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02-17-19 04:51 AM
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Posted on 05-19-08 03:13 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Paritishion
The Russian station all the way. As well as anything with techno, and such.

I just found a really really easy way to do One Man Army (that I did on a friend's Xbox so he got the 40G, heh). When you still haven't unlocked the middle island, break through the cop barrier then proceed to the bridge. Jump down the middle of the bridge onto the tracks. Then go into the subway tunnels. They cannot get to you. Easy peasy, and you get to explore the underground systems. There's bums in there!

Hah, that's exactly how I got that too (also Walk Free). I submitted that to GameFAQ's as a secret (I mean with some of the stuff they have sometimes, why not), but I guess they didn't approve.

The second island is really "pretty" but, kind of simplistic I'd say. And holy DAMN are some of the smaller streets in the south terribly annoying (I've been doing the police side missions a lot lately, really annoying stuff in that area).

Hmm, did you get one of the safehouses on that island yet? The one with the laptop, it's on the right side of the middle island. Behind that building is a car dealership (guess you could say that) that's always full of Turismo's. Probably my favorite car in the game. , so easy to steal them from there! Excellent for racing "PUNISH THOSE BITHCES" as Brucie might say.
(one of the best characters ever? lol)

Also, I tried out multiplayer today and wow, I totally suck or something. , though the games seemed pretty laggy.

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Posted on 05-19-08 06:41 PM Link | Quote
I got Walk Free after going on the runways at the Airport. I didn't know I would get 4 Stars like that, so I raced out of there. I managed to get away with some super-slick driving.

And yeah, Brucie rocks. He's so over the top. I love stealing cars for him. Way better than Jacob's delivery missions, damn you get little time for those.

Police side missions are cool, I just gotta get all the Most Wanted since I've already "Cleaned the Mean Streets".

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Posted on 05-20-08 12:54 AM Link | Quote
Am I the only one who hated Brucie? Sure he was comic Relief, but he...I dunno, it does not seem worth it for me. Just a SPOILER

Just a Chopper? Cmon man, At least you can give me a free fast car or something

Jacob, I admit, has some pretty hard delivery missions. But was well worth it for those "About-to-throw-my-controller-at-the-wall" missions.

Finally beat 100% though...Now what?


That is another thing I hated about GTA, beat it 100% and you can only go postal on people. I wish you can AT LEAST do Taxi Missions to get a little sum of money or SOMETHING. Throw me a bone here!
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