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11-20-19 01:59 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - The Shutdown
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I've got Canadian friends staying at my house right now, and yeah, they're pretty nervous about flying out of here when the government shuts down again after the 15th.
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Exactly, the wall is pointless and in the areas where it would be effective (near crossings) they already have them. It would be a much better investment to improve the tech level of BPS like they have been asking for than to build a wall. And $5.7M is just a down payment, not the total cost. We could come up with a much more comprehensive border security and immigration package for far less money than this vanity project is estimated to cost.

I am glad that we have a temporary end to the shutdown. Hats off to the ATC for forcing their hand on the issue. I wish they had done it sooner. I am just hoping that they come up with something before the deadline that he will sign because I have a feeling that if Trump provokes another shutdown over this it isn't going to go well at all. Perhaps we should just take his electronic devices away for the week before the bill hits his desk so the pundits can't convince him to do it again?
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Thanks for the info Rogue, I can see how you'd have some good details on this stuff living a bit closer to the situation. I'm not against the wall myself, but getting border control better equipment seems like a much easier and faster solution.

I asked one of my friends who has a government job if this was effecting him and he completely ignored it, then we just kept talking about games and stuff like usual. Was kind of weird... but I assume he's been fine and was getting paid.
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Most illegal aliens are here for flying over here and overstaying their visas... I fail to see how a wall would do anything on that regard. The shutdown is punishing many hardworking Americans, not illegal immigrants.
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also trump is a load of garbage for a president for trying to restrict trans people's rights

but yea, the wall idea is indeed dumb, they don't need it, it won't help, and it won't stop determined enough illegals lol
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Trump owned that this was all on him. Honestly, he's holding a gun to his head and telling us to give him this bullshit wall or he'll pull the trigger. Fine. The longer this goes, the worse he looks.

As for this wall, the Border Patrol has already stated that it's NOT going to help them for the most part. It's useful in the cities along the border, where their response time is minutes. But out in the deserts, middle of nowhere? Their response time is calculated in hours, even days. By that point, people could have punched a hole through the damn thing. Tunnels and boats are ALREADY a thing too. Still, people have pointed out that scaling this thing is still never really going to be an issue.

Border Patrol and other authorities have said that what they actually REALLY NEED is better tech. Their phones, radios, etc often don't work down there. There's no cell towers or repeaters, it's almost all dead zones along the border, and they have trouble communicating with each other when there ARE issues.

So yes, if the money actually went to hooking them up with better radios and so on and NOT a wall, good!

Anyway, when the House voted on whether or not to give backpay to the government workers not receiving paychecks there was still seven Republicans who voted no.
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It seems ridiculous and both sides are at fault. Really just need to make a compromise and get these workers paid again. Meanwhile yeah, the people at top arguing back and forth about the wall or whatever continue to happily get their paychecks without a worry in the world. Ugh!

Longest shutdown in history as it stands.
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So... what are your opinions on the current circus that is the Government Shutdown?

Personally, I think it is bullshit that Congress and the Executive branch are still getting paid while this is going on in the first place. Secondly, I dislike shutdowns at all and that it just keeps getting worse every freaking time. Extortion isn't governing!

And for now, I am keeping my opinion about the wall out of my opinion about the shutdown. I know it is the reason for this particular shutdown, but I kinda want to talk about the shutdowns in general.
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