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07-23-19 07:08 AM
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Since: 08-14-04
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Posted on 08-04-05 12:18 AM Link | Quote
Why do you think people really do it?

Fasting is a big part of my religion, and surely probably a huge part in many others too. Fasting is basically, going a certain amount of time without food. I have a friend who's done this multiple times, weeks on end.

I can see how it can really show your faith, and your bond to your religion, but other than that ...?

Personally, I don't think I could do this at all, I mean don't people get sick from this sometimes? When I work a 10-11 hour shift at work and don't get a lunch break, my stomach kills me! Then again, I have / had olsores, and have had many stomach problems, so maybe it's just me ...? Still, I don't think this could be something I could do, personally.

I guess it's just a challenging task, but really shows how much you'd be willing to sacrifice for your faith.

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Since: 10-19-04

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Posted on 08-04-05 02:18 AM Link | Quote
it's really not that hard to do...

I've done 24 hour fasts many times before

not sure why I did it.... part of the religion I guess


Since: 07-20-05
From: The 217th layer of hell. Quite temperate actually.

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Posted on 08-04-05 03:51 AM Link | Quote
I'm right there with you Xeo.

After 13 hours of non-stop work i'd like to FIND someone who's fasting and raid their goddamned fridge.

It goes something like this: Look god/buddah/blessed virgin/mohammed/unicorn/that guy from "Step by step", i can prove i believe in you by not eating!

Said deity: W..wait. I made the damned food. Eat it.

My personal opinion. It is just another pointless attempt to prove your faith. If you need to prove it by not eating..why bother with it in the first place.

(I'm not trying to insult the follows of this just seems pointless to me. Your deity made the food for the sole purpose of eating it. *Shrugs*)

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Since: 08-29-04
From: PA

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Posted on 08-04-05 08:19 PM Link | Quote
Ah. Yes. The age old debate of fasting. So I do cherish it...

If these omnipresentful beings wish us continued good health, and to have good health, thou must nibble on the nutriciuos substances that these spirits have bestowed upon us. But, those who can "read" the beckoning call of these mighty lords tell us that they wish us to stop eating. Why, ask the simple surfs, breeded to fuel the lives of these "modest" men. These self-appointed religous leaders dictate that the gods say that to truly enjoy thyself, thou must starve, and know pain. Most leave, smiling. Others scratch their head.

Why food?

Why, indeed.

-Cairoi, 2005

Hope that was cynical enough.
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Since: 10-06-04
From: Petaluma, CA

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Posted on 08-04-05 08:45 PM Link | Quote
I've fasted, sometimes for 3 days at a time...

Not by choice though...

I think fasting is just stupid, there really is no point to it, I mean, people need to eat, it's a simple bodily fuction...

Not eating for long periods of time does nothing but weaken you, and cause a lack of energy.
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Since: 01-10-05

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Posted on 08-04-05 10:58 PM Link | Quote
I eat when I want to and I think fasting is rather stupid. You need food to give energy to your body. I'm not going to be having a stomach ache or the feeling of weakness because someone is telling me not to eat. Screw that, I eat when I'm hungry. That and I also don't care for being faithful in any religion.
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Since: 12-29-04
From: paris, canada

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Posted on 08-09-05 04:22 AM Link | Quote
let's see.... i eat dinner at around 8pm... i sleep around 1:30am-ish, i wake up around 12:30pm-ish... that's about 16:30 hours i dont eat each day... i spend 3/4 of my day not eating...

solution... i think i should sleep earlier so i can wake up earlier.

but on the topic... some of you say it's stupid, yet you do it because you have to. you dont HAVE to do anything. religion and faith and all that... blah.

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Since: 08-15-04
From: 2 houses from spyware

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Posted on 08-11-05 08:47 PM Link | Quote

Fasting is actually healthy. It normalizes blood pressure, cholesteral, rebuilds the immune system, normalizes weight, and helps reverse the aging process. Fasting is only not eating you can still drink water and if you are feeling sick drinking juices and rest are a good option insted of eating. It's also psychological it cleanses your mind and focuses on less intake on "bad" Food. Yeah...enough of that though i fast mostly for religious sakes. I body build so sometimes I need to clean out waste my body produces and lower my body fat percentage so my abs show through easier.
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Posted on 08-12-05 08:24 AM Link | Quote
I don't like the idea of fasting, but I usually get sick if I don't eat (I'd like to see you walk 2 hours outside, when it's◦ really sunny, and it's like 40(C) outside. I had trouble getting home since I skipped a few meals....)

I don't think fasting is stupid (that would be insulting other's opinion), but I just don't like the idea behind it.

And I'd like to think my body needs to have energy from eating at regular times.
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Since: 10-03-04
From: Azul Lux Orbital, Kirin Beta

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Posted on 08-12-05 08:32 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Sasuke_87

"Dr. Joseph Rodrigo M.D - "Almost all diseases begin in the digestive track. This includes diabetes, asthma, cancer, alzheimer's, heart disease, memory loss, fibromyalgia, MS, and too many to even list here. If you are seeking health, and you have not found the answers to your recovery and healing, start here. Your intestinal track is the origin of disease, and it is also the origin of your healing. I cannot emphasize enough how important the cleansing of your digestive system is, to your health.""

First off, isn't it digestive 'tract'? Second, last I checked asthma had NOTHING to do with the digestive system, and it was entirely in the respiratory. Having had it all my life, I think I'd notice, and I think a doctor would say something even if I hadn't.

Memory loss? I think he suffered some blunt trauma to his head at some point if he thinks your brain is in your stomach. =/

Alzhaimer's? MS? Now he's really pulling things out of his ass.


Since: 09-04-05

Since last post: 5027 days
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Posted on 09-07-05 12:00 PM Link | Quote
I've fasted for 1 maybee 2 days. I did it without a problem either. I felt fine. I didn't do it out of religious faith or anything, I just wasn't hugry and I was too busy doing other stuff. I guess naturally I'm not that hungry. Although I could fast anytime without a problem, I shouldn't cause I'm pretty close to being anerexic.


Since: 08-28-05
From: California

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Posted on 09-08-05 03:16 AM Link | Quote
As far as religion goes fasting is pointless. If (insert omnipotent being here) didn't want you to eat he/she/it wouldn't have provided the food in the first place. For any other reasons you're just trying to get away with being anorexic without admitting it.
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Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 09-08-05 05:38 PM Link | Quote
.... I'm a forgetful person, does forgetting to eat count as fasting?

Anyway I couldn't do it either, food was made as a commodity to make people happy. =P And my grandparents say food is a drug.


Since: 10-20-04

Since last post: 3142 days
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Posted on 09-08-05 07:06 PM Link | Quote
I've gone a good deal of time without eating before. Normally I don't though because I have an incredibly fast metaolism. I'm 5' 9'' and I only weigh 125lbs when for my height and build I SHOULD weigh somewhere around 160-180 at the most.

As a result I eat a lot and frequently.
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