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06-16-19 10:47 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - I suppose I need a new battle!
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Dark Vader
Posts: 105/335
*Actually, Jaques' beliefs were untrue, for Adamantine was just slightly harder and sharper, but that minute difference would not make enough of a difference in this fight to something to rely on (It does not rival Adamantium... it surpasses it).*

As he recalls, you would be the one to dissapear, then you would always show up to fight again after you had gone and licked your wounds.

*Blade easily falls intot the routine, and as Jaques comes around for one swing, Blade thrusts his shield hand at Jaques' chest, the vicious prismatic blast again erupting from his fingers at point blank range.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 324/4539
Jaques could find only one choice for this. The fire would do nothing, but the others would hurt him. He would have to sheild himself.

Jaques sent a stroke of his sword at a tree, which fell and blocked all the rays.

"Actually we never finished a battle. He always just stopped fighting, and so I went away. There is no honour or glory in killing a defenseless man."

Blade was made out of adamantine, interesting. This would not be as hard or sharp as Adamantium, which is unrivaled, and so Jaques had better armour than him.

Jaques went into a flurry of moves, attacking viciously at wherever Blade had his denfenses down, with a combination of blade, fire, and lightning.

Jaques would continue this attack for five minutes, following blade, and when possible striking where there was no armour. He also held up his sheild to block any attacks.
Dark Vader
Posts: 100/335
OOC: Actually it is ADAMANTINE... Completely different this is as true a metal as there ever was... not stone.


Yes... Anyndir........ he has told me of all the times were he kicked your little pansy ass.

*He lifts his shield arm, and points his fingers at Jaques. Five brilliant rays leap forth from his fingers: one red which was empowered with fire, one yellow which was empowered with a very corrosive acidic magic, one green which would turn what it strikes into solid unliving stone, one blue empowered with lightning, and one orange empowered with the power of disintegration. All five are aimed at Jaques and the area imediatly surrounding him to give him no where to run.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 319/4539
Jaques jumped backwards, and the blade missed him.

"I wonder why I even do that attack anymore, Anyndir was the only person who exver had trouble with it."

Jaques started concentrating on Blade's armour/"skin". it was made out of adamantium, which was stone. Jaques had control over that.

He started pulling the admantium in different directions, and it should literally pull Blade apart.
Dark Vader
Posts: 89/335

*Blade jumps up at Jaques, his sword leading as the ground under him explodes upwards, not one peice of rock comes close to touching him as he hurtles through the air, sword leading.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 306/4539
Jaques jumped up and took flight. "Let's see, now you're fireproof. I'm going to have to sue the cloning centers..."

Suddenly all the ground under Blade exploded upwards in a half-globe. It would go up 3,000 feet, and the shockwave from landing would be earthshattering.
Dark Vader
Posts: 87/335
*The fire parts as it hits Blade's chest, then off of his shield as it is moved in front of it to block it. When the fire dissipates, the heavy metal shield is glowing red all over, on both sides, as is the plating on Blade's arm. He shows no sign that it is uncomfortable in the least, as he slashes with his shield at Jaques' neck from the left and at his knees with his swordarm from the right.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 304/4539
When Blade moved to the side, Jaques did a rolll with his shield, and the sword coming behind him went over.

"Now you copy my moves..." Jaques sent a large blast of fire toward Blade, and while the actual fire could do nothing, the adamantium should conduct the heat toward Blade to burn him.
Dark Vader
Posts: 84/335
*Blade stands still, deflecting each strike easily with just a shift of his arm. When he sees the shield bash begin, he plants one foot behind him and sets his shield and takes the hit with just a slight shift of his weight. He dives to the side, turning his shield to try and trick Jaques into running straight past him, while at the same time coming around and thrusting at Jaques with his Greatsword.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 302/4539
"You think I'm trying to kill you at the moment? No, This is experimentation at the moment. I have noticed your weaknesses and strengths."

Jaques put himself in a new position, a fast offensive stance. The way of the dragon.

"Now for you to witness what I am truly capable of." Jaques ran at Blade, and went into a lurry of moves, attacking at any places where nonarmoured skin is, and attempting to ram Blade with his shield repeatedly.
Dark Vader
Posts: 81/335
*The dust only manage to get up next to the armored plates that make up Blade's skin. Because the armor is actually a part of him IT CANNOT BE REMOVED, even if he wanted it to be. He turns and looks at Jaques.*

This is far short of what I know you are capable of! TRY HARDER DAMMIT!
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 298/4539
Jaques jumps into the air, and takes flight. He began sending large rocks that were anywhere nearby to crumble into dust, then get inside Blade to take his armour off.
Dark Vader
Posts: 76/335
*This time Blade was prepared, and dropped to one knee, Vulkar's sword again only putting a small scratch into the thick plating. He then leaps straight forward, the adamantine spikes on his back leading the short distance between the two.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 283/4539
Jaques ducks, then brings up his shied, mainly for protection so that he would not be open on his next attack.

He stabbed again at Blade, this time close, but not at Blade's former wound.
Dark Vader
Posts: 70/335
*After a few seconds of tugging, the blade comes free. No blood is on the sword, because Blade is not a living creature in the sense of flesh and blood. The Adamantine plates that make up his armor is also his skin. He whips around, his sworded arm lashing out at Jaques' head, his yellow eyes seeming o glow just a little bit dimmer.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 281/4539
Jaques ducks, then pulls the sword out, blade porvided a challenge since the blade was being held onto. Blade should die simply because of loss of blood soon. But he wasn't yet, so oh well.

Jaques put himself into a fast defensive posture. "I have wounded you, so I'll allow you the next move.
Dark Vader
Posts: 69/335
OOC: O.k. see there is a major difference between your character and mine, we may be equal in strength, but I will never tire out... ever. And Blade is not a copy of your character... he is one I had made for a D&D campaign, and converted for this.


*Jaques' blade finds a joint in the plating that covers Blade. The sword cuts all the way through and out the other side. Blade reaches down and grabs the sword with his hand (he has only one) and brings his sword arm back to elbow Jaques in the jaw, one of the large Adamantine spikes coming around as well.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 273/4539
ooc: Supirior strength? A near clone of my character? Sorry, but I have all the original ideas. And besides, my person does have dragon strength, and is strong enough to fight with the top battlers.

ic: Blade's shield hits Jaques' shield, and they both push for a moment, when Jaques twists around, manuevering behind Blade, and stabs toward his back.
Dark Vader
Posts: 63/335
*Jaques' blade slams full into Blade's chest, but just stops, the blade only putting a slight dent into the heavy armor plating of Blade's chest. He takes a step back, lifts his shield and attempts to push Jaques all the way to the wall where his greater strength will allow him to crush him.*
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 271/4539
Jaques brings up his swords, and they are met in a sword lock. Jaques quickly broke it, and slashed down at Blade's chest.
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