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04-07-20 12:35 PM
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Dark Wizard
\"She said tonight...come on come on collide...see what I fire feels like..I bet its just like heaven.\"

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Posted on 12-25-11 11:40 PM Link | Quote
Merry Christmas! And yes, due to the fact that I mean this notion of "merriness" toward all beliefs, Happy Holidays! (Not gonna lie, even "Happy Holidays" pissed me off. Seems like even THAT phrase is uttered more so for the sake of being politically correct than saying it because you legitimately mean it to everyone.)

And, something I quickly whipped up yesterday morning. A present to all:

True Flight

The One

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Posted on 12-26-11 12:18 AM Link | Quote


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Posted on 12-26-11 11:28 PM Link | Quote
I'm still stuffed from all the excellent food I had yesterday.

Thought I wasn't in the mood for family, but I had a lot of fun yesterday. Oddly the host of the family party was my aunt's boyfriend's place though... but it worked out really well. Got more stuff from my parents than expected, since they're completely broke so I wasn't expecting anything.

Gonna visit my grandma and uncle/cousins tomorrow night.
If you're reading this... You are the Resistance

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Posted on 12-27-11 03:20 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by X
Thought I wasn't in the mood for family, but I had a lot of fun yesterday.

Same here, but whaddayaknow?

My parents hosted a dinner for my dad's side of the family, which I hadn't really seen in 10 years. I hadn't really been looking forward to seeing them since for years it seemed like my mom and I were always treated differently than the rest of the family.

It was surprisingly wonderful. I think it helped that my uncle's meth-addicted, racist bitch-wife ran out on him again. She was one of my biggest haters.

Anyway, my uncle's family is far better off without her. She'd run out on them before to be with her dealer, with whom she had two kids and sold off to other junkies.

It was a great day yesterday.

Christmas Eve was surreal. Stitch, Brandon, and I ended up in San Diego for some reason walking around the Hotel Del Coronado and Balboa Park and then having dinner at a gay Thai restaurant. It was sort of surreal because it wasn't planned at all, it's a 2 hour drive, I took a nap, and woke up there.

So... yeah, that was my Christmas. Hope everyone had a nice one, if they observe it.
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