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04-22-19 12:19 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Who's Sick?
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Same, my throat is starting to bug me a bit... ugh.
Posts: 11732/11780
Been trying to shake a cold for more than a week now, but the cold wind and our drafty room aren't helping.
Posts: 11683/11780
I would kill for rainy weather around here. Jesus, our air is either thick with humidity, smog, or smoke at any given moment this summer. We need it to clear out so bad.
Posts: 11570/11659
Wow, I just called in today and yesterday myself.

Rainy weather's been killing me!
Posts: 11682/11780
Called out for the second day in a row because I have a cold. I must have caught something while at the Oddwood show on Friday night, because I rarely catch anything at work any more since my immune system is now built to take them.
Posts: 11662/11780
I keep having these half-colds, wherein I just feel like I'm about to get sick, but it doesn't take full hold. So I'm just at work feeling like shit all the time.
Posts: 9591/9652
The boyfriend and I both came down with mild colds... his is worse in terms of runny nose... but still sucks.
Posts: 11529/11659
Yeah I was probably crazy sick for 5 days. Two weeks later I'm STILL having weird stomach/appetite inconsistencies though... hopefully it subsides eventually but if not I think I'll have to see a doctor, hopefully it's not some weird long lasting infection or something.

I had a lower hernia repaired with surgery... can you get yours fixed? Not that it's fun. It was like a month of recovery for mine.
Posts: 11595/11780
Hope you've been feeling better, Xeo.

I've had a cold for a couple weeks now, though it's only been attacking my nose and throat. Every morning is shitty.

On top of that I've been having troubles with eating. I feel like I'll get done eating a reasonable-sized meal and then feel overly stuffed and like I'm either going throw up or I'm in serious pain. Just yesterday I ate a grilled cheese sandwich and then immediately had acid reflux for most of the day and coughed up stomach acid in the bathroom sink.

I'm hoping this isn't more than my (doctor suspected but not tested for) hiatal hernia acting up.
Posts: 11520/11659
Got some food poisoning, stomach bug, or some 24 hour thing at the most I hope...

Threw up twice today, first time in like 25 years. Wasn't fun, but I felt a lot of relief. I've been getting shivers/sweats though so I'm worried this is leading into more issues. Been feeling awful for about 11 hours today so far... but I was finally able to get out and run to a gas station for some 7up, always seems to ease stomach issues for some reason.

Ugh... I hope I'm almost done with this.
Posts: 65/147
Rather ill lately... got a bad cold, actually went off school today because of it. I bet the clown of the year group is making stupid comments behind my back...
Posts: 11526/11780
Stomach flu, then summer cold, now... possibly an ear infection.

Fucking shit.

Sorry to hear of your own health-related troubles, Elara.
Posts: 9538/9652
I've been breaking out in rashes for the last few weeks... no idea what I am reacting to, but it is annoying. Season change is happening, so the normal allergies are acting up as well. Lovely!

Oh... and back spasms. Gotta love those.
Posts: 11517/11780
Grrrrrrrrreat. After all the stomach flu-ish bullshit, NOW I have a summer cold that settled in yesterday while I was reading Harry Potter to my clients. My throat suddenly felt like shit and I was constantly having to rub my nose.

It just never fucking ends.
Posts: 11510/11780
Another trip to the urgent care today. Had really terrible pain in my abdomen all day yesterday that just kept getting worse and I wasn't able to sleep or get comfortable all last night.

Spent the entire morning at Kaiser waiting to get checked out, waiting to have blood drawn, waiting to get checked out again, and then waiting for prescriptions to get filled, etc. Doctor pretty much thinks it's the beginning of stomach flu, but I haven't had such bad pains before.

Anyway, the meds seem to be working, but I'm worried that without them the pain will just come back.
Posts: 11430/11659
I was having to blow my nose daily, often right when I woke up. Honestly I was under the illusion that it was either asthma or allergies and just is what it was. But it seemed odd that my allergies supposedly were getting worse and worse by the year for the last five years. My doctor said people can be born with a deviated septum and sometimes it may or may not become a problem in adulthood. I've also had all kinds of complications with weird inconsistent vision problems, TMJ, face pain and headaches, post nasal drip, etc that all seem related. Prior to the surgery after I was diagnosed I really paid attention to my breathing and it was eye opening, it was like air would go in my bad side but not actually down into my throat and lungs. So I guess I somehow just went all my life up to now on half a tank.

Fighting off congestion now which I hear is normal for about 2-4 weeks. And I hear within a month I should notice a major difference. I go back to see my doctor the week after next for the check up.

For the rest of this week and next I have to constantly use nasal sprays every 2-3 hours, which will be annoying next week at work. But oh well.

My wallet is crying... can't wait to hit that deductible. But even then my insurance will only cover 80%. Doesn't look catastrophic and I was able to build up my savings a lot this past year, but yeah I might be spending a few grand on this. Should be worth it though.
Posts: 11495/11780
That's great! Hope it's all doing better now.

How bad was it before? My friend would spend a good 30 minutes or more just trying to blow and clean out his nose.
Posts: 11428/11659
Recovery is going well... gonna get out tomorrow finally and get some groceries and stuff. It will be my last day on antibiotics too so that's good. Still binging games and shows haha.
Posts: 11424/11659
Surgery went well. Yesterday was a nightmare but I got through. Feels like black charcoal in my nose today, it's a lot of maintenance. It'll be very hard to get any good sleep for the next few nights too since I have to be very elevated and lay on my back basically, so I only got a few hours last night.

But yeah, even with a bloody scabbed up nose with bandages I have to put in front of it, I can already tell a huge difference with my breathing. My weird TMJ issues on one of my sides seems like it may have been eliminated too. This is just day 2 so I can't wait to keep seeing the positives...

Sadly the procedure was a bit more expensive than I hoped, but not entirely surprising. I need to talk to the hospital Monday and get more details on the bill, I'm not sure if it's a big inclusive one or if I'm also going to expect more bills for the anesthesia and whatnot. I've only just now started hitting my deductible since this popped up. Which is the confusing thing, since if I hit my deductible with the doctor visits and other bills, I if this hospital bill will then change. I still have to cover 20% though. Luckily built up my savings the last two years, but right when I got it to a real comfy spot this happens haha..
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Good luck with your surgery, Xeo. It will all be better after.

Keep feeling like I'm on the cusp of a summer cold.
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