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07-23-19 07:09 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - What Are You Watching?
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We still have one episode left to go in "Good Omens," and yes, it's great.

"American Gods" has just ... ugh.

The latest season of "Black Mirror" dropped, and though it was only three episodes, still very good.

We also watched "Catch-22," which was good.

I wish more shows were miniseries.
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Still need to finish American Gods. We lost access to Starz so it may be a bit.

Good Omens was such a well done show. I was very pleased with it!

Also, I really enjoyed the Deadwood movie, even if it took me a bit to remember who some people were. Makes me want to go back and watch the whole series again and then re-watch the movie.
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"American Gods" is back on with season 2. Still need to watch the new episode from this weekend, but it's going along just fine. It got renewed for a new season and a new showrunner already, and I hope that'll be the last. It's ONE book, for crying out loud.

"Game of Thrones" will be back next month. And then "Good Omens" will premiere in May.
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Old wrestling lately on the WWE network... lol. Watched the 1990 WWF Royal Rumble tonight. Warrior vs Hogan is heating up!
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Finally taken up watching "Broad City." It's freaking hilarious.
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Lately been watching "Schitt's Creek" on Netflix, but the romances with the kids has been a huge turn off. I just don't ship characters most of the time these days (obviously, I do ship, if you know me. BUUUUT yeah, I'd prefer characters just remain friends most of the time rather than have a forced, no chemistry get-together on screen. )
Posts: 11713/11797
"King of the Hill" is back on Hulu, so we've had it going 'round the clock as moving wallpaper and background noise.
Posts: 11707/11797
We went through "Castle Rock" in a couple days. It's ... okay. I get why people like it, and I do like Stephen King. I'm just having trouble with understanding WHY it's a continuing series and not a limited one.
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The thought of Rick and Morty in that universe is a wee bit scary to be honest.

Have you seen Britannia on Amazon? It deals with druids and the second Roman invasion of Britain.
Posts: 11702/11797
It just kicked into being a more moderately sci-fi show this season.

Argh, the wait for season 4 has begun with a serious vengeance.

Not sure what to watch now.
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That would be a crossover for the ages.
Posts: 11698/11797
Been excitedly watching the new season of "Man in the High Castle," which dropped this week. I know I'd mentioned it to you before, and I still recommend it as a sci-fi show, though it's still light on that aspect. I feel like there should be a crossover with "Rick and Morty," since MITHC is about the infinite universes and possibilities.
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Netflix talking about doing more sci-fi shows... color me interested.
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Been watching Hulu's original series, "Harlots," lately. We'd watched about half of the first episode last year, but weren't feeling it and stopped. Restarted it recently and now we're halfway through season 2.

Since the last post, we'd also binge-watched "The Santa Clarita Diet," "Sharp Objects," and "Disenchantment."
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I like how Amazon Prime video remembers your history, even from years back. Been jumping back into some Deep Space Nine lately and really digging it. Worf joins the crew permanently in season 4 so that's amazing. Overall, DS9 reminds me of Mass Effect a lot, like if it were all about drama on the Citadel. Amazing stuff.
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I have a feeling "Westworld" will go the way of "The Walking Dead." Seems like whenever I lose interest in a show, not long after I keep hearing from people that are still watching it that it's just not that good any more or they're completely pissed off with it.

I still have yet to watch the second season of "The Handmaid's Tale" (definitely not a favorite show), but then I've heard so many people REALLY HATED the season finale for it.

Seems like shows can have AMAZING first seasons and THAT'S IT. It's downhill from there. Shows I love don't stand a chance at the Emmy's these days because there's always some show that everyone's jizzing their pants over following its first season. It happened with "Homeland," "The Handmaid's Tale," etc. A show could be consistently good, but the hype around a new show will get it all the awards. Same with when a show ends. Jesus Christ.

I heard SO MUCH about "Westworld" during its first season, when I was watching it, but wasn't hearing shit about its second season. Elara and I recently did pub trivia together with a couple that was going on about how "Westworld" is way better than GoT. We both just sat there quietly until they stopped.

Posts: 11565/11680
Doesn't sound like Westworld season 2 was that hot.

I'm still rarely watching TV but The Expanse sounds like something I should really consider and maybe up my alley.

I still need to watch GOT... I swear I'll catch up before it's too late!
Posts: 11675/11797
We binge-watched the available first season of "Cloak and Dagger." I liked it better than how "Runaways" ended up being adapted (that one still breaks my heart.)

Watched the entirety of the new season of "Orange is the New Black" in a matter of a day and a half. Better than last season, but slower and not as good as it used to be. It's still a decent show, I suppose.

Well, "Bojack Horseman" is dropping its new season next month, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" will be back in October and will end after this season, and it's still until next year for "Game of Thrones."
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Well, watched "GLOW" season 2, practically in one night. That was good.

Been slogging through season 1 of "Taboo." It's OK, just really dreary.

Every time I restart watching season 2 of "Westworld," I stop. Dunno why. It's just not grabbing me. I just can't make it through the second episode.

Binge-watched "Barry" on HBO. That's a GREAT show. A bit close to "Breaking Bad," but about being an assassin, not meth cook.

Also ended up binge-watching "Crashing," Peter Holmes' semi-autobiographical show about being a stand-up comedian in New York. It's funny, but probably more funny to me, being a fan of his stand-up. I don't know how it comes off to people who haven't seen/heard him before.

Just wondering when the hell Amazon is going to drop "The Man in the High Castle" season 3.
Posts: 11628/11797
We watched "GLOW" on Netflix. Pretty much knocked that out in a day since it's only 10 episodes, half-an-hour each. We've watched it several times through.

We've lately been watching "Godless," a Netflix miniseries about a town of mostly widows under-siege by outlaws. Almost done with it.

Always looking out for more shows to watch.
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