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04-21-19 06:37 AM
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Zombie Marco

Since: 03-24-06

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Posted on 06-27-06 03:11 AM Link
for anyone that has seen lost, you probably know what those numbers mean.
at this website, someone put in the code every 180 minutes, just like the show. I want to know what happens if noone does it, but i doubt it will ever happen. I guess telling more ppl isnt helping that cause.

(Last edited by FX114 on 06-27-06 06:13 AM)

You put a bullet in my head, Till black turns to red! This could all end in tragedy!

Since: 08-20-04
From: Read "Real Name"

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Posted on 06-27-06 03:15 AM Link
Hmm.. I know this may be important to you in some way, that is why you posted it. But in the real world, this is SPAM, Im sure youve got a warning already for posting threads or just post's in general about meaningless things.. so please stop. cause this is your last warning, next step is banning from this forum, if you dont stop then, you will banned from XGF itself..

thank you for your time

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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - 4 8 15 16 23 42 | Thread closed

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