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05-21-19 10:49 AM
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Zombie Marco

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Posted on 07-06-06 02:58 PM Link | Quote
this has been bugging me...when people try to recreate a tv show....what makes them think that would be a good idea?

"Hey, you know that show, *insert name of show*"
"Ya, I love that show"
"You know what would make it better?"
"If we acted it out ourselves!"
"Of course, we can do a much better job than all those professionals."

Now, maybe they don't think that they will do better, but they must think that there will be something to gain from it, that the original didn't have. It's even worse when they try to do cartoons, because cartoons tend to defy phisics. that I think about it, all of the one's I've seen have been cartoons.

Examples of doom: (embeding is disabled)

I couln't even get through the second one, it was so bad.

Another thing that bugs me, is when people record the TV. They set up their tripod in front of the tv, and record it. And they expect good results? The camera comes with a plug. Put it in the VCR output, and hit record.

Also, I swear I have seen this, but they havent even used a tripod, they just hold the camera in front of the tv....WTF

Another thing people do, is they post random videos of nothing

the only reason I slightly may have giggled or smiled, is because I could hear family guy in the background. The guy who posted it says:
" This is my friend laughing at Family Guy. I don't know why, but I find this funny as hell." thats probably because you were watching it with him. When your in the moment, something may seem funny. It happens all the time. A funny event happens with a friend, and the two of you crack up and laugh constantly for a half hour. But as soon as you try to tell somebody else about it, they find it stupid. These events should not be posted.

And then there are things that are not funny in any way shape or form, and I can not figure out why these people thought that the world should see them

And the last thing in my rant, when people say
"Please vote and comment." Fuck you, I'll comment if I want, screw you. I even once saw one that said comment if you want. What? Like I need your permission?

and that ends my rant. goodbye.

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Posted on 07-06-06 08:38 PM Link | Quote
Of course, YouTube can be awesome.

Depends on the videos.

But general rule, people suck.
If you're reading this... You are the Resistance

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Posted on 07-07-06 04:34 PM Link | Quote
Oh jeez.. these are like the crappy videos I had to sit through throughout high school. Why the fuck did teachers assign doing videos, assuming that we all have easy access to cameras?

What's worse, if it was an optional thing, people always got full credit if they did a video.

Gah! Why did I have to watch them?!

Anyway, off of my ridiculous high school nostalgia, I say we put out an open hunting season on YouTube "directors."
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