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06-24-19 11:31 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - Vacation Photo Album
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The first one is gorgeous. I wish I saw that outside my window... or in my room?
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Haven't really posted much in this thread in a while.

Here's mostly a bunch of pictures from wandering around California and Arizona. Nothing particularly exotic.

Went to Whitney Portal last weekend with Brandon's dad.

We all walked around in the Kern River last weekend during Father's Day.

Hanging around the renaissance faire in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Walking around San Francisco.

Visiting an anti-evolution dinosaur museum where they insist dinosaurs aren't as old as they are and that humans existed at the same time.
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Pretty much doubled the number of pictures in the Flickr set since it's now December and I got another 300 MB of space:

And just to add something different, here's a picture of a "mermaid" in an aquarium in Vegas:
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On the way into Alexandria's port, there are just random shipwrecks all over the place. It was really eerie at the time since it was early morning and you'd just see these shipwrecks emerge from the fog.

When you visit Giza, watch out for all the people trying to sell you something or get you on a camel (there are a few pics of me and Brandon on camels on Facebook). They're on you like flies, and some of them are pick-pockets. We seriously didn't have a moment alone there with someone ALWAYS on us for one reason or another. The camel guys were the worst. Some tourists got on them after they were told it was free, but once up there were told to give over more and more money or else they couldn't get off. We kept hearing horror stories of people paying $50, sometimes all the way to $80. We got away with paying $7 and walking away.
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I admit that I did the giddy "eee" thing a few times while watching that photo slideshow... I really want to go on a cruise like that and see those places. Especially Giza.

What is that wreck in the first picture?
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Here's a handful of pictures from my trip a couple weeks ago. We took over 4,000 pictures, but Flickr would only allow me to put up 75 of them for this month.

There's more on Facebook, but since they're trying to make more room on their site these days, the pictures end up coming up as lower quality compressed images with a lot of distortion.

What appears in the pictures there are Egypt, Israel, the Palestinian territories on the West Bank (they're surrounded by a graffiti-covered wall, much like the Berlin Wall), Greece (Rhodes), Turkey, and Greece again (Gythion and parts of Mani), and Stromboli (a constantly erupting volcano island).
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Sweet, I'm headed to Italy and Greece later this month, along with Egypt, Israel, Turkey, and Germany.

I've been in college way too long. Now that I've graduated I can finally travel farther again.

Some shots from when I was in high school:

Cathedral in Canterbury, England (really shitty scans of photos taken with a crappy camera )

Changing of the guard in front of Buckingham Palace

Me with Jim Morrison's grave in Paris

My friend Henry (guy in all blue trying to get the ball) playing soccer with a bunch of guys he met just outside the Louvre

I should scan the other trips.
Kyoku kun
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Originally posted by 7

What's your favorite place that you've been too Kyoku? I guess if you can nail it down to one since it sounds like you've been all over.

Japan and Italy have been my favorites in terms of overall enjoyment. Fiji was the most beautiful. Costa Rica was the most adventure filled...etc. I've been incredibly fortunate enough to have traveled outside the country 21 times now. It's my passssioooon.

EDIT: I forgot I just went to Canada this year, so that makes it 22.
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Originally posted by Kyoku kun
I don't have a professional camera, but here's some of my favorite pictures from the last couple years.

[insert amazing pictures]


Wow, you guys make me so envious.

What's your favorite place that you've been too Kyoku? I guess if you can nail it down to one since it sounds like you've been all over.
Kyoku kun
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I don't have a professional camera, but here's some of my favorite pictures from the last couple years.


Costa Rica




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We've got the Official Photo Album for all of the photos of ourselves, but it's mostly just for things that happen to capture just you.

How about all of those pictures you've taken that you want to share? I mean, we make Facebook albums just for them.

This thread is pretty much for any places you've gone, whether or not you're in the photo.

Here's a photo I took while at Goldfield ghost town in Arizona at sunset with Superstition Mountain in the background:

Here's a shot I took while hiking to some ruins in northern Arizona this past winter:

This is me taking some origami cranes to the memorial at the Manzanar Internment Camp (where Japanese-Americans were kept during the war) north of Lone Pine, California:

Here's the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Took this while in town for the gay pride festival with Stitch:

So everyone else share their pictures. Doesn't matter how old they are.
Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - Vacation Photo Album

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