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02-23-19 01:47 PM
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Kaijin Surohm
I'll save you all time:
My opinion is completely diffrent from yours.
Thus, you should hate me and not get to know me.
I just saved you 3 days worth of arguements.

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Posted on 04-16-08 03:29 PM Link | Quote
........||..............Final Fantasy 7............................../.../
====||...*...*...The Alternate World......................../../

___|Author's Words...//
Now being an avid gamer that I am, I have played a number of these Final Fantasy games, fully aware that I am wasting my time on countless missions, fights, endevers, just to get my back end handed to me by the end-game bosses, or optional bosses, and then wasting my time retrying until I score that one lucky crit hit that ended the fight.

This is how many gamers are, actually, but as well as obsessing over being the strongest, a lot of gamers are immersed in the story of Square's last ditch effort. But one game kept the gaming world on the edge of their seats, Final Fantasy 7. With 6 items out there to this date (Four games, an anime, and a movie) it's small wonder why it deserves so much attention.

On top of all that, 7 has drawn a lot of theories and mysterious through the continual plot holes and unanswered questions of the massive life that was burnt to a CD format revolving around one of the most over-hyped villains of all time: Sephiroth.

Sephiroth has received more gaming acknowledgement then any other villain or character to this date. Chances are people will know the name Sephiroth over Legend of Dragoon, Parasite Eve, Chrono Trigger, Drizzt, and even Darth Vader (Yes, I've met someone who knew Sephy, but not Vader, soul wounding, isn't it?)

I also have to admit, Sephiroth has even drawn my attention moreso then anyone else. After playing the handheld masterpiece of Crisis Core, I have seen Sephiroth in a whole new light, and have sparked my writing juices once more into a paradox... a What-If story, if you will.

And on a final note, I do realize I have spelling and grammical errors. My computer is pretty much self built, and lacks any real Word hardware that has Spell check. Sucks, I know, but deal with it, I care more for Story Quality then I do crossing every T and dotting every I.

___|Chapter One.......//

"I may leave Shinra"
That played in Zack's head the entire time he was riding in the truck, heading for Nibelheim. It was something odd, that he would never expect to hear from the great and legendary hero Sephiroth, while at the same time, understanding his feelings about the situation. After all, he had to kill his mentor not long ago, Angeal. The one person who taught him how to be the SOLDIER that he is, the one who wield, yet never used the Buster Sword that was passed down to him. After all, Sephiroth's last real friend, Genesis, turned on Shinra.
It was unsettling.
"Cloud, isn't this great? Your on a mission with the best, a golden opportunity for you to see how it's done!" The confident grin Zack always had was unfaulting. Even to the sickened Cloud, it was reassuring, though he still couldn't bring himself to speak. "What's wrong buddy?" He laughed, while clapping Cloud on the shoulder.
"Uuugh..." Cloud nearly tumbled over. motion sickness nearly taking him entirely. "Please don't, Zack." He wrapped his arms around his stomach and leaned forward.
"Cloud, I wouldn't take you as one to get car sick! Common, move around a bit. You'll soon forget what's going on."
"That's enough pestering, Zack" The cool voice echoed from behind. Toward the front of the truck, he sat with a near grin on his face, arms folded. "It's understandable, after all, HQ has regarded this mission as High Priority."
Zack leaned back from Cloud, glancing at Sephiroth. "Alright, alright. I was meaning to ask, is there something else to expect on this mission? After all, maintenance work doesn't feel like a High Priority job for First Class SOLDIER." Zack looked blankly, dropped his left hand down to the dull side of the Buster Sword that rest on his back, giving him brief comfort.
"Well, I could expect some sort of trouble. Since we're going to Mt. Nibel, it's unlikely the reactor went down due to extreme cold. The place is swarming with beasts." He looked forward at the end of the truck. If looks could kill, the whole back end of the truck would melt from that glare.
"What's wro-" Before Zack's concern could come about, the truck shook violently, knocking both Cloud and Zack to the floor, leaving Sephiroth standing, unaffected. "A guest of yours?" He smirked, picking himself, and Cloud back up.
"Guys-" The driver began "-may want to look outside."
Cloud attempted to drag himself to the back of the stopped truck, only to be passed by from two blurs.
"Alright! I was tired of sitting around!" Zack yelled as he reached for his Buster Sword. His mako infused eyes glanced at the massive green scaled dragon that had side swiped the truck. Flames creped from it's jaws as it pulled it's head back, and let loose a massive spray of flames. The Buster Sword came forth, and cut into the line of fire, splitting the ray in two, keeping the flames away from Zack, as he pressed forth. Just as the flames ended, he pulled the sword back, ready to jump, but stopped. As the flamed engulfed view ended, Sephiroth was already standing on the decapitated dragon, bloody sword gripped in his left hand.
"Too slow, Zack." It almosted looked like he was enjoying the taunting games.
"No fair! I'm playing fireman and you take all the fun!" A heavy sigh and the sound of his sword clicking on his back were his partners that returned back into the truck, all the while carefully stepping over the awe-struck Cloud, as he partly hung over the edge of the truck, still woozy from the motion sickness.


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