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10-28-21 10:18 AM
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Yusheec I upload to deviantart sometimes.
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S'me. It's all either REALLY old or unfinished though. Haven't been able to get my new shit up there. Although the lip, eye, and nose studies were done around Nov 2010. Haven't gotten much better, so that's where I am currently. **ashamed**

Edit: I "watched" y'all, so...that's me.
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I warn you, I'm not talented.
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I'm MerryRogue on DA.

I really only started my account so I could comment on and favorite things I found on there and follow a few artists, so my photos aren't all that great.

Actually I should post more since I got a better camera and it'd finally knock some of those photos off my recent deviations page.
Twilight Sparkle
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Deviant Art: LadyMelene

I also have a Facebook page: Lady Melene
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If you use other gallery sites feel free to post those too. I just felt that with so many people linking to their galleries in past threads that it would be nice to have them all in one place for easy reference.

So please, post a link to your pages, or just tell us your ID to look you up so that other members can see, comment on, and favourite your work.

While I don't have much up there, my deviantART ID is: ElaraDreamstar (big surprise there, right?)
Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - Share Your DeviantART ID

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