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03-23-19 10:34 AM
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Kaijin Surohm
I'll save you all time:
My opinion is completely diffrent from yours.
Thus, you should hate me and not get to know me.
I just saved you 3 days worth of arguements.

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Posted on 11-17-08 06:52 PM Link | Quote
Inbetween my Business and Finance classes, we have a half hour to work on typing. So I'm abusing that to redo my story. Not much is done, but I'll get there. I have it in an actual book format, so it looks great as I type it, but of course, it'll be a pain in the ass to read if I let the message board redo the formatting as it see's fit, so don't mind any awkward spacing, it's done for reading perpouses.

World’s Blood Crown
Eternal Twilight

“It’s almost ready.” They stared at one another, all six of them. As they hovered near the clear ball, black cloaks dangling from below the untouched floor, a chill of unease ran across each of them.

“Are we sure this will work?”
“Yes.” The sound itself was bone chilling, as the seventh glided into the room. Even the six others that remained were unnerved. The six black cloaks regarded the seventh, the one dressed in a black cloak, with white lightning bolts shattering the color. “The time is near for when death will be rained upon the world. Long have we waited…”

He was answered by murmurs of agreement. They truly waited years for this time to come. Chanting broke out, as the seventh began to move his hands in a spell like fashion, weaving his fingers with precision as he spoke words, causing the room to illuminate in red. “Soon, the Destroyer, the Blood Drinker shall walk, Soon, the Destroyer shall lay waste to the world.” The movements began to hasten, as all of them chimed in:
“Thee that wraith’s thy world’s Blood Crown…”

Chapter 1

With hurried steps, the man from behind came chasing ever so faster. Breath cutting loose, as small eyes peered forth in attempts to find one latch, one lock, anything that was open. Fear threatened to overcome him, with reality shown to him as just a small fragile hand that he held behind him as they kept flight.

Stuck in a corner now, every door locked or barred, with a large window in front of them, too big to bash through, eyes wide open as the figure towered near, the glisten from the steel was clear as he aimed for the two runners.
Too young,
Known so little,
Life was cruel,
The trigger pulled..,
Awoke with a start, sweat covered him with mass, as he leaned forward, breathing heavy, the nightmare that has been plaguing him. After a few moments to control his breathing, he slapped a hand over his face, trying in attempts to calm down. It was never easy sleeping, plagued with nightmares of events he couldn’t recall. Such was the way of life though, if that’s what life wished to throw at him, he’d have to deal with that too.

Irritation still fresh, he rolled from the bed, throwing on a black wife beater, stepped out the door, and to stop immediately before something crashed in the kitchen. Now, granted, he did live in LA, but it still doesn’t make him feel all gitty inside when the idea of a burglar breaks in, or in his line of work, another hit.

He quickly leaned back as he crouched, placing his arm against the doorframe, with his left arm wrapping around the wall to his boots. Quickly, he removed a single dagger that he hid there, and darted forth across the carpet, toward the sound.

“Zolly!” A single yelp was enough to make him freeze. In-between the yell, and half the cabinet falling, he almost had a heart attack as memories from last night came floating back to him.

“I told you to stop calling me that.” Zolly happened to be a pet name that the girl had made up to peeve him. The male in question is called Kaijin Zolerious Surohm, or for the lazy: Kai. The simpleminded blond girl on the floor was Serenity. “Now why are you destroying my kitchen at two in morning?”

The most he got was an irritated glance at first. Her lack of intimidation was adorable. “Because I couldn’t sleep! Your couch is one of the biggest pieces of-“
“Enough talk like that, Seren.” Sir-ren one of the few names she can’t stand. It balances out, he hates Zolly, she hates Serene: simple. “That couch is a life saver, and you know it!”
“How so? There’s still a spring sticking out of it!” Her case meant little to him.
“If it’s so horrible, then stop staying the night over here. You have your own home, which I pay for, that you never use!” Flustered as he was, he couldn’t really stay mad at her. So in the process of futilely yelling, he leaned over and pulled her out of the mountain of dishes she made. She really didn’t have a rebuttal for what he said, not one she would like to share, anyway.

“Speaking of, you still haven’t told me how you’re paying for it!” Anger was one but many emotions behind that sentence.
“Nor will I. It’s none of your affair, child! Now, either go back home, or shut it, there’re others trying to sleep around here!” Still irritated from the dream, he didn’t mean to sound harsh to her, but it was already out, since he could see the tears well up from the shout. He turned his back anyway and headed back to his room. He didn’t want to deal with all the crap she could dish out. For being a simple minded girl, she was a real handful. ‘Maybe I’ll treat her out later.’ He shook his head. What sickened him was the very fact that he couldn’t remember how he knew her. In between the dreams, her, and life in general, everything just seemed to happed at once, leaving him no downtime to process.
Such is life…
He would have to stress these events later. Fatigue was what was calling him at the moment. He chuckled as the world turned black.


As an eye cracked open from where his face hit the pillow, he saw a black envelope sitting right in front of him on his nightstand. Makes him wonder how those things get to him.
Of course, it means it’s another hit, or something along those lines. Sitting up, stretching within his rundown little room, barely big enough for the bed that was stationed in there. Granted it was a queen size, but he never needed a room past sleeping anyway.

Sluggishly opening the black paper, he was sure enough another mission that more then likely involved killing someone. He was to retrieve a massive crystal of some unknown origins.
Whatever… After memorizing the details, a single flick of a Zippo engulfed the material in fire, disposed into a metal wastebasket. It always bothered him with the purple tint to the flame that always erupted from that paper. It just gave him a feeling of unease… Regardless, a job was a job.

A single smell of the air drew his attention toward the door, as the scent of eggs and bacon roasted from below. He typically wasn’t a big eater, but it sounds good at the moment. Besides, that girl could show some uses when she needs to.


It didn’t take long for Serenity to vanish from the motorcycle, after Kai had parked it. She wasn’t a fan of loud louses, and that machine could make dead ear’s ring. Glancing about, she was always impressed by the time they took, already at their college. She wasn’t quite sure if they’d make it on time, since she went to the trouble of cooking, then browbeating him to hurry up.
Lazy man.
A smile just about crept up onto her face, before reality dropped in on her daydreaming, when familiar shouts came floating in. “Serenity!”
Snapping to, she glanced up. “Hey girlie! How’s it going?” She was beaming at one of her many friends on campus. No one knew what her real name was, but everyone called her Lilium. Compared to Serenity’s simple white T-shirt and blue jeans, this girl was out there. The very dark looking girl that stood before Serenity, dressed from head to toe in black, from eyeliner, lipstick, hair dye, you name it, and she probably had some black version of it. The only thing that broke up the pure black garb was the red-checkered quilt and silver spikes.

“Not a whole lot, just missed having you around. You’ve been gone for who knows how long!” Lilium was partly glaring, with a minor glimpse of humor. “You were with him all weekend, weren’t you?!” Irritation was starting to settle.
“Now, Lilium, you know I won’t say anything.” She had a sinister look as she entertained her own private thoughts.
“Bah! I knew it!” Obviously jealous, Serenity thought “How can little miss popular be with a guy that so… dark, and quiet. Someone who just screams death, yet looks so sharp.”

Yea… Jealousy. “Lilium, if you like him so much, go ask him out.”
“Excuse you! Why would I be interested in some oddball like that!”
“Because you two match in some weird way?” Subject change… please… Luckily, she received a sharp glare, as both of them began walking toward the college.

That’s how most of the day went. She was continually bothered by people with questions about her supposed boyfriend, the guy she’s always with after class, this and that. She never once stopped and corrected them, but she figured Kaijin would forgive her one of these days.

It wasn’t until lunchtime hit that things seemed to go off hill. She couldn’t explain it, but something just felt weird about the air today. She laughed for a moment waving it out of her mind, Lilium to her side giving her a sidelong glance like she finally lost it. “Something the matter?”
“Oh, nothing at all. Just daydreaming as I walk again.” She gave a small smirk as she quickly avoided the onslaught of questions her friend usually had for her in these off days.

Finding a suitable location, she sat her tray down, not even paying attention to the basic food that was piled there, as her gaze was focused to the far off door, leading to the fields just outside.
Her eyes went wide.


He was nearly rocked off the bike as the explosion rippled through the road. Quickly, he turned on spot, braking the front wheel, and pulling around. He eyes darted back toward the explosion, as dread came around the back of his mind.

“Damn school!” Quickly, He hit the throttle, and his tires peeled out on his crotch rocket bike. Silently, he cursed himself for not having the time to arm himself up, or even have his usual gear. He’ll wing it with black jeans and a shirt for protection. Then again, he’s been through worse yet…

Less then a minute and the school was in sight, as he swerved through traffic, seeing fire spewed everywhere in a frenzy. Fear and panic attempted to take over him as he searched for Serenity in the massive pile of debris that was now the school cafeteria. “Figures, I try to ditch today, and something happens.” Irritation was one thing he could do without right now, as he pulled his bike around the field. It didn’t take long to see where the explosion had taken place, near the front doors of the school, not far from the field. Though it would be odd, to have a bomb so open…

Time to think was short lived, as he quickly spun on spot, as the assailant sprang from the half demolished cafeteria. Airborne, the male threw an object at him. Quickly backhanding the object, his eyes noticed a small detail that he wouldn’t soon forget, the little dark green purse of Serenity’s choice he bought her last Christmas.

His eyes focused on the male, and braced himself as the assailant fell right at him, one knee jetting forward. His left hand came up, and brushed the knee to the side, turning the male in mid air. Quickly following, a right hook came around to connect to the male’s shoulder, pushing him back. Upon landing, the male jumped forward again, skidding to a slow as he came into view, bringing up a foot, Kaijin already ahead of it, bringing his hand up, blocking the kick, wrapped his hand around the leg, and pulled.
With the momentum at the end, the male fell back, mute with pain, as Kai’s boot returned from between the man’s legs.

“You know, with that much force, I doubt you’ll get back up.” He knelt down toward the man. A quick jerking move caused his torso to be airborne, fist clutching the collar. “So, what the hell is going on?”


She stirred slowly, pulling herself from the rubble. With her vision blurring, she felt weak. Almost through the rubble, she pulled up and out, fresh air seeping in down her lungs. She almost didn’t make it out fast enough when she saw the bomber set off the trap. Blinking, and fighting the black grip of night, her vision cleared enough to see Kaijin, and what looked like a purple fireball.
She blinked quickly, to see it fade away, but as quickly as the flames did, so did her vision, and consciousness.

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