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10-22-18 04:16 AM
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Posted on 08-06-15 11:06 AM Link | Quote
I'm sure if you have a Facebook, you've seen the stories about the dentist who went to Zimbabwe to "hunt" and kill the favored people-friendly lion.

Well. What do you think of it?

Apparently people have started tagging his million dollar vacation house in Florida and littering it with pig feet. Uh OK? Why pig feet?


Since: 08-14-04
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Posted on 08-06-15 02:29 PM Link | Quote
Fuck the guy.

But real, literal pig feet? That seems a bit counter-productive if the people against him are trying to fight for animals or something.

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Posted on 08-07-15 11:17 AM Link | Quote
I don't know what to say about the pig feet other than "Eww"

But yeah, I think that the guy should be shipped over to Zimbabwe to face charges for poaching. I don't care what excuse he gave, he is still guilty of the act.

That aside... in 2015, what the fuck is wrong with you that you feel the need to go trophy hunting in Africa? These are endangered and threatened species! Idiots!
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Since: 10-03-04
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Posted on 08-09-15 02:54 AM Link | Quote
What do you expect? He's a dentist, clearly he enjoys the suffering of the innocent.
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Posted on 08-14-15 10:09 AM Link | Quote
The dentist actually did everything legally. He had obtained a license to hunt big game trophies. The only laws broken were by his guide and the property owner. The guide was only licensed to guide bow hunting expeditions (while Cecil was initially shot with a crossbow, he was later finished off with a gun), and the property owner didn't have the proper license to allow hunting on his land.

The biggest legal gray area here for the dentist is that Cecil usually lived in the protected nature park, but when the hunters set up a lure, Cecil wandered out and was shot.

What's not being said here yet is that the Zimbabwe government actually makes tons of money from issuing big game hunting licenses, about $20 million a year, with lion hunting licenses being the most lucrative, costing anywhere from $20,000 to $70,000.


Personally, while I feel like the land owner and guide (or "professional hunter") broke the law, I don't agree with any of the hate going on towards the dentist. Cecil was a bit of a local tourist attraction, and I personally don't feel good about trophy hunting, but I think that the anger has been severely misdirected and then blown out of proportion for this kind of thing.

(Last edited by Lord Vulkas Mormonus on 08-14-15 10:10 AM)
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