cake could be glamorous, but hey. It was a great location for checking out parts of Washington and Oregon I'd never seen before, like Jake the Alligator Man or the Goonies House.

Thanks, Rogue Public Alehouse people, for being super cool and inducting us into the Rogue Nation (we have citizenship cards) when we mentioned Brandon's and my getting together while sharing a Rogue Dead Guy Ale. They gave us so many samples and we picked up so many of their bottles of their drinks we can't get anywhere but directly from Rogue.

Thank you, Pike Place Market folks, for being open at dawn and being an awesome place to walk around and have a breakfast of piroshkies and coffee from the original Starbucks. Had oyster shooters with the fish-throwing guys.

Woo, thanks, thrift shop in Astoria, OR that had a sweater for $2 when I forgot to pack one to go with my dress I was planning to wear to Melinda's wedding.

Thank you, Lee, for renting us the Fiat to get around. Not long after getting home from Washington, Bran's car broke down. Would have been a bitch if this happened on our way up.

Thanks, Brandon, for letting me do all the routing and letting us take the 395 back down through California so I'd finally get to see Mono Lake.

Thank you, Liz and Erik, for having us at your wedding a couple weeks ago.

Thanks, all the friends at that wedding, for making it all so fun, and thanks Erik for covering breakfast the next morning for those of us who stayed at the hotel.

Thank you, Lee again, for starting the book club with me so we can finally read the kind of books we've been meaning to all along.
Posts: 10343/11723
Originally posted by Elara
Secret menu items, you say? Tell me more.

She made me a butterbeer frap and for Bran she did a chocolate-covered strawberry one. Not sure if it's a common one that other Starbucks baristas out there know, but it's out there.

Thank you, Christina, for agreeing to work LOJ with me and be our ride up to L.A. for the weekend.

And thank you, everyone, who complimented my costume and how I looked those nights. Normally no one talks to me at that event, though I haven't gone since 2007.

Thanks for scoring us an invite to the Magic Castle, Brandon. Yolanda appreciated it.

Thanks, Carrie and Maddie, for coming to visit. We might be using your floor in a couple months.
Posts: 8804/9638
Secret menu items, you say? Tell me more.

And you are most welcome.

Thank you Carnival Cruise Lines for a wonderful honeymoon cruise.
Thank you Matt for being a great dive master on my first ever scuba dive (it was awesome!)
Thank you Alec (or Alex, not sure) from Cambria Suites Blue Lagoon, for being an amazing shuttle driver of geeky awesomeness and for showing us where to get awesome Cuban food while we were in Miami.
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