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10-15-21 05:11 PM
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex stood grimly, watching as Phoenix stood up. It took a long time, from Alex's perspective, it felt like an entire year had passed by the time Phoenix stood up. He held his sword at the ready, he pointed his blade towards Phoenix, ready to fight.

Alex took no pleasure in this fight, he felt no happiness when he killed. But he also knew he had to stop Phoenix. This devil was willing to put the lives of everyone here at risk for nothing more than practice and fun. He viewed his strength as a privilege, something which put him above others, while these puny mortals around him were nothing more than fodder.

Alex knew better. His briefly flicked to an old man on his left. Poor, humble. Some would call this man a homeless hobo, but Alex would simply call him a man. Just Alex and Phoenix.

"Surrender. You know how this battle will end."
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ooc: Well, hello there, old friend.

Sighing lightly, Phoenix stood up. He cautiously watched his old rival as he fetched his dropped sword. An embarrassment, really. Looking down at the gleaming blade, it seemed to whisper a soft power that Phoenix used to be able to understand, almost as though they were his own thoughts. But, no more. His separation from battle and his true identity had weakened his grip on the Dreamworld.

"Well," he smiled, not letting his thoughts show on his face. Phoenix held his sword at a forty-five degree angle, facing his foe. Holding out his left hand, a ball of fire burst forth and hovered a few inches off of his hand, ready to be used in combat. "Shall we continue?"
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex grinned. He wasn't the most powerful being on the planet, his powers weren't any better than anybody else's, but he what he had, he knew he could kill with. He would kill Phoenix in the end, somehow, some way, Phoenix would slip up again and die. But this was a public park, and Alex knew that if this battle went on too long, there would be collateral damage. He would have to end this quickly.

But he wasn't without a sense of honor. He preferred not to fight an unarmed man, so he stood, lifting his blade into an en-guard stance.

"Pick up your sword, and try again."
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ooc: Oh, great xD I need to take a few classes or something. I can't do any of this. Haha

Phoenix realized his mistake as Alex's sword came swinging. It had been far too long since he wielded a weapon; or even fought, for that matter.

Fortunately, it wasn't too late, and Phoenix had no choice but to let go of his sword. Of course, in the midst of realizing his mistake, he made yet another. Phoenix had not been giving Alex his full attention, and he didn't see the blast of energy until last second.

Slamming him in the chest and knocking the wind out of him, the blast threw Phoenix backwards. He rolled several times once landing before ending his admittedly sloppy flight in a crouch on the ground. His sword lay between him and Alex, also getting knocked backwards with no force to oppose Alex's blow.

"Well then."
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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ooc: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, you know how it was my martial arts experience that made me so great way back when? Well, now I'm a competitive fencer, so I'm lots better with swordplay, XD

ic: Alex smiled. It was a mistake made far too often in animes. An upwards slash from a running position. He wondered if people even considered how dangerous that could be. An upwards thrust or stab would be perfectly safe, and honestly far more effective, but a could only be accomplished by twisting the sword hand away from the body, not just so that the palm face upwards, but a little farther, so that the slash could, in fact, go up. Even a sideways slash would be safer from that position. Holding a blade at that angle allowed no room for the wrist to move, which meant that a quick strike to the side of the sword was capable of breaking the wielder's wrist.

So as Phoenix began his swing, Alex jumped back, his sword already in his left hand hand, and as Phoenix was about midway through his slash, the sword at approximately waist level, Alex swung his own sword on top of Phoenix's. Once the slash was started, and the momentum already on the way, there really was little way that Phoenix could stop his swing by the time it reached his waist, and given the angle his wrist was at, there was an even smaller chance of him being able to twist in time for Alex's strike.

He could just let go of the blade, Alex supposed, but if he did, he would be unprepared for Alex's other hand, which launched a blast of pure teleknetic power at Phoenix's chest, hopefully sending him flying to the ground.
Posts: 2730/2746
More than familiar with the way Alex fought, Phoenix didn't bat an eyelash. Rather, as the memories flooded back to him, he disregarded several ways to start this fight, knowing that Alex would have no problem countering.

"Well then, I'd hate to keep you waiting."

He launched himself at Alex, then; sprinting. The golden sword held behind him in his right hand, Phoenix brought it towards Alex in an upwards slash. Even if his other-wordly strength couldn't break the shield, it might knock Alex back and off balance.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex laughed. "You show up here again just for a bit of practice? Well, good sir, this was a mistake."

A blue aura appeared around Alex as he created a shield around himself. This shield was really nothing more than hardened air, controlled through telekenesis, made possible through the cybernetic implants in Alex's head. This shield would follow Alex's every movement and protect him from almost all physical attacks.

"Since you're here for practice, I will have the cortesy to allow you to go first."
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With one hand still rustling his hair, Phoenix smiled like greeting an old friend. Alex always wore his finest, and Phoenix...didn't. All he wore were jeans and a long sleeved, grey shirt. At least he was fitting into this mortal world a bit easier.

"Well, I could use some practice. I'm a bit rusty, you see."
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Alex appeared. There was no fancy flash, no loud sound, nothing dramatic to summon his arrival at all. He simply, was there, dressed neatly in a suit. It wasn't the most practical piece of clothing, he knew, but he felt that any man he killed deserved at the very least the respect and professionalism that a suit allowed.

It had been years since his last fight, but Alex knew that wouldn't make a difference. His power was based on his knowledge of physics and his mental strength. While he hadn't applied his abilities in battle in quite some time, he still exercised them sufficiently to continue his power.

He stepped quietly along the sidewalk, his newly shined shoes gleaming in the sunlight. "Good day," he said. He and Phoenix had fought before, and Alex was ready to make this the last time. It was time for the fire to be extinguished for good.

"You've reappeared, even after I warned you off last time. Why?"
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ooc: Man, it's been a while since I've done this. Ready, buddy?

Phoenix let the letter slide from his grasp as the wind whisked it away, sliding lazily through the air and across the park. The park, at least, was empty this time. Too often did Phoenix end up in a fight around many innocent people. He sighed then, lost in memories of battle. Rolling up his sleeves and standing from the small bench, Phoenix rubbed a hand though his bright red hair, the other extending as a flame burst forth in a sudden flash, leaving a golden sword resting tightly in his grip

"I suppose he'll be here soon," he sighed.
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