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03-22-19 02:32 AM
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Since: 08-14-04
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Posted on 10-13-14 02:25 PM Link | Quote
Been posting around that I quit CVS, then unfortunately landed back at an old pharmacy I was at in 2009... put in three weeks of 9 hour shifts 6 days a week getting up at 4:30am, so it was brutal. But I finally got offered a position with Farmers Insurance! I've always heard good things about them being a good company to work for, benefits and such. I'm going through an agency so it'll be a paycut initially, but then when I get hired on I'll be higher than I was! Should be a good job while I continue classes too I hope.

I'll be doing claims, so it's not customer service or the call center. You still have to make a few calls, but it's a lot of data entry and such too. So I think it'll be a good fit for me. I just stumbled into pharmacy and never wanted it anyways, after 4 years of that... yikes. I think it'll be nice working with some customers again so I won't hate my coworkers as quickly haha and I've just wanted a desk job for awhile now, think it should work out.

It really feels like I have seen the peak the world offers with no degree though. So it's all been more motivation to keep taking classes. But I still think a lot of it is just pure luck and connections.

It sounds like some of you guys barely get by or don't even work much... how do you make due? One month of not working had me sweating up a panic and I'm not sure how much my roommate knows things were getting critical and close. I've always been good with my money, but yeah.

As I get older and learn more about myself though, I'll just laugh if I get bored of this job in a few years too. Hate to say it but that just might be the kind of guy I am with jobs haha. 3 years has been the breaking point twice so far. Plus I just like learning more and continuing to build up my resume.

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Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

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Posted on 10-14-14 08:34 PM Link | Quote
I've been depleting my savings because Ben cannot/will not get a job. Trust me, it is getting fucking old and caused a lot of fights. In the meantime, I look for a better paying job.

But yeah, I am happy for you. Congrats.

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Posted on 06-24-16 06:19 AM Link | Quote
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Since: 08-15-04
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Posted on 06-24-16 01:43 PM Link | Quote

Is it terrible that I giggled profusely at this happening?

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Since: 08-15-15
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Posted on 06-25-16 10:59 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Katana

Is it terrible that I giggled profusely at this happening?

It's not because spambots are absolutely stupid and deserve to be laughed at.


Since: 08-14-04
From: 255

Since last post: 18 days
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Posted on 06-28-16 11:01 PM Link | Quote
It's weirder to consider how much has changed in just two years since this post, and I was only at Farmers Insurance for a month so that's the real kicker.
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Since: 08-17-04

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Posted on 06-29-16 11:04 AM Link | Quote
I've lost track of how many spambots I've banned and how many of their threads I've just fully deleted so they won't appear at the top of the Last Posts.


Since: 07-23-16
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Posted on 07-25-16 07:20 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Rogue
I've lost track of how many spambots I've banned and how many of their threads I've just fully deleted so they won't appear at the top of the Last Posts.

Can't you use StopForumSpam as well as a CAPTCHA? I say a good idea... this site not very active outside it, I wish it was more.
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