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01-17-19 11:53 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Photo Hosting?
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Originally posted by Super-toad 65
I use for my images because it doesn't require anything special, but you cannot save images URLs in there.

Definitely can vouch for PI.GY since it is completely uncompressed and as Moonlight said you don't need an account or anything.
Super-toad 65
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I use for my images because it doesn't require anything special, but you cannot save images URLs in there.
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I've been using imgur for what feels like forever.

Always been a great site for me to host my images, and it's always been quicker for me to use anyway.

The organization is a bit messy, but I usually don't upload a crapload, so it's easy to keep track.
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I could not believe the $399 premium price until I saw it myself with my account. That's absolutely absurd. I'm guessing they're insane or going out of business. Who on Earth is going to fork up $400?...

Since I don't really use XG for it, I've been considering maybe getting some cheap hosting somewhere to have my own place for images and files. No idea what good options there are for that, but they were saying that at Jul.

For now I've migrating over to imgur. You can even upload some NSFW stuff from what I've seen (haha) and only share it directly, like otherwise I don't think people can find it outside of the image you directly post. Along with private galleries. The issue with imgur is that organizing things seems a bit annoying and it jumbles up the filenames, so the URL's won't make any sense and it makes it trickier to organize. But overall I've used imgur for years and they seem stable and good. I like the simple drag and drop too.
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What are you guys using to upload photos for third party hosting?

I've been using Photobucket for ages, but just got a ridiculous message that my account no longer allows me to embed pictures anywhere unless I pay them. So what the hell are they good for? At that point one would just switch to Dropbox or something better that also doesn't give you a way to post pictures but just holds onto your files.

So yeah, screw Photobucket.

It didn't help that they kept deleting my October gifs even when there's no nipple showing in these pictures kept in a private album.
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Photo Hosting?

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