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03-25-19 06:36 PM
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True Flight
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here's the thing. They are always ALWAYS asked. I love the lesbian question. I've had that happen before.
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While the song was a bit annoying, bravo to the people who made it. What kind of shitheads say things like that to veterans?

When I was getting ready to interview student veterans for my university's alumni magazine I was advised by the Veterans Services manager to not ask questions like, "Were you ever in Iraq or Afghanistan?" and I respect that. To go, "Did you ever kill anyone?" is just fucking rude.
True Flight
Posts: 4851/5243
Seriously guys you ever have that alter ego in your head comes up with the greatest comeback ever and you couldn't do anything about it? I have and this video proves it sometimes. lmao

Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Inner Monologue

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