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07-23-19 07:21 AM
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Jity Horo


Since: 01-01-05

Since last post: 4728 days
Last activity: 3943 days
Posted on 12-21-05 06:51 PM Link
ooc: I believe it is time who a new leader of the light weight divison. Benja I challenge you.

Three day post limit. 5 days to respond. All other rules are in effect. Thank you.
The sun began to rise over the peak of the farthest mountain. Helus look over the marvelous view of surise in the French Alps. He trekked to this for several days after sending a message to the current Champion of the Light Weight Division. He had felt long ago that it needed a change.

In the valley far below him a village began to awaken, oblvious to the divine creature watching them. Snow began to fall as Helus looked up upon the dissmal sky. He looked at his hand but felt no cold. It had been awile since he had felt anything other then basic emotions and pain. He sighed heavily and scanned the skies. Still no sign of Benja.
Kaijin Surohm
I'll save you all time:
My opinion is completely diffrent from yours.
Thus, you should hate me and not get to know me.
I just saved you 3 days worth of arguements.

Since: 08-16-04

Since last post: 2760 days
Last activity: 799 days
Posted on 12-27-05 02:10 AM Link
Due to the lack of activity from our current belt holder, Jirty will now hold the Lightweight title.

Congradulations to our new Lightweight champion.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Light Weight Leader Match | Thread closed

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