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06-16-19 10:40 PM
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*While performing the whirlwind, Ryan starts to run towards Sparda, causing the wind to get twice as intence, and if Ryan gets close enough he could slice Sparda with his blade many times*
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Since such a situation required that he hold onto an immobile object in order to remain safe, he did the first thing that came to mind. Thrusting his six feet sword deep into the ground, he held onto the handle with both hands, rather than just his right, and held on tight, refusing to succumb to the mighty winds that Ryan had conjurred. Luckily for him, the sword was thrusted so deep that it wouldn't be let loose anytime soon lest his opponent somehow managed to increase the intensities of his wind greatly.

"Not bad. This whirlwind is pretty impressive."
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*Ryan tries to jump up and dodge the attack, but gets his laser arm and most of his foot cut off by it. He lands clutching the remains of his arm, trying to reload and fire lasers, but fails. He smashes his foot into the ground so loads of large pieces of wood and rubble fly up, and then performs Gust directed straight towards the entire area Sparda is in*

Gust: Ryan swings his sword round and round so quickly it starts to create a high intensity whirlwind, capable of bringing down 50 story office blocks. Any objects not fixed into the ground will be sent in the direction of the wind at such a speed and force, practically any barrier or shield is rendered useless
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Sparda quickly held his hands close to his head so that the lasers aimed for his head and his hands would converge into one, making it easier to deal with. Using the size of his sword as defensive mechanism, he held it up in front of his head so that it acted like a shield against the incoming lasers. Taking into considerations of the properties in which his sword was made, it was no problem for it to withstand the intensities of the lasers. It just so happened that the way his sword was held was also an ideal position to block the incoming slash for the sword was held in a diagonal manner. Therefore, it parried the downward slice of Ryan's sword. The two swords entered a weapons deadlock and seeing this opportune moment, Sparda unleashed a Pistol Star at Ryan's vulnerable stomach at near point blank range.

Pistol Star- It is the energy of the star form into one little dot (size of a marble) that acts like a homing missile. It is 20 times stronger than the sun. If the pistol Star is destroyed, it will cause a widespread explosion of 50 feet, powered by its powerful atoms. Its explosion is very hard to avoid and it can destroy nearly any form of barriers it comes against in its marble-sized form (bullet-proof vests are useless against the Pistol stars).
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*Ryan recieved the information and jumped high up to the roof, getting half burned on his back from the top of sparda's attack, and kick back down instantly, firing his laser at Sparda's hands and head and holding his word out infront of his feet, slicing downwards*
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Sparda was rather unimpressed by what Ryan was doing. He was obviously an amateur for he had performed more amateur moves than Sparda could count. He grinned, waiting and watching, as his opponent foolishly wasted time tearing away at the gas mask and spoke. "The battle begins now" he said. That was his biggest mistake. He wasted a great amount speaking and taking off his fake skin. Therefore, as he did this, Sparda was preparing silently. Thus, it shouldn't have been much of a surprise when he easily deflected both sword strikes by simply swinging his sword diagonally, holding it in such an angle that it held attention to both attacks rather than just one.

Of course, Sparda was merely using his right hand to swing his sword. This meant that as his right hand was busy deflecting the attacks, his left hand was charging what was left of an attack he was preparing for while Ryan was too busy wasting his time talking and ripping his skin. The moment (and not a second more) his opponent's combo attack had been completed, Sparda unleashed a massive blast of pyrokinesis (green) flames at his opponent. The size of the blast was large enough to completely swallow him up. Plus, since his opponent was so close to him, swordplay range to be precise, evasion was next to impossible.
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*Ryan's electronic eye slow-motions down and detects the attack, and causes Ryan's reflexes to cartwheel him to the right. In barely 30 milliseconds, Ryan was at the other end of the room*
"There are more things to me than may seem"
*Ryan tears away a sagging portion of his face slightly melting from the heat of the gas mask, which he also takes off* "I don't know why I put that on anyway"
*He throws away the sword he was currently holding and reveals two different weapons. His arm detached and revealed a gun like apparatus, and he drew his actual sword from his back* "The battle begins now... don't bother going easy on me now" *He says this as he rips off the rest of his fake skin, and runs towards Sparda in less than 10 milliseconds slashing upwards and stabbing downwards with his sword*
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Simply by putting a simple barrier around him, he didn't have to worry about the effects of the gas which Ryan had cheaply relied on after activating it. It was now quite obvious that his opponent couldn't hold his own and had to resort to tricks and traps in order to win. However, his traps would not work against one such as Sparda.

"I'm getting quite tired of your pathetic tricks."

Therefore, the moment Ryan's feet had touched the ground, Sparda immediately launched two consecutive Decimate attacks at his head and abdomen. Since his opponent was only ten feet away, it would be rather hard to even detect the two Decimate beams being launched forth.

Decimate- This ability is a very unique ability and very deadly though it is lacking in some areas. Sparda shoots his hand forward with his index finger pointing at the opponent, or anything else. Using a combination of pure psyche energy as well as his own blood energy, Sparda unleashes a strictly non-elemental beam that is only a half a centimeter in width. Though it travels only in a perfect straight line, its power is devastating, literally able to penetrate anything and everything (except for very rare and extremely extraordinary occasions). The speed in which this thin beam travels is quite great, almost, but not exceeding that of the speed of sound. Deflecting this beam is virtually impossible due to the fact that it will basically penetrate the source of the deflection. Portals or vortexes are rendered useless due to the beam’s special ability to literally rip through them, though whiteholes are an exception (the strength of a whitehole can be calculated as 10 supernovas). This beam cannot be absorbed into something that is not living. If Decimate is absorbed into a being that is in fact living, meaning it can move and or breathe, it will instantly eat away at the opponent’s soul as well as the heart and brain.
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*Ryan presses a small button to his right to release gas into the main hall* "hmm... I wonder" *He says to himself* "Probably wont do much" *He equips his gas mask and steps out, and jumps down about 10 feet away from sparda* "Try your best"
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Sparda simply shrugged and lowered his sword so that its deadly tip now pointed to the ground. His eyes carefully followed Ryan as he moved up the stairs and grabbed his adamant ninja blade. He obviously wasn't very impressed as he simply stared, remaining quite emotionless. He hated when people attempted to 'test' his powers. It was quite pointless considering that they should already know quite well what he was capable of. Thus, instead of following him, he simply stood there. However, his left hand was clenched into a fist and a mysterious black aura now began to form from the fist.
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*Ryan backflips backwards and kicks off of a wall to his left, watching the wall burn away. He lands on a large flight of stairs*

"hmm... you sure are tough... but how fast are you?" *Ryan instantly turns around and sprints up the stairs at about 30 metres a second, turning into a door and grabs his 6 foot long adamant ninja blade. The blade is sharp enough to cut easily through solid diamond, and is strong enough to survive high intensity temperatures and any form of pounding/bending/smashing/cutting into it. He waits incase Sparda is just through the door*
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"Psychic freak?"

Sparda laughed at this petty taunt and waited patiently as Ryan desperately pulled a machine gun hanging from the wall and fired at him, emptying out an entire clip. Though he was shotting at him in such a way that it would prevent any escape, it seemed to Sparda that he was firing quite blindly. Plus, the bullets he shot out of his gun were all man-made. Wasn't Ryan supposed to expect that his opponent could not only dodge but destroy all of them before they even reached swordplay range of him?

It didn't matter for he would demonstrate it. When Ryan held up the machine gun to shoot, Sparda held up his left hand which began to glow with a crimson aura. The moment the first bullet left the gun, Sparda unleashed a massive blast of pyrokinesis flames at Ryan, which not only melted every bullet that came his way, it also threatened to burn Ryan into nothing but ashes.

Pyrokinesis(blue)- Concentrating extreme psychic forces within his body, Sparda gains the ability to unleash powerful energy waves in the form of flames and fire. Though it is of the same appearance of effect of fires, it is not one of the same for Pyrokinesis flames cannot be distinguished by anything else but its user. Absorbing it into one’s body by other than its user will cause instant death. The Pyrokinesis(blue) can inflict massive damage upon the opponent as well as severe burns that can slowly eat away at the opponent’s skin. The temperatures can vary from 10,000* F to 10,000,000*F. Most barriers and shields are rendered useless.
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*Ryan is sent flying across to the other side of the hall way leg first. He crashes to the floor and his socom digs into his right leg. He clambers up*

"Fight like a man you psychic freak"

*Ryan pulls the machine gun hanging from the wall behind him and fire 80 rounds surrounding and directly at Sparda*
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Sparda could feel his sword being deflected out of place. He knew what was coming but he really didn't have to do anything about it. After all, he was standing five feet away from him. Since Ryan's sword was four feet long, it wouldn't have reached him no matter how hard he tried. Thus, with a grin, Sparda watched as the slash simply fell too short and Ryan began backflipping backwards. Seeing that his opponent had left himself completely exposed by this action, he did not waste any seconds to unleash his signature blast technique while his opponent was still in the air.

Sparda Blast- Sparda charges immense amounts of energy into his body in a very short amount of time. Sparda then slams his fists together forming an enormous particle beam that contains massive upon massive amounts of destructive energy. The beam is launched at the opponent and grows wider and wider every few inches, thus making its width the size of a very small moon by the time it reaches the opponent. The beam boasts incredible powers and damage, and due to its widening effect, dodging is extremely difficult. This beam is made up of Sparda’s own special blood energy. Thus, it cannot be copied in anyway, nor can it be absorbed or reflected back at Sparda.
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*Ryan thrusts his sword downwards to block Sparda's attack, and quickly slices upwards, backflipping backwards as he does*
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The moment Ryan had drawn his sword, Sparda immediately dashed forth. Since there wasn't a great distance seperating the two fighters, it wasn't hard for Sparda to enter swordplaying range, especially since he was quite agile and his sword covered a great distance. Thus, when he was approximately five feet away from Ryan, he swung his sword, executing a powerful and swift horizontal slash at Ryan's torso from his left side.
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*Ryan draws his own sword and stands with the sword in an attacking possition*

"Your move"
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Without even having to left a finger, the bullets fired at his head and right leg simply stop midair and drop to the ground without any apparent reason, while the bullet aimed for his torso continued forth. Though it wasn't obvious, Sparda had used his psychic powers, creating a sort of barrier which halted the two bullets from continuing on their path. As for the third bullet, there was no need for Sparda to fear it for his chain mail armor easily stopped the bullet, preventing any harm to him.

Holding up his right hand, he slowly drew out the massive sword strapped to his back. With what seemed to be the greatest ease, he swung it in front of him, as if testing the sword. Then with a small grin of satisfaction, he nodded at Ryan.

"You know, I'm not a big fan of human projectiles."
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(ooc: Oh well, I don't like them =P)

BIC: *Ryan takes out his socom and raises it towards Sparda's head. He takes the safety off and fires three clean shots at Sparda's head, torso and right leg
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OFF: No mega ultimate moves? But they aren't illegal. =P Oh well. LoL.

Name: Sparda
Title: ChaoticDeath

The weight of his black boots created a tapping noise against the hard solid ground of the mansion. So much for a surprise entrance. He looked at his opponent with his dark brown eyes and stood silently. He was wearing a long balck cloak over his chain mail armor and a pair of black leather pants, all which matched quite effectively. Strapped to his back was a massive swordd, nearly greater in size than he was.

He ran a hand through his long spiked back black hair and waited patiently. He noticed the weapons hanging on the wall and wondered if they would actually be used.
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