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02-23-19 02:47 PM
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High Flyin' Ryan


Since: 04-26-05
From: Ry-Cave

Since last post: 4551 days
Last activity: 4358 days
Posted on 05-08-05 07:36 AM Link | Quote
Guild Wars is an awesome game and I seem to love it. I bought my guild this morning called "Invading Private Grounds". For anyone who plays the game and is interested in joining please contact me through PM, replying to this message, or find me on the game. My character's name is Ecloff Vonbarin (might know me from EQ2 as well ). Also we are only looking for mature members who can handle jokes. Also if possible IPG is trying to get a Team Speak Server right now, so getting a microphone and Team Speak might be a good idea. Also members need to have full respect for other members. Last thing, have fun, we do not require you to be at every meet or battle against another guild, but show up when you want and have a good time with other people. That is the point, to meet and have fun with other people you can get along with.


Invading Private Grounds Information - IPG was originally created by my friend Josh and I when we were fourteen/fifteen years of age. It stood for It's Probably Gas a slogan we used for our backyard wrestling tag team. I then took the letters IPG and made it Invading Private Grounds and formed a group on MSN Gaming Zone called Invading Private Grounds. MSN Gaming Zone got boring after a while and I stopped playing the basic games. I got involved into a game called WWF With Authority! (WWE With Authority! now ) and created the faction Invading Private Grounds on With Authority! We had a long run and last November I stopped playing WWE With Authority! (though I did return the other night with a friend to enter a tag team turmoil) and got involved with Everquest II. I stopped playing Everquest II when I found out Guild Wars is free online play so now I created Invading Private Grounds on Guild Wars. Invading Private Grounds has held over two hundred members with all the time it has been around. We were a very private group of people and did not like any immature people to join.

Timeline -
1999 - IPG Started on MSN Gaming Zone
2001 - IPG Started on WWF With Authority!
2004 - IPG Died out due to HFR leaving.
2005 - IPG Resurrects on Guild Wars.



Since: 01-15-05
From: The Shadowlands

Since last post: 4287 days
Last activity: 3246 days
Posted on 05-12-05 03:25 PM Link | Quote
Dude I just got this game and it is very cool. If possible I would like to join your guild. I'm a Lvl.6 Ranger/Necromancer. My name is Ryu Sliverblade so if I can join... PM me or find me online, I just crossed the wall so Maybe will see you soon.
Jedi Master Desroth


Since: 08-24-04
From: Macomb

Since last post: 3171 days
Last activity: 2611 days
Posted on 05-18-05 07:03 AM Link | Quote
once i gots a job and more money, im buying this game and upgrading my comp big time. When i do get on, ill think about joining IPG, or i could just make my own. And is it true that a level 1 monster can take down a level 15 player? I like that aspect if its true, it forces teamwork and team play for your own survival. I might play it a this place close to me called Cybertech Plus. they offering 3 free hours for 1 ticket stub from SW Ep. 3 bwhahahaha
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