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07-23-19 07:07 AM
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus

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Posted on 01-08-06 06:37 PM Link | Quote
Z-35 suddenly can to consciousness. His mind worked, but for the moment, no other part of him could. This was the first, and only time he was to be activated. He had no memories, no experience, only programming and the ability to learn.

Suddenly he felt a jold of electrcity, and his scanners were activated. audio scanners began listening..."All right, he hears all right now. Let's try his visual." Z-35 suddenly became aware of being able to see. Four humans were in the room with him.

"Okay, he sees, and all of his other scanners work out right. Lets try his motors. Z-35 suddenly was aware of them being activated, and of another thing. All of the humans stood by, all holding an electric rifle. His threat analysis programming kicked in, and he moved from his previous position, which was laying down on a table. He broke several cuffs, designed to keep him there with very little effort.

He suddenly stood, and looked at the humans around him. Again, he became aware of something new in him. He had weapons attatched to his body. He lifted up his arm, and fired a blast of flame all around the room, killing everyone before they could even see what was happening.

He left this room, and came to another, also occupied with humans. He continued killing until he reached a hangar. In here, he saw another stronger than any he saw before. One that may be of worth for him to consider before killing.

He stood, and waited for the human to make a move...
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Open battle with Z-35. |

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