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05-29-24 07:25 PM
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Originally posted by Rogue
What did you think about the last book you read?

Oh geez, I can't even remember what book I read last....
I need to read more again... My biggest issue is getting motivated to start reading; once I actually find a book that I enjoy and start reading it, I typically have a hard time putting it down

How do you typically spend your free time as of late?
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That's actually a really good question because I'm a texture-eater. I might not like something, but if it's got a texture I like, I may end up eating all of it. There are TONS of foods I won't eat for texture reasons. Uhhhh . . . let's see. I can't stand boba. I just don't like the idea of something solid and chewy in my drink.

Hm, I love refried beans, but hate whole pinto or black beans. Chipotle bums me out. Conversely, I love apples, hate apple sauce. On that same vein, hate potato skins in my mashed potatoes (if they're made with russet potatoes. Red and yellow are fine.) I LOVE peaches, but can't STAND mushy ones. If I'm eating fish and find a bone, I'm not going to touch any more of it. I despise overly firm pasta, which I'm sure is making my Italian ancestors roll in their graves. And yeah, I can't stand most shellfish. I pick clams out of clam chowder.

What did you think about the last book you read?
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Originally posted by Elara
What are your thoughts on the pumpkin spice vs apple cider debate?

I haven't had either

Do you ever find that a particular food tastes good, but the texture is so unappealing that you simply cant enjoy the food?
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So hearing you tell me the story about Julia Pastrana in person made it even more tragic, just saying.

Hmm, the best way to make a s'more I think is to start off with better chocolate like Cadbury or Symphony instead of Hershey. Something that is gonna melt better (and dark chocolate if possible). Personally, I like to get my marshmallow just starting to get burned and melty and then I assemble my s'more by setting it on the chocolate between to graham crackers, smooshing, and removing the stake I toasted it on... old school, but efficient.

What are your thoughts on the pumpkin spice vs apple cider debate?
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Hm. I know I've heard some insane shit before, but my brain is not alerting me to them at the moment.

I mean, I've had all kinds of shit stolen. When we got our car broken into in San Francisco, they got our suitcase and camera. But the thing that we couldn't recover was my Haunted Mansion CM-exclusive tote bag that had a couple toiletries and a bag of cookies, one of them being half of a chocolate-covered macaroon in the shape of a penis.

OK, wait, just thought of something. Most WTF thing I've heard about getting stolen: Julia Pastrana.

So there was this woman, Julia Pastrana. She was an indigenous Mexican woman living with Hypertrichosis, which is the condition where a person has hair ALL OVER their body. Full face and everything. She also had very pronounced lips and brow and ended up being put on stage as "The Baboon Lady" among other things. He manager was a guy who married her just to keep showcasing her in sideshows. She had a baby with him and then she and the baby died. But then this asshole husband of hers had her and THEIR SON . . . TAXIDERMIED. So yeah, he's still dragging her around and putting her on display and in the meantime he married ANOTHER woman who was ALSO living with Hypertrichosis. At some point thieves broke in and vandalized the baby's body, which was then destroyed by rats and mice, and Julia's body was freaking stolen.

I first heard about this some years back while reading about sideshow acts, which is one of my weird interests. Fucking tragic.

What is the best way to make a s'more?
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At the moment, taking the car in to get a faulty tire pressure monitor sensor fixed. We check the tires regularly, but it just seems like every single time we fix one, another fails like a month later.

What is the most WTF thing you have ever heard about being stolen?
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I don't know how "unique" ... uh... the BEST homemade chicken noodle soup was usually the juices that flowed out of my brined turkey back in 2020 when I cooked my first Thanksgiving. Mom took the leftover and boiled them and threw in a few boxes of Annie's mac & cheese (minus the cheese powder, so JUST the noodles.) I'd covered that turkey in herbed butter and filled it with onions and lemons and kosher salt. So TECHNICALLY turkey noodle soup, but it was SOOOO DAMN GOOOOOOOD.

What's something important that you've been putting off?
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Originally posted by Rogue

Question: What took up most of your time in 2020?

Honestly, work did. 2020 was the year no one took a vacation so my job was totally overwhelmed with requests. It's better this year since they moved me to a different team, but it's still been crazy.

What is something that you consider unique to how you (or your family) make chicken noodle soup?
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Two years since the last answer. *Sigh*

These days I've been listening to a lot of historical podcasts. The latest have been Vulgar History, Lore, and Noble Blood.

Been watching A LOT of YouTube streamers, namely Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, among others. I'm mostly watching the play horror games since I don't really have time to game myself. More fun watching them comment on things and get the shit scared out of them.

Not really up on new new movies or shows. Whatever the latest thing is, I'll watch it just to get the meme references as they inevitably pour out. "Squid Game" was probably the most recent. *Shrug*

Question: What took up most of your time in 2020?
Posts: 11821/11918
Uh.. I guess the McDonald's sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit, because I prefer breakfast food to anything else on their menu. I, otherwise, don't really have a favorite sandwich more than just pulling up to what's open and settling for what they've got.

What's been your latest pop culture obsession?
The Accidental Protege
Posts: 2625/2641
Once. From NJ to Maine. I think I whined about it here 12 years ago.

It's about to be three. I plan to rent my house out up here in Maine and move to Phoenix.

What is you favorite fast-food sandwich (and why)?
Posts: 9687/9734
That is actually a hard question. I like aspects of a few different princesses, but I am honestly not sure who I would say my favorite is.

I suppose if I had to choose right now, I would say Belle. Not just because she is a massive book nerd, but because she saw the town all talking crap about her being "weird" for having an interest in learning and didn't change a damn thing.

How many times have you moved in your life?
Posts: 11802/11918
I usually just drink coffee with cream in it, but when I get a flavor, it's usually hazelnut.

My go-to flavored coffee at Peet's is the Havana Cappuccino, which is mostly cinnamon-flavored.

Who is your favorite Disney princess and why?
Posts: 9684/9734
At work, it is asking if something can be done by the end of the week when I already told you the state takes 12 business days to process the request.

At my old job at Sam's... oh my gods. Just about every dumb electronics question you could imagine combined with the photo lab questions of "Well, how do I do X?" where there is a giant button right in front of them labelled X on the screen. Or the ever-amusing, "Do you work here?"

... No, I'm wearing a name badge and a blue vest that says Sam's Club on it just for shits and giggles.

Do you like flavored coffees? If so, what is your fav?
Posts: 11800/11918
I don't mix many drinks myself, but my favorite tiki drink is a painkiller which is Pusser's naval rum with orange juice, pineapple juice, and coconut cream.

What is a repeated stupid question you get or stupid behavior you witness in the people around you?
Posts: 9680/9734
Hmm, that is a hard one.

"The Ref" since it is a rather amusing holiday film.
"Kung Fury" because it is so bad, it's funny.
"Rocky Horror" because it Rocky and everyone should see it.
"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" because it will make you think.
"The Black Cauldron" because it is the least known Disney movie and it is awesome.

What is your go-to mixer for drinks?
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I've been reading fan fiction since I first got an internet connection in '97. I was really into "Extreme Ghostbusters" fics, and tried my hand at writing some.

I also used to read "Harry Potter" fics, among many others. Over the years I'd drift away from reading fan fiction, but would come back to it here and there, particularly if I got really into a franchise. I'm semi-deep into it again reading Reylo stuff. Before this, my last bought was "The Hunger Games."

What are five lesser-known movies you would recommend to someone looking to watch "something different"?
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I work on a customer service team, so I do a ton of interaction over the phone and via email. Nothing in person, which after retail I am SO thankful. But yeah... the stupid isn't any less stupid in the world of business. If anything it gets worse.

Do you, or have you ever, read fanfiction?
Posts: 11797/11918
I've lived in the suburbs all my life, though I've always loved going to the cities. My favorite being New Orleans, followed by Seattle. L.A. still ranks pretty high since I've always lived right next to it.

How much interaction with people do you do in your job?
Posts: 11677/11751
Only videogames really, if that weren't so obvious hehe. I really don't have many other physical "things" I collect much of. My movie/anime collection is minuscule in comparison. Clothes, etc, everything else I could easily replace or swap out after years, but I value my games more than most materials I own.

Do you prefer the suburbs, city, or super small towns out in the fields?
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