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06-07-23 12:44 AM
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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

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Name: Benjamin
Age: 60
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Hazel
Appearance: Weathered old man with scraggly grayed beard and medium length hair. Has a large forehead and powerful brows. Wears a red flannel shirt and dark pants over his frail yet solid form.

For the majority of his life, Benjamin lived his life as a normal man. He went to high school and married his sweetheart, got a job as a carpenter, and lived the American Dream. That is, however, until his 42nd year upon this earth, when his wife, home, and only daughter were lost in a flash fire.
Left with nothing but massive grief and insurance collectments, he cast aside his former life and used his amassed fortune to travel the world, seeking the answers to life. He gained valuable insights among the various hotspots of the world, picking up several languages. However, just like before, it was an accident that spurned major change in his life.
Over the Amazon, the aircraft he was a passenger in crashed, killing many of the other passengers. Rather than stay with the other survivors, he sought to escape the vast wilderness on his own. He survived by pure will and tree sap for five days before a strange tribe rescued him and brought him into their lands. They nursed him back to health and taught him their language, allowing him to learn their ways. They taught him that mankind was put onto this planet to wage war, absorb the strength of their enemies, and ascend to godhood. He learned this lesson well, along with everything else they had to impart, including the Three Rituals, their warriors' greatest secrets.
Eventually, confident in his destiny, he left the tribe and easily navigated his way out of the jungle. He returned to a world that had presumed him dead and carried on. His goal was clear: Armed with the Three Rituals, he would wage war, absorb the strength of his enemies, and ascend to godhood.

Powers: Benjamin's main powers lie in the Three Rituals, and the supernatural powers they have provided him.

The First Ritual is easily explained as the Reaping. With this ritual, Benjamin absorbs the 'soulblood' of an incapacitated life force. The speed of this ritual is variable, but the longer he allows, the more power is absorbed. This is why Benjamin rarely uses this ritual unless he is certain he will gain the most with the lowest risk.

The Second Ritual is also referable to as the Feast. With the Second Ritual, Benjamin uses the soulblood of previous victims to enhance his fighting abilities, in order to obtain stronger, more supple pray. Using normal human soulblood enhances his physical abilities to the point of being considered superhuman, with super strength, agility, and durability. Superhuman soulblood grants him access to not just incredibly enhanced physical abilities, but the powers of that superhuman as well. However, Soulblood is expendable, and overexertion can completely deplete him of that power or strength. Luckily, Benjamin can convert fresh soulblood into prexisting kinds of it, allowing him constant access to powers he favors.

The Third Ritual can be a.k.a'd as the Ascension. Once Benjamin has harvested enough soulblood, he can complete this ritual to evolve himself a step closer to godhood. He has already completed this ritual once, giving him an immunity to mortal poisons and illnesses, an enhanced lifespan, and the ability to go without food or drink for long periods of time. It is currently unknown what the next step will bring him.

Superpowered soulblood currently in his possesion:

Electrical absorption: The ability to store electrical currents in his body for an indefinite span of time and release them at will.

Precognitive dreaming: Benjamin can see glimpses of the future in his dreams, but as of now he has little control over it. Sometimes he is permitted to see the future, other times, he is not.

Thought-whispers: A very difficult thing to describe, Benjamin is not sure when he picked up this trait. Sometimes, he hears the thoughts of others in brief, passing whispers. He cannot choose when and how this ability presents itself, but it has saved his life and helped him come out on top multiple times.
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