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05-20-19 10:31 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - My return battle...I'll warn ya. I've gotten better.
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 251/4539
Jaques was fast enough to duel with Xeios. These slashes were slow compared to his normal speed.

Jaques suddenly made the ground explode with his elemental powers. While he doubted it would actually hurt Cairoi, it would give him time to unleash a more powerful spell. One that may guarentee victory.
Posts: 108/3807
Cairoi's hands went ablaze with a yellow fire and all of Cairoi's movements were increased 10x. He easily turned to stand behind Jacques, dodging all slashes. He then swung a punch, at 10x most organism's speeds, at the back of Jacques head. Cairoi realized he was draining too much Cross energy and would have to end his speed immeaditly after he ended this attack.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 212/4539
Jaques again increased his speed, and the dark energy missed him. He suddenly flew at Cairoi, and did seventy slashes, twenty at Cairoi's head, thirty at Cairoi's body/chest, ten at Cairoi's feet, and the remaining back at his head.
Posts: 66/3807
If you are thinking that just because it came from space it is not the same or similar components of that on Earth, it doesn't change a thing. Dust is dust. Earth is Earth. And I am still in control.

Cairoi flings his hand downa nd the dust rest along the ground. He looks angrily at Jacques and once again begins to focus his power. He then wraps a substanial amount of Dark energy into his hands...

"Druza would like to fight you... But, for now, we will work together."

Cairoi pointed his hands at Jacque and released two cannons of dark energy towards Jacque at a rapid rate of acceleration.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 206/4539
Now that Cairoi was weakend, he would probably not have as strong powers with the elements, but there is always a better solution then that.

Jaques sent up another layer of dust, but the was from all the dirt caused by the astroid which landed and wiped out the dinosaurs. Due to the fact that this was brought to earth from space, Cairoi should not be able to control this.

It went and tried to get inside Cairoi, or just to suffocate him.
Posts: 57/3807
"Easy to counter..."

Before Jacques had released the spell, Cairoi had focused his mental energies and expelled his own soul form his body. His soul now wnadered behind the body as the spell hit Cairoi and did nothing. After it wore off, Cairoi's osul returned to his body and he fell to his knees, grabbing his head.

"That hurt..."

He then stood up and glared coldly at the flying figure, waiting for his next move. Though Cairoi would temporairly suffering for a while, he showed no pain on his outer being.

Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 205/4539
Jaques created a large magical shield designed to conduct the electricty down to the ground. The magical shield then dissapeared, and Jaques unleashed the deathspell, which would move at a speed which nearly outruns even light. And we all know nothing goes faster then that.
Posts: 56/3807
Cairoi turned to look at the upwardly mobile Jacques and pointed his hands at him. Energy began to form in the individual fingertips. He then smiled as millions of small Chain balls launched at Jacque's left and right lank. Suddenly, lighning streamed out form one of the balls, making two web-like walls of lightning on either side. Cairoi makes two more like this, making a giant box of lightning. Cairoi then began to enclose the box and attempted to annilate Jacques.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 203/4539
Jaques flew higher, and continued to glide.

He began to call the Death spell, which takes two posts. The spell permanently separates the body from the spirit, and cannot be absorbed, blocked, deflected.

It also homes in on its enemy.
Posts: 54/3807
Cairoi smiled as Jacque made a typical manuever. Cairoi focused and regathered the lightning energy, now completly refreshed. He then made 5 orbs of pure electrical energy encircle him, giving him an impenetratable field. He then flew up and launched himself Jacque, imitating a throwing motion and throwing the orbs into the fire beam. The resulting clash started a giant explosion, in which Cairoi flew through. He then charged his right hand full of Elecritcal energy, and flying through the fire. The lighnintg, shaped like a drill, protected Cairoi temporarily like a shield. He went throuhg the flames and pointed his arm at Jacque's face, hoping to impale it.

Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 199/4539
Jaques Jumped, and with help of his wings, propelled himself into the air, and the lightning passed under him. He sent a steady stream of fire at Cairoi, and would follow his motions.
Posts: 51/3807

Cairoi began spinning his arm around like the hand of a clock, and when it reached 9, he thrusted his hand at the fireball and smiled.


From his hands, a godly blast of lightning shot out and engulfed the fireball, flying extrememly quickly towards Jacques. The blast was around 145ft tall by 130 ft wide, and it was headed towards Jacques.

"How about Fire vs. Lighting? I have no control over fire."
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 178/4539
Jaques stopped these beams too, through bringing up his sheild. "More powerful? I'd have to say we can leave the judge to this to the battle."

He suddenly realizsed that humans had brought fire to earth. Therfore it should not be able to be controlled by Cairoi because It was nonexistant when earth was first created.

He blew a large ball of fire at Cairoi, seventy feet in diameter.
Posts: 47/3807

Cairoi, with minimal effort, walked through the tornado without a scratch upon him and continued towards Jacque.

"Do your research. I am a Terra Knight, an all things that fall under Gaia's domain, or all that was on this earth without our help, is under my domain. And no, when Earth is involved, we are not equal."

Cairoi flew into the air, spun rapdly, and brought his hands in the direction of Jacques. The boulders began to expand, slowly growing. Suddenly, the energy Cairoi had placed into each of the rocks formed small beams that flew at Jaques, and at this porximity, he would surely be hit.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 167/4539
Jaques barely had to concetrate, and all of the rocks stopped before they could cover him.

"Impressive. In this case then our powers over earth will be evenly matched. The difference is that I have all the other elaments, where you have control only over earth." As Jaques spoke, wind started picked up, and a large tornado was created. It touched down, and started to pull on Cairoi. Jaques appears unaffected.
Posts: 45/3807
"Wrong move. I'm a Terraknight, remember?"

Cairoi waved his arms moving the dirt into a spinning pattern around him, then sending it back onto the ground. Cairoi then lands and stares up at Jacques.


Cairoi focuses hard for a minute and from the ground rises a humoungus boulder, which now hover above Cairoi. He nibmly jumps on top of it and controls it to fly at exceedingly high speeds toward Jacques. He then jumps off and shoots one well-aimed blast at the exact center of the boulder. The boulder shatters, sending many small 3ft rocks to fly around Jacques. Cairoi stops tem with his Terramorphus, and watches as Jacques realizes that thousands of rocks completly surround him. He clenches his fist and all the rocks hurtle toward Jacques at breakneck speeds.

Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 158/4539
Jaques accelerated, and Cairoi's attack missed him.

"You're method regaring this seems very similar the What Xeios uses. Interesting."

Suddenly, over thirty tons of dirt from all around lifted up in ther air, and flew at Cairoi. It attempted to get inside him, goind inside any holes in his armour, and through his mouth, nose, and any entrance inside his body. Any that couldn't get through, would attemted to tackle Cairoi with unlimited strength, where it would pin him down. It would not allow any movement were it to succeed.

Any resistance would result in a compromise, resulting in the sirt piling up, and suffacating Caroi.

If getting inside cairoi suceeded, the dirt would heat up, and burn Cairoi from the inside. If Cairoi was fireproof, and the heat had no effect, it would group together , and then leave Cairoi in large balls which would tear through his skin.
Posts: 36/3807
Cairoi span around and removed his gloves, revealing two strenge cross-shaped scars on the back of his palm. They sudedenly turned red and absorbed the blastsm turning them into red energy. Cairoi then released the energy, along with some of his own, to make a 15ft by 10ft blast of energy at Jacque.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 154/4539
Vulkar, noticing his opponent's disappearance, did what was standard to prevent a blade being stuck in you. He turned halfway, and saw Cairoi swinging his sword, so he jumped.

The shockwave traveled under him, and Jaques didn't appear to land. He was flying, and his wings were out. "Hmm. That attack is something I've only seen once before."

He began throwing lightning bolts, designed to home in on their enemy, and avoid anything blocking their way.
Posts: 21/3807
Cairoi lowered his hand and propelled himself high into the air. He looks down and smiles as he draws his blade and pumps energy into the sword. He lands behind Vulkar and swings his blade with minimal effort, making a 25ft long shockwave of energy hurtling at Vulkar's unprotected back.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - My return battle...I'll warn ya. I've gotten better.

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