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01-17-19 11:55 AM
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Twilight Sparkle

Since: 06-01-11
From: Equestria

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Posted on 07-20-11 12:42 PM Link | Quote
First of all, I wasn't sure where to place this thread. If this is the wrong place, mods move at will (not that you need my permission, but yeah ).

Anywho. Apple has just released their new Mac OS, Lion.

What are your thoughts? Is it worth looking into? Does Mac so horribly suck that you'd never touch it? Are you excited? Are you depressed? Do you want it?

As for me, I'm like ASDFESDRFTGYHUIJKOJHGFDSDFTHJKMBBQ. I want it, because I'm a massive Apple Fangirl, but I'm also like, Snow Leopard is only up to 6.8. Is it really time for 7.0 already? I mean, I know it's been a couple years, but I'm not sure I'm ready to move on yet. I love my Snow Leopard.

However, if possible, I'm probably going to get it eventually, just for the sake of keeping up to date.


Apparently Lion isn't backwards compatible at all. O.o That sucks. I guess I won't be getting it.

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Kaijin Surohm
I'll save you all time:
My opinion is completely diffrent from yours.
Thus, you should hate me and not get to know me.
I just saved you 3 days worth of arguements.

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Posted on 07-24-11 04:20 AM Link | Quote
I truly hate macs, but being an IT Technician, I'm forced to learn.

Part of what makes me giggle, is this new Lion system has cut out a lot more then just backwards compatibilities. It cut out Rosetta, iDVD, and a few other programs (that I can't recall the name of) that destroys the use of any Windows based programs.

On top of that, they are making it an Online Store sold product only, so naturally, that destroys any sales we could have at my place of work.

I'm thinking Apple bit the bullet on this one, and the round exploded in their teeth with this thought of theirs.
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