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07-23-19 07:57 AM
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Posted on 09-01-05 12:03 PM Link | Quote
This isan item present on Muted Faith. Its funny and true.

Size Does Matter

Disclaimer: The following conversation is true. The names [and colors] have been altered to protect the not-so-innocent.

Random Guy: ::he approaches, he was dressed in black combat boot, black pants, a black silk t-shirt, and a full length black leather trench, his jet hair was pulled into a ponytail revealing his pointed ears, pale silken skin, ice blue feline eyes, and fanged smile:
TCRP: ((How long have you been RPing?))
Random Guy: (online 5 years, total, 12 years)
TCRP: ((So why the ultra-short post?))
TCRP: ((And how old are you?))
Random Guy: (i am 18, and the post is short because the real discription comes to when she sees more of him, his scars and such)
TCRP: ((So you've been RPing since you were....... six?))
Random Guy: (yes, D&D)
Random Guy: (then moved to StarWars, Rifts, made a Doom RPG)
TCRP: ((Okay, I'll bite. And just how did you read the book when you were in first grade?))
Random Guy: (i was advanced for my age, i was reading in kindergarden, and plus my mom got me into the game)
TCRP: ((Honey, I was reading before kindergarden and I was reading at a 12th grade level by 5th grade, but I wasn't reading at an 8th+ grade level when I was in first...))
Random Guy: (i wasn't either, but like i said, my mom played D&D and she got me into it)
TCRP: ((Right, so let me make sure I'm following you here... You've been playing online for five years, off line since you were six, and you still don't put complete sentences in your posts?))
Random Guy: (i short hand on the net because i am not a good typest)
TCRP: ((And you think people would prefer quick posts to good ones?))
Random Guy: (No I don't, but my posts are longer than many other posts people make.)
TCRP: ((Wow... You role play the way most men have sex.))
Random Guy: (What?)
TCRP: ((You say you do it longer than most people, but it's still so brief that no one but you even notices...))
Random Guy: (Sorry, I will let you go.)
TCRP: ((~shrugs~ Okay. But really, try to make it longer. Size *does* matter.))
Random Guy: (I know and in most cases, I have that taken care of but, I prefer not to just think on posts. I prefer quality than quantity)
TCRP: ((Heh. It's not the size that counts, it's how you use it.... But when it's as short as yours was, it fails to meet even low expectations.))
Random Guy: (Sorry, see ya' later.)
TCRP: ((Bye.))


Disclaimer: The following conversation is true. The names [and colors] have been altered to protect the not-so-innocent.

Random Guy: ::As the creature moved through the forced there were the watchers.Pairs of emotionless eyes stared out at her from every corner of the brush,the shadows hiding their forms.Yet none moved out of those same shadows towards the woman,as one would think so many animals would do.Yet there were other troubles this night,one that were not in the domain of the beasts,but of nature's on prodigial eyes remained there place,just watching for now...hundreds of them all paying very close attention::
TCRP: ((As the creature moved through the forced.....?))
Random Guy: ( Sorry...forest. ::Was multitasking:: )
TCRP: ((~chuckles~ Okay. I was wondering if this was a Star Wars allusion.....))
Random Guy: ( :mirks:: )
TCRP: ((Right. And the woman in your post is your character or mine?))
Random Guy: ( Was hoping yours,been looking for a warrior )
TCRP: ((Ah ha. Care to tell me what's with the scary movie setup?))
Random Guy: ( Just how my char handles..."guests" )
TCRP: ((Right. And where is this forest that belongs to your character?))
Random Guy: ( Doesn't really belong to him,but he views it that way...and just a random forest.May I ask what's with the 20 questions? )
TCRP: ((Well, seeing as how you took my character (whout asking, I might add) and threw her into some random location where she is being watched by a large quantity of animals, I think you could be kind enough to explain to me where the hell she is and how she supposedly got there... You know, me being her mun and all...))
Random Guy: ( Someone's on the swear like I could kill her or something...if you want to be technical or dislike the way I play you can discontinue right now...otherwise you can right your char's action )
TCRP: ((Actually, your character could kill her. She's neither a god nor an immortal. Not all of whine things like "No! You can't kill my character in IMs!" And you were the mundane who rudely kidnapped my character without my consent and hurled her into some unknown location. When I play, objects (inclusing people) don't randomly teleport themselves, so yes, I do want to be technical. How did she get there and where is "there".))
TCRP: ((And by the way, I am not "on the rag" as I am not female.)) A lie, I know, but it's funny that he assumed...
TCRP: ((And by the way, one does not "right" one's character's action. One *writes* one's character's action.))
Random Guy: ( It is the right,as the mun it is your right to keep your character alive through consent...some people put effort into the character and would rather not see someone go through and have random killing sprees...that's why there are DMs and consent and such...and seeing as this is going no where..I will leave you alone and expect you to do the same to me...since I do not feel like bickering...oh and need not be female to act like you're PMSing...just need to have an attitude..ciao )
Random Guy: ( And it's including...not "inclusing" )
TCRP: ((LOL! You think that a typo is the same as not knowing a word?!?!))
TCRP: ((By the way, AOL doesn't have an official DM.))
Random Guy: ( I suggest you leave me be before I notify AOL,this can be considered harassment..bub )
TCRP: ((Actually, no. I'm not threatening you in any way, shape, or form. I'm just pointing out your poor grasp of the english language and of role playing etiquette in general. And since you mentioned consent, why didn't you ask for mine before kidnapping my character? Hmm?))
Random Guy: ( Kidnapping would be taking someone without permission...I simply set a scene (i.e. "creature") with no set people...I said I hoped yours would take the spot...and yes this is harassment (harass: to annoy persistently)...and since you are a VERY belligerent person...and thrive on your agression towards other and having to have the last word..I will allow you one more rant before I ignore you..oh and someon is allowed one bad day...alright? )
TCRP: ((You're still talking?))

Doggie Style

Disclaimer: The following conversation is true. The names [and colors] have been altered to protect the not-so-innocent.

Random Guy: ((Interested in roleplaying?))
TCRP: ((Possibly. Tell me a bit about your character?))
Random Guy: ((Check the profile.))
TCRP: ((~blinks~ You play a pack of wolves that have sex with humans?))
Random Guy: not intristed?
TCRP: Well, I don't think you want to role play with me using the character I do on this SN.
Random Guy: why not?
TCRP: Because she'd either castrate or decapitate your puppies, depending on her mood....
TCRP: Seriously though, how long have you been aroused by the thought of having a girlfriend who would have sex with your dog....?
Random Guy: if you did not want to play just say so
TCRP: ~shrugs~ Like I said, my character isn't the type of bitch (female dog, not derogatory term) you're looking for...
Random Guy: do you have another character who you would play with them?
TCRP: Sure. My werewolf. ~smirks~ But that wouldn't work with the beastiality thing very well, either...
Random Guy: that would be fine with me
TCRP: I make no promises that her pack wouldn't want blood either, though.
Random Guy: that's fine as long as we play first
TCRP: Play meaning role play or play meaning your wolves fuque her?
Random Guy: both
TCRP: ~blinks~ Well, I'll say one thing.... I've gotta admire your honesty.
Random Guy: so are we going to play?
TCRP: I'm thinking not.... None of my characters are wolf rape bait.
Random Guy: damn. ok g'night
TCRP: Tell me something... Have you ever considered playing a hominid to attempt to satisfy your masturbation needs?

I thought all of those were hilarious, Anyway, more to come eventually.

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Posted on 09-01-05 02:06 PM Link | Quote
that was pretty funny, lol alot of random things.

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Posted on 09-01-05 09:07 PM Link | Quote
Wow... reminds me of a bitchy version of BloodNinja... O_o
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